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April 11, 1997 Cool Site of the Day: JQuake (Java Quake)

FvF 2.0
Freeform's Future versus Fantasy Quake version 2.0 has not been released. There is a link there for it, but Hap tells me the file probably won't be there until tomorrow. No, I don't know why he would do that either.

QStart v1.1, the latest version of this Quake front-end is available on Quake Stuff.

Word from the HPCL (High-Ping Capture League) is that Week one went well and all games were played (though one game did not count, due to a shortage of players). They are also planning a demo library up soon with demos of all recorded matches, a special spectator system running soon (dubbed HPCL-TV), and they've got all sorts of sponsors and prizes in the works.

Anaconda Credits
I recently found out that that Anaconda level that accompanied the movie was made by a bunch of people we know. Steve Thoms (MagicMan) did all the level design, the modeler and QuakeC guy was S.Y. Tan (BUBBAH). L. Pope did the skin for the Anaconda and C. Bolin did the skin for the Snakeman.

Alien TC Recall
When all these movie based TC's were announced, I thought they would all get in legal troubles with movie companies, but somehow over the course of time, that thought faded from my mind. Now word comes from Slipgate Central's Joost Schuur that he's been asked by 20th Century Fox to pull the Alien Quake TC from, because it infringes their copyright, and there's a notice to this effect on the website formerly known as the Alien TC Homepage. It is suggested you delete copies of the patch and screenshots from your website to avoid getting your own call from the men it the dark suits.........

Wired Ferrari Article
There is an article in Wired online about the E3 Ferrari Giveaway called Ferrari Give-Away Drives Quake Contestants (thanks Unkel Jethro and Peter Ostrowski). The author of the article spoke with me a bit, and actually quoted me accurately, though still out of context. Here is my answer as it followed the question:

Wired: Do you think the community views this as commercial exploitation?

Blue: Maybe this is just a crass public relations stunt, but giving away a Ferrari seems more like a genuine spontaneous bizarre act. I don't see how this takes away anything from the game.

That answer, when you don't see the question preceding it, sounds like I'm kind of cynical. When you see the question, you realize I was trying to deter the author from the cynical view. The things you learn when you're quoted. No big deal, but in the future, I'll be that much more conscious of context when quoting people myself.

More Transparent Water
Ken Alverson sends along his own utility to create transparent water in GL Quake, a replacement QBSP. This means you need the map source, but he's working on overcoming this limitation.

Unlike the previous transparent water utility, which made all water visible from all land (inefficient but about twice as good as r_novis), this will take any map file and create a bsp that will have transparent water. This means any level created with this qbsp will be fully optimized for transparent water.

Speaking of the "other" transparent water utility, the source code for it was released on DeathDealer's QuakeDeck. Thanks Richard H. Pistole.

In between producing all those Unix ports and preparing for the eagerly-anticipated release of CTF 4.0, Zoid found time to give Threewave a nifty facelift (thanks [DC]GRi).

Not the Klan, the Clan
Well, it's always a hazard to link to a site where the news page changes, but this one was a beauty. I put up a link to the Netly News because the front page story was an odd one about Quake clans, and the next days story is about the KKK-type Klan! If you go and look through the past couple of days articles, you'll see what happened. Thanks to Alex Zavatone for his willingness to help figure this out, rather than decide I was just displaying a particularly tasteless brand of humor.

Open GL Rage
ATI issued a press release about new OpenGL drivers available soon for ATI 3D Rage II boards (thanks The Fisherman). I have heard no informed speculation yet on what framerate one would expect in GL Quake on such a board.

Thanks to Digital Hippie (who probably smokes a lot of "numbers") for the word that Joost Schuur updated his .plan (did you catch his picture from a couple of days ago?). Yes, I'm aware that the background on PlanetQuake is screwed up on Netscape Communicator Beta. I will figure it out and kill it. I don't like browser dependency myself, Blue's has always been browser independent (I don't even really tip my pre Netscape ferance that often) and one of the first things I did on the PQ redesign was make it Lynx compatible (though all bets are off on the hosted sites). Speaking of .plans, here's a periodic warning, err, reminder that Lone Wolf will update his .plan with whatever crosses his mind. you have been warn--err, reminded.

The NAWC is holding the Castle Amber Contest from today through May 4th. Prixes include a Sound Blaster AWE 64 Pro Gold or a RealVision Flash 3D 3Dfx card.

The CyberWeb Cafe is holding a tournament, loosely scheduled for April 25th. 32 player deathmatch, on Death32, deathmatch mode 3. Entry fee is $20 bucks, with the grand prize being a grand(!). Direct questions to

Clan Defender is still looking for maps for their continuation of the PowerBall project, interested map authors should contact Joe.

Spice Girls Versus Quake
This is brilliant. It's a cartoon called Spice Girls vs. Quake. Nuff said. Thanks Mike.

Nice Levels
Every now and then my eye gets caught by some nice architecture. Check out Dario Casali 's maps here. His latest is called Prodigy 4.

Bent in a slightly different direction, you can find comical Quake commentary at the Outhouse.

Latin Ring
The webmaster of Quake Argentina is forming a Ring of Latin Quake Pages, email him if you are interested in participating.

Xerox's CompuTerror
There's a couple of interesting doodads up on Xerox's CompuTerror including an Uzi patch and Quake på Svenska patchen (a Swedish language patch).

April 10, 1997 Tip of the Day: There's a dual QW Master Server list at the Quake Domain

New QHost/QView
QView 4.1 and QHost/QView 4.1 are available on Wasatchfault. QView 4.1 has full QuakeWorld 1.5 support, but no longer supports the original QuakeWorld. There are many other new features, details are available on the site. QHost had just a single bug fix, so if you already have QHost 4.02, you're probably okay. Also congrats to the Wasatch area's own Beau "Grue" Anderson, who has just accepted a job with Hipnotic as an artist, which you can read about here.

Show Business
Off to Pseudo for StormFront (8:00 PM EDT) and QuakeCast (8:30 PM EDT). Those times are for the live broadcasts, but the shows are available in the archives at all times (RealAudio 3.0 required). Tonight's StormFront is especially cool, we had all the Ion guys in the studio this week for an interview, so we'll listen to the first part of that tonight. On the QuakeCast, coolness abounds as well, as we'll talk to our old pal Zoid about QuakeWorld, ThreeWave CTF 4.0, and all those darn Unix ports.

QFront Moves
The new home of QFront, the Quake front-end is

New Unix Ports
Zoid's been busy, there are a bunch of new Unix releases up on id Software's FTP Site (shift-click the links to download):

Linux QWCL qwcl1.54c-i386-unknown-linux2.0
BSDI QWSV qwsv1.54c-i386-unknown-bsdi3.0
Linux QWSV qwsv1.54c-i386-unknown-linux2.0
Solaris QWSV qwsv1.54c-sparc-sun-solaris2.5.1
Linux SVGALib Quake squake-0.992-i385-unknown-linux2.0
BSDI Dedicated Quake unixded-0.991-i386-unknown-bsdi3.0
Linux Dedicated Quake unixded-0.991-i386-unknown-linux2.0
Solaris Dedicated Quake unixded-0.991-sparc-sun-solaris2.51

PQ Doin's
crash's new level review on PlanetQuake, and it's terrific. crash is the man. We've also determined that the QuakeWorld Chronicles is a four-part series (like a lot of those trilogies that stretch beyond three books), part three is now online.

There is an interview with Ion Storm's Mike Wilson up on Gamespot. Thanks io|warped of the QCA.

Clan Article
There is an interesting, if offbeat, essay on Clans on the Netly news. Thanks David Moonan.

Diablo Quake Pictures
There is a page up with screenshots of Rayme's Diablo Weapons Quake Patch in action on Blaed's Edge, home of the patch.

Howl Out to the Wolf
Speaking of Diablo, greets to our old friend Mr. Wolf who is now running the Scorched Diablo page. Thanks Clan Iris.

DC-CON II Update
Registration for DC-Con II is officially closed.

The Cult of Phoebus has moved to (I bet you thought I was going to say outerspace... wrong cult).

April 9, 1997 Tip of the Day: Don't run with sharp objects... the guys running with explosives will frag you.

Matt Tagliaferri, author of qED, is looking for levels to include with his upcoming book, The Quake Level Editing Handbook, which will contain a credit for the level authors. The levels do NOT have to be created in qED. Details are on the qED page.

id Public RIP
It's dated April 4, but I think it's new, but either way, I've gotten questions about id_public, the subject of Bear's .plan update:

Sorry everyone, but we had to take down id_public. QuakeWorld 's latest release has truly pushed the internet game play to a level that seems to amaze people. So, because of the QuakeWorld activity, our bandwidth is getting eaten up.

We are planning to get more bandwidth here soon (should be a 6mbit ATM connection from UniDial and NTR.Net, voted best Internet Service Provider by C/NET). At that time, we will be running several servers.

John Carmack's .plan
John Carmack updated his .plan, hoping to be able to kill a couple of obscure features (thanks to Moogle for pointing out the last sentence, added later):

Would anyone complain if I took out lookstrafe and keyboard look modifier? I'm cleaning up code, and I don't know of anyone that ever uses those features.

update: ok, +klook has it's supporters. Anyone for lookstrafe?

QuakeWorld QC
Disruptor updated his .plan with word that he uploaded the new QuakeWorld QC (56 KB):

I've re-uploaded to which now includes progs.src which I neglected to include when I first uploaded it. You should now be able to recompile the QuakeWorld QC without any problems.

Nelno the Amoeba updated his .plan talking about those controversial Quake C DLL's, he also promises:

Next on the list is the implementation of the all the AI. Just consider how your normal Quake/Doom/Duke3D monsters move and act and then forget it all. The creatures Daikatana will be truly challenging, and not just because they have big guns.

New QuakeWorld Master
There's word in OneThumb's finger that he's put his new QuakeWorld Master back online:

Same IP: Add it to QSpy, add it to your web pages, etc etc... enjoy!

I suggest using "qwsv +setmaster" so your server can be connected to BOTH masters at the same time.

Wheel of Time
Version 0.64 is up on the Wheel of Time page, the last update for "about a week." I don't know, maybe it's me, but an update in a week seems prompt, rather than an extended delay.

This is not even remotely directed at the WOT guys, but I'd like to offer a suggestion to all patch authors: Chill out on the incremental upgrade a day thing. While news reports on new releases generate what can seem like momentum, I think it also discourages people from trying some projects, because getting configured with the latest version is like hitting a moving target.

Clan Stuff
A few prominent members of the community have moved around a little recently. KillCreek and ParadoX have dropped their drawers and joined RevCo. Also, recently Redwood joined Dark Requiem, which makes him a two clan dude (he's also in Clan Stomped). I'll use that to segue into an answer to a question a few people have asked: No, I did not quit the Brothers Gib to join the Rangers. I would not be part of two highly active clans, but since the BG's (my bros from way before Quake's arrival) are almost all high-pingers who never play clan matches (we basically have three or four LAN parties a year), I have no problem considering myself part of both clans.

Capture the Maps
Capture, the fine CTF site is collecting all available maps designed for Threewave CTF. If you have a CTF map, you can send it to Darren L. Tabor (DaKoTa), who will make all of the maps available for download and provide mini reviews, with screenshots, of the best levels.

Diablo Quake
There is a patch at Blaed's Edge called Rayme's Diablo Weapons Patch which adds a staff to the normal Quake arsenal. You use it to cast spells, themed after Diablo. Spells are gained (and powered-up) by picking up the other weapons (shotgun, nailgun, etc.).

ClanRing League
There is a schedule up for the Elite 8 ClanRing league. I'm not exactly sure what it means, but according to Ben Dobbs:

Action starts tomorrow on Quake TV. Head to #clanring on efnet to watch the games.

More Hype
On the heals of Frags' cool Quake Hype article on PQ, comes a reminder that hype is the entire focus of the Well of Wishes, a site devooted to looking forward to the next big thing.

Another new Qoole (Quake Object Oriented Level Editor), version 1.21, has been released on the Qoole page to squash some bugs. Thanks haha.

New Death32
Thanks El Tigre]3[ for the word that a new version of Death32 (785 KB), the 32 player Deathmatch map, has been released on id's FTP site. As is his way, Disruptor updated his .plan to celebrate.

I've released an updated version of my death32 compilation for QuakeWorld. It contains some bugfixes and other updates to the map. It's available on;

It's running on Underworld, my server here at id at

Quake Hype
Remember the days before QTest when we were trying to picture what it would be like to put away our shotguns and rocket launchers from Doom and start cracking skulls open with the hammer? Well then you'll probably get a kick out of Fragmaster's cool article on Quake Hype up on PlanetQuake. Also debuting this week is loonyboi of QuakeLab Multimedia's new PQ Tech Talk column, covering Quake techie stuff. This weeks subject, 3D graphics terminology.

The UKCL is playing all this weekends clan matches with a new level, UKCLDM2, so BoyWonder has done another rough guide - All you need to fight and win on UKCLDM2.

Spanish Patch
There's a patch on La Página de Quake en Español to make all the messages in the game come out in Spanish.

Frag and Tag
Frag and Tag is expanding it from 16 teams in each division into 32, so there's room for more entrants in this 3 on 3 CTF tournament.

Forcepalooza '97
Information on Forcepalooza '97, an upcoming "extravaganza" is available on the Force page.

Tip Du Jour
Thanks insane.

April 8, 1997

The new Qoole (Quake Object Oriented Level Editor), version 1.20 has been released on the Qoole page. Thanks [DPC] Reverend.

Move Your w00d
Zith's Quakew00d has moved to American McGee updated his .plan in honor of the occasion.

Fixed QFront
There is a new bug-fixed version of QFront, version 2.95c at the QFront page.

Eye On Ion II
There is another profile of Ion Storm on Gamesmania. Thanks Stormer.crc. Also, after seeing me inadvertently use their web page's name in a headline, the guys running a new website devoted to Ion, called Eye On Ion decided to launch before they planned (I guess rather than risk losing the name). From earlier today, there is a brief article in Next Generation on Ion Storm (thanks loonyboi).

Plans II
John Carmack updated his .plan:

Technical note:

Instanced brush models are not going to be well supported in the next release of the quake engine. Instanced bmodels are models that are created as an entirely seperate map, like the health boxes and ammo boxes. We are not going to use any instanced bmodels in q2, but I will probably leave the drawing code intact for backwards compatability. You will NOT be able to movement clip against them as a bsp hull, however. You could still use a solid bounding box if you really have to have one, though.

Brush models built as part of the world, like doors and plats, will remain with full functionality.

Instanced bmodels never were lighted properly, and a lot of code gets simpler with this decision.

Everyone's favorite psycho of squeegee, Janitor Bob, also updated. Earlier today Mark Dochtermann updated his .plan, firing back at some comments by Apogee's Scott Miller in the new PC Gamer.

There are two new interviews by Fragmaster up on PlanetQuake, one with Paul Schuytema, lead designer of Prey, and the other with Hap, programmer of Future versus Fantasy Quake.

Quake Army Knife
Quake Army Knife (QuArK), the editor formerly known as QuakeMap has been released. The version numbers remain consistent with QuakeMap, so the new release is "3.0" rather than "1.0".

April Fool?
Well, not intentionally, but apparently Intergraph has pulled the beta Win95 Driver that was released on April 1, until some bugs are ironed out. Thanks paranrml.

Java Quake
This wild. You can run around (with no weapons) in a Quake Level (DM4) with your Browser. No VRML, just Java, at JQuake. Thanks Xerox.

Quake Art of The Day
More Quake art can be found at the Tormented_Souls website.

April 7, 1997 Tip of the Day: The top QuakeWorld players on Underworld are listed here.

QW TeamFortress
TeamFortress Server 2.15, essentially a QW 1.5 port, is out on the TeamFortress page. Thanks to [UN]Falc[MOB], who's mail contained this amusing message:

NO new features are included (yes, we're still waiting on the spy, and hallucination grenades, and backstabbing, etc...<g>). Now that we'll be getting our servers back, those of us in the TF community would like to invite all you death matchers to drop by for your very own personal head wound. <g> (yes, I'm a sniper, and damn proud of it!!)

Film at 11 Tutorial
There is a tutorial written by QuakeLab:Editing's Steve Funkadooda on the use of the Film at 11 Demo editor up at QuakeLab: Multimedia.

The new QuakeWorld skin collection (2.67 MB) has been released. I saw that over at sCary's (who got it from If you're interested in attending my sleep deprivation workshops along with sCary, write

crash Landing on the Planet
It is with great pleasure that I announce that crash's Single Player Quake, dedicated to the finest in solo Quake maps, has moved to its new home at PlanetQuake. crash is also doing an in-depth level review for the Planet once a week, the first one (the Overlord's Legacy), appeared last week, and was fantastic. Look for a new one each Wednesday.

QuakeWorld Rankings
In the new era of the master-less QuakeWorld, BaRf has the final version of his QuakeWorld rankings up. Look for BaRf to continue with his Quake-related projects in the future.

Lego Quake
Yes I think we broke his page... If I find out what's up, I'll keep you informed.

QRally Team
Scarecrow is starting up a QRally team dedicated to the Impact team's yet-to-be-released QuakeRally. Thanks Tom@s H YD7.

Quess Ladder
Tom@s H YD7 also sends along word of a Quess Ladder starting up surrounding the Impact team's Quess.

The QFL page a subdivision of the Clan Leader's Poll has been updated. Apparently they will direct all Quake Play for ClanRing and its Field of Battle Ranking System.

jaw3d is an MS-DOS and Linux 3d Model Viewer that views and rotates solid Lambert/Gouraud lightsource-shaded and wire frame objects in real-time. The just-released Version 2.805 supports Quake's .MDL file format. On the jaw3d page.

The Need For Speed
Rogue's Gateway has posted the first installment of a series called Design Studio. This chapter, on Level Editing, is called Designing Levels With Speed in Mind, and was helped along by a certain Bastard I know..

Anyone interested in beta testing MaNa, a new teamplay patch, at 7 PM EDT next Saturday email with your connection type, a guarantee you'll attend, and your skill level. (they want all skill types).

Head Hunters Version 0.995 includes a Teamplay variant with a scoring system based on teams passing heads between members. It also includes an enhancement to that punishes players who camp at the altar and a infinite haunting fix. On the HeadHunters page.

Frag and Tag
GamesNET is hosting a 3 on 3 CTF tournament called Frag and Tag.

Loef Bot
A new version of the Loefbot (client bot) has been released.

Tip of the Day
Thanks Taz9 for today's Tip of the Day, and thanks to FRAGaLOT for yesterday's. Funny email of the day came from sandro in response to yesterday's tip:

You Know You're Too Into Quake When...
... You learn about Daylight Savings Time from BluesNews.

(And *just* in time -- I got my brother to the airport 15 minutes before flight time!)

In other words: thanks!

You're welcome

April 6, 1997 Tip of the Day: Do you need to adjust your clock(s) for Daylight Savings Time?

Linux QuakeWorld Client
There is a new Linux QuakeWorld Client (shift-click to download), version 1.54b (125 KB) on Threewave.

Alien TC Reviews
I've been forgetting to mention a pair of reviews of the Alien Quake TC. One at PlanetQuake, done by loonyboi and the other at Non-Reality. BTW, the guys doing the Aliens Quake TC (different) apparently have been getting some of the feedback, which should be sent here.

Home of Custents Moves
The Trench of Mental Warfare, the home of Custents, has moved to General WarT' now has a version of Custents available for QuakeWorld.

UKCL 4X League
The UKCL is aiming to start their new 4X League on Saturday May 3, 1997. Clans wishing to join (all old applications have been lost) should send email with the subject:"4X Application" to Include your clan name, URL and 2 email contacts. The deadline for applications is 6:00 PM GMT Friday April 25, 1997.

TC Vote
You can vote for your favorite TC at Desparado's Quake TC Page.

QCHQ Levels Page
The QCHQ now has a levels page.

Lego Quake
The Lego Quake page I mentioned the other day is now open (thanks DeathTongue_QPF).

AirTime Quake
AirTime Quake is described as a playground for the swinging grappling hook. Version 0.9 and version 1.2 of the swinging hook can be found on Bort's Quake Page.

QuakeWorld Bug Update
There is an update on QuakeWorld Central acknowledging what many have discovered already, the -game and gamdir options do not work. In addition, as discussed here recently, the "hat" switches on many joysticks do not work at this time. Rest assured however that these are known problems with fixes in the works.

The Forge: The Official Worldcraft Editing Site
The Worldcraft editing site has undergone a complete makeover. The site, renamed The Forge: The Official Worldcraft Editing Site. Having merged with Worldcraft University and the Worldcraft Tutorial, and with help from Ben Morris, the folks at Hipnotic, and Somberfire from the Worldcraft Technical Support at Acdsystem, they have put together the definitive Worldcraft site. The site has also grown to the point where it can be helpful to people into Quake editing who don't use Worldcraft.

Matt Joiner (creator of quake level Giant and Erkle, and author of Polyed) has released his quake map editor ABIME. (A.ngry B.loody I.nfernal M.ap E.ditor) here. Thanks Furious George.

QL:Multimedia Contest
The deadline for the QL:Multimedia Movie Contest is now May 1, 1997. Thanks Slacker.

I don't take that much notice of many levels, but check out the screenshots of the second level Wendigo's amazing looking Lunar Base deathmatch series (and the first level for that matter). Beautiful stuff.

Shrak Stuff
Embrionic Pete sends along some news on some Shrak freebies: A Bug War client and a Screen Saver. The Bug War dealie allows you to deathmatch as Shrak bugs, and there's a "lite" version for owners of the registered Quake who don't have Shrak.

The next scheduled Worldcraft University class is today at 3pm CDT on #worldcraft, CLANnet. The scheduled topic is the more on the use of the new Hipnotic entities, specifically the "trap" entities.

Howard Roy, creator of the Disc now sends along Radar (139 KB) and the beta of QuakeWorld Radar (77 KB), which he hopes someone will test since he has no access to a QuakeWorld Server. These are available on the home of the Killer Quake Patch, as are Howard's other recent creations, Portal Gun 1.0 (225 KB, opens portals in walls), and Disc 1.35 (361 KB). Here's the dish on radar:

"...this is a REAL radar that is capable of tracking ALL living objects nearby within a radius. Those detected objects are then represented on the radar screen as colored dots, with respects to your position AND your facing angles.

Different color was used to indicate an object is above/below or on the same height level as you do. The closer the dot is from the center of the screen, the nearer your opponent is away from you, and vice versa.

When you turn around, you can expect the dots to rotate as well to indicate the CORRECT direction your opponent is away from you.

ModMaster version 1.1.1 is available on the Mod Master page. This is a set of game modifications you can customize by turning any of the features on or off.

TC Magazine
TC Magazine is looking for people to help out. Send email to Sknny if you're interested.

Solaris QuakeWorld Server
Zoid released Solaris QWSV (196 KB, shift-click the link to download) on Threewave. He also posted the following caveat:

Please note this is for Solaris 2.5.1. It will not run on 2.4 and it has some problems running on 2.5.0. I'm hoping to get a 2.4 port ready soon.

Mail Bomb
Well there goes that. My mail back log, which was fairly immense, has taken care of itself in a fairly disastrous way. I am deleting my inbox. Since I have spent hours logging through it before declaring it a total loss, I'll indulge myself in telling the whole sad story, in case you are curious how such things happen:

As you may have noticed, the rubber bands in my server here snap every once in a while, leaving this site unavailable. This can lead to problems when it's the mail server timing out while I'm in the midst of downloading my mail; these incidents have left my inbox in a questionable state, since after a good crash, Eudora "repairs" your inbox, and moves hundreds of messages out of their folders and back into your inbox, merging some together with others (that's my favorite part), and randomly marking messages unread. In spite of this chaos I was still determined to plow through my inbox and catch up on backlogged messages (it involves reading every single message to find the "merged" ones). Yesterday, however, the straw that broke Eudora's back struck. I was playing with the Transparent Water program, with the intent of taking some screenshots, when the program that unpacks your .pak file (part of the process) filled up the drive that Quake is in with the contents of the .pak. You guessed it, that's the same directory Eudora is in, and it was about that time that it checked my mail. The resulting crash after downloading dozens of messages and trying to write them to a full drive was too much for the girl. My inbox is now a total joke. I am throwing out the contents.

The bottom line is if you sent me an important message that I've never responded to or posted, it's safe to assume it's gone now. I can only ask your understanding with someone whose mail load has started to hover at around 250 messages a day, who experiences mail server problems (a bad combination). I'll keep you informed on the progress of addressing the hardware problems around here.

April 5, 1997

Oops, I pointed it out on PlanetQuake, but forgot to mention it here, in addition to the Rangers, PQ is pleased to welcome TeamFortress to the family. You can already see people walking around the Planet in a zig-zag trying to jinx the sniper fire.

You've got to check out what ColdSun has done with the Ranger's Website. Our clan page, always a showpiece, has become that much more impressive. Also, please make note of the new address,, that's right I'm proud to say that the new home of the Rangers is now PlanetQuake. Let me point out that ColdSun, who did all the art and design on the site, is now in the market for web design-type work, so if you are looking for someone to create an amazing web presence, you should jump at the opportunity to get this talented designer.

Transparent Water: a Second Look
I addressed my concerns on the Open GL transparent water issue on an email to John Carmack. My apologies to all for the cart-before-the-horse journalism that inspired me to do this only after posting my article. Bad form, I've grown to expect better of myself, my apologies. Anyway, I asked John if it were possible to write a utility to see players in the water using the Open GL transparent water "trick," and this was his response:

It should not be possible to do anything on the client side that will let you see entities under the water, because the server just won't be sending the data over.

In retrospect, in these days of the stooge bot, this seems like a fairly trivial concern, my apologies to all for flying off the handle (I took my medication, I feel better).

Interestingly, the most common reaction I received to my diatribe was people pointing out that variations in connection speed are a much stronger example than this of an advantage to be gained by superior hardware. Hmmm. Touché. I guess I shouldn't need it pointed out to me that hardware can afford advantages, from your video card, to your processor, to your net connections. One reader was nice enough to call my stance hypocritical because of my stance in light of my recent ISDN acquisition (actually he called it hipocritical, but...). I'll take my medicine for my stance on this one, but I'm not being hypocritical. It's all in how you decide to play. I will exit from a game if I have the lowest ping, it's no fun for me to beat up on ice skaters.

Mark Dochtermann updated his .plan; if you're reviewing Scourge be aware that there are 18 levels, rather than 15 (as the box states). Why it was "not possible" for them to include the proper number on the box eludes me...

Linux Mystery Bot
There is a Linux Version of the Mystery Bot available on the Mystery Bot Page.

HPCL Moves
The new home of the High Ping Capture League is

Entries for Skillz Test #1 must be in before the end of today. First prize for the next contest (starting "soon") will be a Diamond Monster 3D.

Deathmatch Maker
There is a brief article on Virtus' Deathmatch Maker the new id-endorsed Quake editor on Next-Generation (Thanks Reverb). According to the article:

While the package was supposed to be shipping by today, it seems that Virtus is still working upon the publishing deal. It is currently slated to be shipping in the next few weeks.

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