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Microsoft and Digital Anvil have agreed to allow Digital Anvil to pursue another publisher for its real-time strategy game Conquest: Frontier Wars. This decision does not effect Microsoft's ongoing relationship with Digital Anvil and their other games in development.

A few weeks from completion, Conquest is a fleet-based, 3D real-time strategy game of galactic domination. The game combines classic RTS elements with visually stunning graphics and strategic depth. Players control one of three unique races, building massive battle fleets to explore, colonize and exploit far-flung worlds in an expansive universe. Gamers are also challenged to manage resources, pursue scientific research and development, and interact with galactic neighbors.

Conquest is a title that refines the RTS genre, while introducing unique new features including:

* A multiple-system universe (up to 16 maps), offering exciting battles in large multiplayer or skirmish games.
* Fleet Admirals; a high level AI that assists in the management of individual units in a large fleet.
* Supply Lines; a player must determine the optimal supply strategy and plan all attacks and defenses accordingly.
* Powerful special weapon attacks, each with its own unique tactical benefit.

Conquest will be made available to other publishers immediately. A demo will be available shortly to demonstrate the high play value of this title.

DA looks forward to the success of Conquest: Frontier Wars, as it continues to work on such exciting PC titles as Loose Cannon, Freelancer, and Freelancer Online, that Microsoft will be publishing in 2001.
Digital Anvil is an independent PC CD-ROM game developer, founded by Chris Roberts, based in Austin, Texas.

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