Human Head Unveils More Features of Highly Anticipated Third-Person Action/Adventure Title

Dallas, TX, October 17, 2000 - The mystery continues. Game developer Human Head Studios today announced that Blair Witch Volume 2: The Legend of Coffin Rock, its upcoming third-person action/adventure game, has gone gold. Utilizing an enhanced version of Terminal Reality's Nocturne game engine, Blair Witch Volume 2: The Legend of Coffin Rock will be the second of three PC games in the Blair Witch collection. Published by developer-driven computer and video game publisher Gathering of Developers and distributed by Take Two Interactive's Jack of All Games, Blair Witch Volume 2: The Legend of Coffin Rock will begin shipping to stores nationwide on October 30th.

"We focused on a combination of action, exploration and adventure in Blair Witch Volume 2: The Legend of Coffin Rock," said Tim Gerritsen, business development director of Human Head Studios. "We consulted with Artisan Entertainment and Haxan Films on the storyline and content to create a game that goes from generally creepy to extremely dangerous thus capturing the mystery and suspense generated in the Blair Witch franchise."

The second movie in the franchise, Book of shadows: Blair Witch 2, debuts in theatres October 27th, from Artisan Entertainment. Blair Witch Volume 2: The Legend of Coffin Rock beautifully blends eerie adventure and exploration with action-based survival horror and puzzle-solving elements. Blair Witch Volume 2: The Legend of Coffin Rock begins in 1886, as a mysterious character with an unknown past awakens in Burkittsville, Maryland with no memory of whom he is, other than a vague recollection of being a soldier and having some mission to fulfill. This amnesiac man, Lazarus, has arrived in town just as several baffling events, including the disappearance of Robin Weaver, a young girl believed to be missing in the Black Hills Forest, begin to befall the town's inhabitants.

Gameplay is divided between the present, of 1886, and a series of flashbacks to 1863, at the height of the Civil War. Taking on the role of Lazarus, players piece together clues of who he is, as well as the greater mystery of what is going on in the dark woods of the Black Hills. Using a variety of interactive flashbacks, Blair Witch Volume 2: The Legend of Coffin Rock interweaves sequences that take place in both the present and the past. The events of the game build upon themselves as the plot thickens in the woods of the infamous Blair Witch and culminates in the horrific exploits that occur at Coffin Rock, where the bodies of five townspeople were discovered eviscerated and bound together as if in some ritual.

Blair Witch Volume 2: The Legend of Coffin Rock features include:

  • Mysterious, interactive environments and chilling cinematography.
  • Inverse Kinematics driven character animation that allows characters to adapt their animations to varying situations and environments.
  • Deeply immersive story that puts players in the midst of the horror of the Blair Witch legend.
  • Playable, interactive Civil War flashbacks.
  • Character dialogue enhanced with full facial and gesture animation.
  • A wide range of period authentic weapons such as a 19th century revolver, muskets and bayonets along with a host of makeshifts weapons.
  • Enhanced player control allowing the player faster reaction times and better control over Lazarus' actions as they progress.

The first game in the Blair Witch trilogy was Blair Witch Volume 1: Rustin Parr. Developed by Terminal Reality, Blair Witch Volume 1: Rustin Parr is set in the town of Burkittsville, MD shortly after the arrest and conviction of Rustin Parr, a local hermit who claims the whisperings of an old-woman ghost led him to abduct and murder seven children. This game shipped to stores nationwide the first week of October. The next game in the Blair Witch trilogy will be Blair Witch Volume 3: The Elly Kedward Tale from Ritual Entertainment. The game is set in 1786 and places gamers in the role of witch-hunter Jonathan Pyre. Children are mysteriously missing and Elly Kedward is accused and found guilty of witchcraft. Kedward is banished to the woods. This title will be released in November 2000.

In conjunction with the game's release, Artisan's second installment of the Blair Witch franchise, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 will hit theaters on October 27 . Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 delves deeper into the legend of the infamous Blair Witch and the unspeakable evil wrought in the Black Hills near Burkittsville, Maryland. Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 takes place in present-day Burkittsville, after the events chronicled in The Blair Witch Project. Four young people have signed up for a tour of the Black Hills, the latest Blair Witch-inspired moneymaker dreamed up by enterprising local Jeff Patterson. They set up camp near the foundation of the house that belonged to Rustin Parr, the old hermit who was hanged for the murders of seven children, a crime that bore the mark of the Blair Witch. In the morning, the campers awake with no memory of having gone to sleep and five hours stolen from their lives. They return to Jeff's loft in Burkittsville to try and piece together what happened. In the process of trying piece together the events, the unsuspecting group has fallen victim to the forces beyond their control as well as Jeff's troubled past.

Human Head Studios is a privately held game development company founded in 1997. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Human Head Studios is dedicated to creating cutting-edge games for the PC platform. Made up of veteran developers from Raven Software, FASA Interactive, Sega, Volition and Fenris Wolf, the Human Heads strive to continue their successful approach toward game design and graphic presentation. Additional information about the Head can be found at the Human Head Studios Web site at

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