Multiplayer Patch and New Missions To Be Released Free On Internet

BELLEVUE, WA (October 12, 2000) - Sierra Studios(tm) announced today that SWAT(tm) 3: Elite Edition, the highly anticipated multiplayer title, has shipped to retail outlets throughout North America. Elite Edition is the most authentic, tactical action PC game to date and immerses gamers in real world scenarios facing SWAT teams, such as L.A.P.D. SWAT. Elite Edition offers brand new missions, new multi-player modes and a suite of community-building tools. These will be made available to gamers free online for those who already own SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle(tm) starting October 13th. These files will upgrade North American versions of the game. Upgrades for all other versions will follow shortly thereafter. More information on SWAT 3: Elite Edition can be found at http://www.swat3.com.

"SWAT 3: CQB received numerous awards and accolades, including nominations for '1999 Action Game of the Year' by both Computer Gaming World and PC Gamer magazines. And in the process, it defined the tactical action genre," said Lee Rossini, marketing manager at Sierra Studios. "Elite Edition takes the SWAT 3 experience to a higher level. It not only combines the intellectual challenge of tactical gameplay with the excitement of multiplayer, but it also provides gamers with powerful tools to develop their own levels, missions and more."

SWAT 3: Elite Edition delivers 5 new missions, in addition to the 16 original, award-winning missions. The new missions feature hostage standoffs, VIP detail, barricaded suspect situations set in recognizable Los Angeles locations, including Chang's Theater, the LA Subway, Whitman Airport, Hollywood Hills and the City of Angels Hospital (based on a real Los Angeles hospital).

SWAT 3: Elite Edition supports up to 5 simultaneous players via LAN or over the Internet. Internet play is supported by Sierra.com, powered by Flipside. The multi-player game will offer several choices: Co-Op game, Death Match, Last Man Standing, Paintball and more. Elite Edition takes a revolutionary and highly immersive twist in its approach to multiplayer deathmatch games, with up to 30 artificial intelligence (AI) characters, which can be chosen to be civilians, suspects, or even hostages. Given the opportunity, all AI terrorists can be dangerous and depending on whether you are a SWAT officer or a terrorist, will respond to your every move differently, much like they would in real life.

Elite Edition will also provide the community-building tools, with the Level and Scenario Editors embedded within the game. Additionally, gamers will be able to use the Mod Selector to quickly and easily download MODs, ensuring massive replayability.

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