Microsoft today announced that Crimson Skies, a new action/adventure game for the PC, has gone gold. This means that the product is completed and is expected to hit store shelves in the U.S. later this month. Crimson Skies combines the heart-pumping action of air combat with the swashbuckling feel of an Errol Flynn adventure movie. The game is currently available for pre-order through Electronics Boutique and Babbage's-Software, Etc.

By pre-ordering Crimson Skies at store locations, or online at EB World ( or Gamestop (, gamers will receive either a mini-strategy guide (for pre-orders from Electronics Boutique) or the Crimson Skies "spicy air tales" novella, Pirates Gold (for pre-orders from Babbages's-Software, Etc.). These programs will end shortly, so participation is encouraged.

Gamers are also invited to tune into Crimson Skies Action Theater, a six-part, serial radio drama on that tells the story of the game's dashing air pirate, Nathan Zachary, and his cohorts, the Fortune Hunters. Crimson Skies Action Theater will debut a new radio drama every Friday through October 5. Gamers are encouraged to tune in to hear the latest high-flying adventure, as Nathan Zachary and fellow air pirates hunt for riches and glory. Along with the radio drama episodes, will spotlight one character and his/her aircraft, giving gamers the scoop on who's who and the deadly machines flown by the game's air pirates.

In Crimson Skies players fly fast and low in a game reminiscent of a classic Hollywood tale, where dastardly enemies menace, evil plots abound, and a bevy of femme fatales awaits. As the handsome and daring air pirate Nathan Zachary, players take to skies filled with treacherous privateers, tricked-out fighter planes and giant aircraft-carrier zeppelins. Amid an ever-changing political landscape, Zachary and his notorious band of air pirates, the Fortune Hunters, have become the free agents in a fight for control of the skies.

The game transports players to an alternate-reality 1937. The United States has been struck by the crushing blows of the Great Depression, the Great War and Prohibition, resulting in mounting isolationism. The once-budding road and railway system has been destroyed, leaving the skies as the only means of transport and commerce. Militias in the North, South, East and West have formed rival independent nations in a fight for air supremacy. It is an era where swing may be king but pilots rule, a world where the guns are bigger, the planes faster and the adventures more daring -- the world of Crimson Skies.

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