Drive, slide and shoot your way to 1st place in Milestone's new arcade racer Italy's leading developer announces FX Racing for Xbox, PS2, PC & GameCube

7th October 2003, Milan, Italy. Leading Italian developer Milestone, part of the Leader Group of companies, today announced FX Racing for Xbox, PS2, PC and GameCube as part of its line-up for 2004. The arcade racing game is being developed by respected race game developer Milestone, who is based in Milan, Italy. Milestone previously created Super Bikes for EA and Racing Evoluzione (aka Apex in the USA) for Atari.

FX Racing aims to take multi-player driving action to new extremes with up to 4 players competing against each other and AI controlled opponents head-to-head in split screen mode or via Xbox Live, PS2 Online and PC over the Internet.

Milestone's Managing Director, Antonio Farina commented, "We specialise in producing high quality racing games. FX Racing combines the key elements of fast-paced race action with awesome stunts and weapons and will be one of our key titles for 2004."

He added, "As Italians we love to drive cars like maniacs – in real life and of course in videogames – have you seen how they drive in Rome? Totally crazy! They might not have the weapons that we have in FX Racing but the excitement and fear of tearing around the city is real – and we've tried to capture and recreate those feelings in this game."

To add an extra dimension to the super-charged, race action players are also able to perform stunts like jumps, spins, power slides and two-wheeling, which will earn them a variety of weapons (Stunt FX) for use against their opponents. With 18 challenging tracks based across three visually stunning worlds – Egypt, Transylvania and Tokyo – there are great opportunities for spectacular stunts. The better the stunt the better the rewards – with weapons like Earthquake, Fireball, Timeshot, Thief and Cyclone available to players.

Each of the 30 types of vehicles features variable levels of damage and 6 custom paintwork styles. For each of the physics-based manoeuvres performed vehicles display realistic effects including smoking tyres and sparks flying from the scrape of metal on asphalt.

FX Racing features four single player and five multiplayer modes –

Single player modes: Quick Race; FX mode; Time Attack and Time Attack Ultra. Multiplayer modes: Quick Race, Nitro Attack; Token Run; Wrecking Ball and Destruction Drive.

FX Racing is due for release in Q1 2004.

About Milestone
Milestone was formed in 1996 and has earned a reputation as a developer of high quality race games. Having created the 'Screamer' series (Virgin), Super Bikes (Electronic Arts) and Racing Evoluzione (Atari) the company has established its credentials as one of the best race game developers in Europe.

Milestone, based in Milan, Italy became part of the Leader Group in 2002 and employs 40 staff. The developer is currently working on titles for some of the leading game publishers including Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony.