LOS ANGELES, CA (September 2, 2003)- Vivendi Universal Games (VU Games) announced today that, in conjunction with Relic Entertainment, it will release a sneak-peak to Homeworld(r)2, the sequel to 1999's award-winning, space-based real-time strategy game, tomorrow.

The demo will include looks at both the single- and multi-player campaigns of Homeworld 2, including the tutorial mission, two single-player missions, and two multiplayer missions, which will be playable over both LAN and the GameSpy network.

"We recognize that our community's support of Homeworld 2 is both incredibly valuable and vital to the success of this game," said Chris Mahnken, producer of Homeworld 2. "The community has been requesting a demo of the game for many months now, and we are proud to be able to deliver it to them."

The 141 MB Homeworld 2 demo will be released via the VU Games website tomorrow. The company will also make the demo available to all press and community sites that wish to host it.

Homeworld 2, the sequel to one of 1999's highly acclaimed real-time strategy games, returns players to the helm of the most powerful space armada in the universe as they battle to keep their home. The highly-anticipated follow up title includes multiplayer competition for up to six players, in addition to an engrossing single-player saga.

Developed by Relic Entertainment, Homeworld 2 features a brand new game engine capable of creating startling space effects like dust gas clouds, wispy nebulae, and ghostly derelict hulks of space ships rendered with spectacular Hollywood-style special effects. Homeworld 2 is also packaged with tools for players to easily create custom content, including multiplayer maps.

Homeworld 2 is being developed for the PC for a suggested retail price of $49.99 with a "Teen" rating by the Entertainment Software Rating Board. For more information, log on to http://www.homeworld2.com.

About Relic Entertainment
Relic Entertainment Inc. is a developer of original content electronic entertainment located in Vancouver, Canada. Relic's debut product Homeworld launched in 1999 to near unanimous recognition as one of the best video games of the year. It won the "Game of the Year" from PC Gamer and Computer Gaming World's "Strategy Game of the Year." Homeworld: Cataclysm, developed by Barking Dog Studios, followed in 2000 and the Company has recently released Impossible Creatures, a 3D, Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game set in the 1930s. Relic currently has 63 employees with 3 titles under development. Relic's founder, Alex Garden, was featured in "The New Game Gods" by PC Gamer Magazine and continues to lead Relic in pioneering new and innovative products.

About Vivendi Universal Games
Headquartered in New York, Vivendi Universal Games (www.vugames.com) is a global leader in multi-platform interactive entertainment. A leading publisher of PC, console and online-based interactive content, Vivendi Universal Games' portfolio of development studios includes Black Label Games, Blizzard Entertainment, Coktel, Fox Interactive, Knowledge Adventure, NDA Productions, Sierra Entertainment and Universal Interactive. Through its Partner Publishing Group, Vivendi Universal Games also co-publishes and/or distributes interactive products for a number of strategic partners, including Crave Entertainment, Interplay, Majesco, Mythic Entertainment and Simon & Schuster, among others.