New York – March 4, 2003 – Global videogame publishing powerhouse, Codemasters, announced today that the company’s stealth-based, first-person shooter, IGI2: Covert Strike, has shipped to North American retail outlets nationwide - with a SRP of $39.99. The sequel to developer Innerloop Studios AS’ award-winning Project IGI: Institute for Geotactical Intelligence, IGI2: Covert Strike boasts an action-packed single player campaign featuring enhanced AI; a diverse range of weaponry; and a newly implemented save system.

Players take on the role of British covert operative, David Jones, a former SAS soldier now working for the secret U.S. military organization, codenamed ‘IGI’. Set immediately following the events of the first game, Jones engages in top-secret military operations by infiltrating airbases, harbors, and secret government installations located deep within enemy territories.

Additionally, IGI2: Covert Strike offers intense team-based multiplayer action with up to 16 players online and 32 players via LAN. Gameplay pits IGI operatives against terrorist groups from around the globe, with several objectives including hacking data satellites; launching space shuttles; bombing oil refineries; and escorting convoys. Reconnaissance elements provide for a new style of FPS multiplayer gaming, blending stealth and surveillance with action and gunplay.

With an arsenal of over 30 authentic firearms, IGI2: Covert Strike’s weaponry will feature a gun ballistics system, based on real-world data. Using a comprehensive physics engine, the ballistics system simulates a range of weapon effects including material penetration; fire-rates measured in rounds per minute; hit damage calculated via muzzle velocity and bullet calibre; and real-world capabilities that are accurately simulated including weight, clip capacity, reload times and range.

* World-wide rights excluding Scandinavia

ABOUT CODEMASTERS Established in 1986, UK-based Codemasters is one of Europe's best-selling and profitable game-makers, developing and publishing titles for the console platforms and PC. Codemasters’ products first appeared on US retail shelves in 1999 and since then they have continued to provide energetic, compelling and innovative entertainment to gaming fans of all genres. The company’s 2001 offerings included Blade of Darkness and Operation Flashpoint, both of which met with critical acclaim and enormous consumer praise. Richard Darling, the company’s Design Director and co-founder, is renowned as one of the most prolific game designers and has been involved in the creation of 60 of the company’s staggering #1 titles in the UK. In keeping with the company's mission to remain on the crest of the gaming wave, Codemasters is developing games for online and next generation platforms. Additional information about the company and its products can be found at

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