Los Angeles, Calif., E3 Expo, May 11, 2000 – Gamers.com announced today its acquisition of the Professional Gamers’ League (PGL) from Pogo.com, as well as a major alliance with leading Internet Portal AltaVista. These announcements followed the appointment earlier in the week of Geoffrey Mulligan, formerly of Acclaim Entertainment, as Gamers.com CEO. Together, these alliances, appointments and acquisitions position Gamers.com as the leading provider of online gaming content in their quest to enhance the enjoyment of games for the 145 million gamers in the U.S alone.

With links to 24,000 games, previews and reviews on all types of games, and a host of message boards, Gamers.com is the most complete and unbiased collection of game information on the web for video, console, board and card game enthusiasts.

“With US revenues approaching $9 billion in 1999, gaming has emerged as one of this country’s leading entertainment industries. Yet until now the nature of online gaming information has been fragmented at best,“ said Gamers.com founder and chief gamer, Dennis Fong. “Gamers.com was created so that gamers could have access to the most comprehensive and objective gaming information anywhere. We are proud of the online content and database we have built and believe our agreement with AltaVista as well as our acquisition of the PGL will further enhance the fun of games in both online and offline environments.”

Gamers.com Acquires the Professional Gamers’ League

Founded in 1997, the PGL was the first professional league for computer game enthusiasts. Although inactive for the past year, the PGL attracted more than $3 million in sponsorship funding, awarded more than $350,000 in cash and prizes and was recognized as the leading competitive platform for gamers during its first four seasons.

“We are excited about our PGL acquisition and think it has tremendous potential to be an organizing framework for gamers of all levels to compete and enjoy games,” said Fong.

“Before announcing any specific plans for the re-launch of the PGL, we plan to carefully study other sports leagues that have opportunities for players of all levels to compete,” he added. “Other sporting leagues have major leagues, minor leagues, farm leagues and even little leagues, and we believe that with over 145 million gaming enthusiasts in the US alone -- with interests in everything from online and console games to board and card games -- the same opportunities should exist for the PGL.”

Gamers.com Announces Co-Branded Strategic Alliance with AltaVista

In its alliance with AltaVista Company, the Internet's premier media and commerce network, Gamers.com will be the exclusive content provider for a co- branded games channel on the AltaVista network. Under the terms of the agreement, Gamers.com will provide content and access to the Gamers.com search engine and database of 24,000 gaming sites to the new AltaVista Live! games channel. AltaVista will also license the Gamers.com message board technology.

AltaVista represents a great new channel for the information we have assembled at Gamers.com, and we are glad to share our passion for games with the expanding group of AltaVista users,” said Dennis Fong.

“We chose to partner with Gamers.com simply because they are a one-stop- shop for gamers with over 24,000 links to games, fresh daily content on the gaming world and game previews and reviews,” said Michael Person, Games Channel Manager at AltaVista.

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