For Immediate Release

700 years in the making…

Montreal, Quebec, October 28, 2002 – Get ready for some royal trouble….Publisher Strategy First and Developers Spellbound are pleased to announce that the tactical strategy adventure game Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood has gone gold.

“It is so exciting to see a legendary story like Robin Hood come to life on the PC like this,” says Steve Milburn, Director of Marketing for Strategy First.

Inspiring storytellers for over 700 years, Robin Hood is an internationally recognized fable, and this latest PC title gives gamers the unique chance to pick up a trusty bow and arrow and take on the role of the legendary nobleman, Robin Hood, and join forces with Little John and his Merry Men as the battle for control of the King’s throne ensues.

Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood features all the famous characters depicted with incredible accuracy, from Little John’s jubilant laugh to Maid Marian’s soft kindness, and historical locations such as Sherwood Forest and Nottingham Castle are recreated with a detailed realism that brings the legend to life. The environmental settings are also phenomenal, setting Robin and his friends against a visually stunning backdrop morning, noon and night.

A simple and highly intuitive interface makes it easy to jump into the game’s 40 different missions, each based on Robbery & Infiltration, Castle Attack or Ambush. Icons show the characters’ moods throughout the game and detection cones determine the enemy’s field of vision to keep gamers on their toes. A legendary story with an adventurous modern-day twist!

For more information on Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood, please visit Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood will be distributed exclusively throughout North America by Infogrames and is scheduled to ship on November 12, 2002.