Just a quick update on the development of upcoming tactical shooter NEW WORLD ORDER.

Good news ! We have been making excellent progress since the beta 2.0. release in August. In fact, we are on track for the November 15th release of the game in Europe and Asia and will be going gold next week. The release in the US will be in January 2003.

We have received tons of feedback from the gaming community and have spent the last few months perfecting the MP experience and developing the singleplayer part of the game. We know we have been kind of silent lately but I assure you the only reason was the we were buried in work twenty four seven. The team was expanded even more by Project 3 with additional programmers, designers and a producer and we have been rolling like a steamtrain.

We realize the Beta 2.0. still caused problems for some players but we have taken care of the remaining bugs and perfected the gameplay. I guess the biggest issue on servers with that beta was that players without the necessary update DirectPlay 8.2. could also join, thus creating lag and messing up the fun. Fortunately we can now reveal NEW WORLD ORDER players will need to install Microsoft DirectX 8.2. which will be on the NWO CD. We thank Microsoft for their support and for creating this updated version of DirectX.

In short, the MP experience will be a blast for everyone who is curious for next generation graphics and gameplay combined. If you have a system with P 1.4 Ghz, 512 RAM and a DirectX 8 compliant 128 MB videocard you will be able to run all video options at maximum, including screen resolution of 1600*1200 and dynamic player shadowing. Of course the game will run on lesser specs but people will need to tone down some video options to keep their framerate up. Hey, it's hardware that's limiting the software here...

In the singleplayer part of the game you will assume the role of former NAVY Seal John Dobbs who has been recruited by the Global Assault Team to dispose of terrorists and prevent terrorist activities. You will be going in as a lone wolf, deployed on missions in all 12 levels. The missions will feature all five gameplay modes that are in the multiplayer game as well. These are: Deathmatch, Escape, Hostage Rescue, Plant the Bomb and Fallout. We assure you that the AI will kick the butt of even experienced FPS players. The AI can hear you approach, will sneak up on you and use surprise tactics. The enemy characters can vary between careful guys looking for cover, patient snipers or brave fools who come at you guns blazing. To help you out of tricky situations, you will have the help of the Satellite Commander (looking a bit like in Enemy of the State) who can identify your target or reveal enemy presence from way up in the atmosphere.

To enhance realism besides the gorgeous graphics which make you immerse in the gameworld, NWO also features a Weight System wherein you can only take a maximum weight of 10 Kgs. This will force you to make difficult choices which weapons to take for which mission bearing in mind that the more weight you take the slower you move. Choice of weapons will be limited when you start though, because you start of as a soldier and can only gain access to more and better weapons by getting promoted. There will be five ranks in total which you can obtain by gaining points. Points you get by hitting the enemy; every hit counts, not only the kill, all thanks to the advanced damage detection (based on a unparalleled particle system and per pixel damage). This also means that some wounds will be deadlier than others, like a headshot. Realism is key in this game, but fun is the overall goal. We think we found an excellent balance between them.

In short, we are almost ready to go. It looks like this winter will prove to be a tough one for terrorism !

If you have any questions let me know.

With best regards,

Erik Schreuder Project Three Interactive and Termite Games