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Feeds & Services


Blue's News provides the following feeds of its news content:


RSS RSS An RSS 1.0 feed of news stories, limited to 15 entries per update by the RSS 1.0 specification.
Atom Atom An Atom feed of news stories, carrying up to 40 entries per update.
Twitter Twitter A Twitter feed of all (non-bulleted) news stories that appear on the frontpage.
Mobile Mobile A Mobile site with all news stories for the current day.
PDA PDA A PDA site with all news stories for the current day.


Blue's News also offers the following services:


Forums News Forum The News Forum features discussion of all the news stories posted here.
Forums General Forums The General Forums provide areas to discuss other topics besides those directly associated with news stories.
Facebook Facebook Our Facebook page carries a feed of all news stories, along with occasional fan comments.
YouTube YouTube Our YouTube channel includes all the trailers posted in the news.
AddThis AddThis An AddThis widget on each Share story page allows you to submit news stories to social networking sites.
Steam Steam The Steam community provides a place to join up with fellow Blue's News gamers.



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