Thousands Invited to Beta-Test Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest
Open Beta Coming Monday, August 5th Gives Gamers Opportunity to Preview this Holiday's Hottest Expansion Pack

BELLEVUE, WA (August 1, 2002) - Sierra(tm) Entertainment Inc, a studio of the Games division of Vivendi Universal Publishing, and MadDoc Software today announced that starting Monday, August 5th, thousands of gamers will have the opportunity to participate in the public beta test for Empire Earth(tm): The Art of Conquest(tm), their upcoming expansion pack for last year's runaway hit real-time strategy game, Empire Earth. The beta test program will focus on multiplayer play balancing and load testing to ensure the best possible launch for the ambitious expansion pack.

On Monday, a special beta version of Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest will be available for download via Sierra's FTP servers. Gamers interested in participating in the beta test will be able to play a single multiplayer map through all 15 of the expansion pack's ages and test out the new units, powers, and buildings being added to Empire Earth. The beta will also include a sneak preview of the new multiplayer interface built for Empire Earth that is designed to make Internet gaming easier and more fun for gamers of all skill levels.

More information about Empire Earth and the beta test program can be found at The game is scheduled for release this Fall.

Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest includes three new single-player campaigns set in ancient Rome, the Pacific Theater of World War II, and Asia in the 22nd century. In addition, each of the 21 pre-designed civilizations in the game gains a unique special power, building, or unit. Examples include: the Kingdom of Italy's Metallurgy power, which allows them to pay building costs with gold or iron interchangeably; Great Britain's S.A.S. unit will be able to plant demolitions and swim across water; and the United States' market building will allow that civilization to trade abundant resources for scarce ones.

In Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest, gamers can become the greatest conqueror of all time by creating, building, and leading a civilization to transcend the ages - from the discovery of fire, to flight, to the next frontier: space.

From Prehistory to the Space Age of the 22nd Century, Empire Earth serves up gaming on an epic scale. Empire Earth and Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest cover over 500,000 years of human history, from the discovery of fire to the laser battles of the future. Each player takes control of a fledgling civilization and strives to forge the greatest of all empires.

About Mad Doc Software
Mad Doc Software, LLC was founded in November 1999 by Dr. Ian Lane Davis, formerly Techical Director at Activision's Santa Monica studio. Mad Doc is comprised of developers with a wealth of game experience, having been key players on such games as Dark Reign, Battlezone, Civilization: Call To Power, Star Trek: Armada, System Shock, Thief, Flight Unlimited, Thief 2: The Metal Age, System Shock 2, and Flight Unlimited II. The experience, drive, professionalism, and creativity of the Mad Doc team is now focused on developing the next generation of ground-breaking games - a commitment that places it squarely at the leading edge of the game industry.

About Sierra
Sierra Entertainment, Inc.,, a studio of the Games division of Vivendi Universal Publishing, is one of the original developers and largest worldwide publishers of interactive entertainment software. Based in Bellevue, WA, Sierra is renowned for releasing critically acclaimed and award winning titles that represent a wide variety of computer entertainment on game consoles and PC platforms.