New York – July 11, 2002 – Global publishing giant, Codemasters, today announced that it has shipped Operation Flashpoint: Resistance, the official expansion pack for Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, 2001’s multiple Game of the Year award winner and world-wide number one best-selling PC war simulator. Codemasters redefines the traditional “expansion pack” with Resistance, as it not only adds additional missions, but also vastly improves the engine and gameplay of the original game. Operation Flashpoint: Resistance is currently available at retail outlets nationwide for an SRP of $29.99.

In addition to the massive new campaign, new single player missions, new island and improved network code, Resistance delivers more realistic terrain via its greatly enhanced graphics engine with support for higher-resolution textures, additional lighting effects and greatly increased draw distances. With even more accurately detailed scenery to take cover behind when in combat, Resistance is the most realistic combat simulation to date. With Resistance, mountainous surfaces appear smoother and more organic, and the way trees and foliage are drawn in the game has been completely reworked to give a far more realistic effect. There are also some new special effects included for players to discover as they work through the game.

ABOUT OPERATION FLASHPOINT: RESISTANCE From Bohemia Interactive Studio, the creators of Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, comes Operation Flashpoint: Resistance, the official expansion pack. Launching on July 11, with a SRP of $29.99, this full expansion to the ultimate realistic war simulator introduces a new island environment with remarkable high-resolution textures and models to take full advantage of the latest 3D graphics cards.

Expanding the Flashpoint universe, Operation Flashpoint: Resistance creates an additional 100km2 island complete with varied locations from industrial-style buildings to rolling landscape scenery. Requiring the original game to play, Operation Flashpoint: Resistance immerses players in a new campaign, with intriguingly different play style, that forms a prequel to the original game’s plot and is set years before Operation Flashpoint’s Cold War hit crisis point.

Playing as a resistance leader Victor Troska, the game offers a unique experience as gamers scavenge for weapons and equipment to fight back against invading Soviet forces. The new resource carry-over system means every weapon, vehicle and man saved will be available in the next mission, enabling players to build up a militia army capable of repelling a powerful and deadly enemy.

In addition to the new campaign, the expansion offers 5 new single missions and 9 new multiplayer missions as well as enhanced network code, incorporating an in-game server browser system and completely overhauled communication code for better multiplayer performance. Operation Flashpoint: Resistance requires the original game to play and is set to launch on July 11th for PC CD-ROM with a SRP of $29.99 (ELSPA Age Rating: 15+).

ABOUT CODEMASTERS Established in 1986, UK-based Codemasters is one of Europe's best-selling and profitable game-makers, developing and publishing titles for the console platforms and PC. Codemasters’ products first appeared on US retail shelves in 1999 and since then they have continued to provide energetic, compelling and innovative entertainment to gaming fans of all genres. The company’s 2001 offerings included Blade of Darkness and Operation Flashpoint, both of which met with critical acclaim and enormous consumer praise. Richard Darling, the company’s Design Director and co-founder, is renowned as one of the most prolific game designers and has been involved in the creation of 60 of the company’s staggering #1 titles in the UK. In keeping with the company's mission to remain on the crest of the gaming wave, Codemasters is developing games for online and next generation platforms. Additional information about the company and its products can be found at

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