London, May 16th 2002 – Infogrames, a global publisher of interactive games, today announced that it has entered into a licensing deal with Korea-based Phantagram Interactive Inc. involving Infogrames’ Total Annihilation franchise.

Under the terms of the deal, Infogrames has licensed to Phantagram the name, logo and code for the U.S. version of Total Annihilation for the purpose of developing a new Total Annihilation title for the PC. Infogrames will continue to work closely with Phantagram to achieve the highest quality title possible. The license for the new game, which will be co-branded Infogrames/Phantagram, will be distributed globally by Infogrames, except for Korea and Japan, which will be exclusively handled by Phantagram.

The agreement also grants Phantagram the first option to develop an additional Total Annihilation game for the PC, as well as a version for next-generation consoles. The deal was structured by Infogrames Studio Asia and Phantagram.

The license deal between Infogrames and Phantagram signals a significant step in support for Asian developers by Infogrames. The caliber of the Total Annihilation series reflects the growing talent and abilities in Asian games development, and its recognition globally. Real-time strategy gamers have been eagerly anticipating the next Total Annihilation game, which promises to push real-time strategy (RTS) gaming to new levels under Phantagram’s direction.

“Total Annihilation is a wonderful franchise and we’re delighted that a new audience of gamers will have access to it through the Infogrames/Phantagram title,” said Adam Lancman, Managing Director and CEO of Infogrames Studio Asia. “As one of the leading publishers and distributors of interactive games in Korea, Phantagram is the ideal partner with which to extend this franchise.”

“With our expertise and know-how in the development of RTS, combined with our intimate relationship with Infogrames, the new Total Annihilation promises to be one of the most innovative and futuristic strategy games ever,” said Sangyoon Lee, CEO of Phantagram Interactive.

Total Annihilation, a real-time strategy game, was originally published for the PC in 1997 by GT Interactive, which was later acquired by Infogrames. Total Annihilation rocked the real-time strategy gaming world when released, earning “Game of the Year” from GameSpot and readers of PC Gamer magazine voting it “Best Real-Time Strategy Game”. Since its release, more than 1.5 million copies of the game have been sold worldwide.