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Return to Castle Wolfenstein Patch 1.3 Tomorrow


Tomorrow we'll be releasing the 1.3 patch for RtCW -- it contains a number of items and we'd like to let you know what to expect. Among some fixes to both single player and multiplayer, the Patch 1.3 features the following:


With the 1.3 patch, we now have an "Auto-Updater." What this means is that any time there are future updates to Return to Castle Wolfenstein, you will be able to automatically download them from within the game. The updater only works from the multiplayer mode of Wolfenstein - not single player. If there is an update available, you will see an additional button added to the multiplayer main menu. Clicking on the button will allow you to download and install updates. Your Wolfenstein game will be restarted. The Auto-Updater will only be used to fix bugs and problems found after release. To look for new maps, tools, and other Wolfenstein downloads, please go to


We're proud to be adding in the option of PunkBuster support into Return to Castle Wolfenstein. PunkBuster is an automatically self-updating Anti-Cheat software system. The PunkBuster system is designed to hold all participants accountable by scanning the game computers looking for known cheats, game hacks, and exploits similar to the way Anti-Virus software would scan a computer looking for a virus. PunkBuster is optional, however, without it you will not be able to play multiplayer on PunkBuster enabled servers.

For more details on how PunkBuster works, please see the PunkBuster manuals:


Included with the patch is a new multiplayer map called "Ice." It allows for both objective play as well as a checkpoint mode.


We've added additional support for "mods." A mod is a community created free modification of the game. Sometimes these add new story elements, new game types in multiplayer, or a wholly new game built on top of RtCW. The mod button allows you to easily switch between different installed mods. You'll find this new button under Options in both Single and Multiplayer.



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