DreamCatcher Acquires 3D PC Blast-Fest GORE by 4D Rulers

Toronto, Ontario (January 16, 2002) DreamCatcher, a fast-growing publisher of PC and console software entertainment, is pleased to announce their acquisition of the worldwide rights to GORE, an action-packed PC game developed by 4D Rulers. Gore is a 3D first-person shooter that lives up to its name with its frenzied, hard-core action and smart AI. A playable demo of GORE can be downloaded from www.dreamcatchergames.com/gore.

In GORE’s revolutionary gameplay world, players will need more than a quick trigger-finger to demolish their opponents. The game’s 8 to 10 unique player classes allow each player to choose the character with the right weapons, strengths, and abilities for them. Most of GORE’s frighteningly lethal weapons have secondary-fire modes, a feature that gives players over 30 ways to demolish their opponents. But that’s just the beginning. Almost anything you see in GORE can be destroyed: weapons, health and stamina packs, ammo boxes, gas tanks and more. Don’t want a wounded enemy to get a health pack? Shoot it right before he touches it, and watch the pack explode with lethal force. Four game modes (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Tactical warfare) make GORE challenging for any level of player.

“With an offline single-player ladder system and robust online multiplayer play, GORE brings a whole different gameplay experience to the 3D shooter arena,” said Richard Wah Kan, CEO of DreamCatcher Interactive. “DreamCatcher is excited to be working with such a talented group of game developers and to be adding GORE to DreamCatcher’s solid 2002 product lineup.”

“Gore is our first project, and we were very careful about choosing our publishing partner,” said Joel Huenink, President of 4D Rulers. “When DreamCatcher approached 4D Rulers, we knew that we had found the perfect fit.”

GORE’s story is set in a very dark future. The year is 2085, and chaos has become a way of life. Major cities are falling into ruin due to low fuel and no power, street gangs have grown into predatory terror groups that control the streets. Governments the world over are in trouble. They need a new breed of soldier to establish order—fighters able to handle situations of extreme danger and violence. Enter the “advanced combat training emulator,” a virtual reality training device that weeds out the mentally weak, and makes the best soldiers to be even better. Dubbed the "Meat Machine" by the men and women who use it, this simulator is GORE. Players “plug in” as futuristic Marines to familiarize themselves with their weapons, and train against potential enemies. For the soldiers of 2085, GORE is as real as it gets.

In GORE, players can virtually combat deadly AI opponents on their own PC, or jump online for the ultimate challenge—live human foes. Stamina (players ability to move and breathe) is an important part of gameplay. Moving and jumping uses stamina, as does carrying heavy weapons. Freshly respawned characters have full stamina and can use it to attack slower players, giving them better odds than in most games. This means players have to be conscious of their strength and use it wisely. Additionally, GORE has a unique armor system, whereby the game tracks each character’s armor rating in great detail. To take down a fully-armored enemy, players will need to focus their fire on a specific armored area, then put a killing blow into the exposed soft-spot.

GORE will be released in the Spring of 2002.