NonStop Brakes for LithTech™

NonStop Entertainment Inc. Joins Growing Number of LithTech Licensees

Kirkland, WA (June 1, 2000) LithTech, Inc. today announced it will license the powerful LithTech 3D Game Operating System to NonStop Entertainment Inc., for an upcoming PC title.

"We would like to welcome NonStop to our ever-expanding community of developers," comments Jason Hall, CEO of LithTech, Inc. "Although NonStop may be a new name in the industry, they have brought together an extremely talented group, combing industry vets from Electronic Arts, Cavedog and Microsoft. We are excited to see LithTech's immense flexibility help them produce fantastic content."

"We are excited to be working with the LithTech system" said Tony Garcia, CEO of NonStop Entertainment Inc. "By utilizing this advanced authoring and development environment, we are creating state of the art visuals and game play in a fraction of the time it would take to build from scratch!"

The LithTech 3D Game Operating System, the technology behind Shogo: M.A.D. and upcoming Monolith Productions, Inc. games Sanity and No One Lives Forever, allows for a full range of cutting edge graphic effects, from spectacular lighting to highly detailed character models. The engine also allows designers to create breath-taking outdoor areas from magnificent mountain ranges to sprawling cities.

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