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We now offer a way for you to contribute to the ongoing operation of Blue's News. Our ability to continue to provide the best collection of PC gaming and tech news depends on direct contributions from our readers. Your support will allow us to remain completely independent from the influence of game companies, media conglomerates, advertisers, and sponsored content.

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Contributions can be made via Patreon or PayPal, with each operating in the same way. We're offering three tiers: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. A user poll revealed that you'd prefer not to receive scaling rewards as long as we can continue to operate. So these different levels simply allow each supporter to be happy with the amount they contribute.  Backers receive gold, silver, or bronze name badges corresponding to their status on the Blue's News forums. There is also an anonymized option to use a generic color which shows your support, but not your level. Those who'd rather not bask in this glory can opt to turn off their badge altogether.


Based on reader feedback, monthly tier pricing is USD$3 for Bronze, USD$5 for Silver, and USD$8 for Gold. Those who wish to contribute more can select a higher amount, and receive the corresponding supporter designation. Also, those who prefer to make lump contributions can do so, and still receive a forum badge for the appropriate time span. If you opt for a lump sum, please notify us of your tier preference. For example, USD$15 can be five months of Bronze or three months of Silver.

Ad-free Support (Coming Soon)!

Eventually we will offer all supporters the choice to shut off ads on the site if they wish. We're well aware that ad blockers are extremely commonplace, one of the realities that inspires us to launch this campaign. Since an ad-free option fits with how such programs typically operate, we'll provide this for supporters as soon as possible.

Corresponding Contributor Badges

If you use the same email address for your PayPal or Patreon account as you use on our forums, we can easily assign your forum badge. If the emails don't match, please include a note with your Blue's News email address or user name so we can properly identify you.

Our Heartfelt Thanks

We do not undertake this initiative lightly. The importance of your help in continued operation of the site cannot be overstated. Feel free to insert your own reference to the cost of a cup of coffee here, but we know this is real money and seriously appreciate those wanting to support us. Thank you to everyone who has expressed willingness to participate in this program, and to all our readers who contribute.

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