On August 7th Katherine "Kate" Masson, member of the EverQuest 2 gaming community, went missing on her way home from a Las Vegas business trip. We're now past the 48 hour mark, and are calling on anyone with any information to please step forward and help if they can. The details being circulated are as follows:

Katherine "Kate" Masson is between 5'2" to 5'4", around 180lbs, with dark brown hair, brown eyes, a mole on her chin, and a small cat tattoo on the back of one shoulder. She was last known to be at a rest stop near Albany NY of I-90 heading towards Boston.

Kate was in Las Vegas for a business meeting (NOT for SOE's convention), and heading back home to New Hampshire, where she is roommates with the Dan (the player of Tasha). Her trip was being paid for by her company, and she was in a rental vehicle. We have NO details about this vehicle except that it was a Hertz rental car. Hertz is stonewalling the police on revealing any details about her car (make, model, location, license plate, etc).

Late in the evening, Kate sent a text indicating she was stopping at a rest stop on I-90 near Albany, NY. She also indicated that her cell battery was low. This was the last known contact anyone had with her. She may have been intending to stop in Boston on her way back to New Hampshire.

Her hotel in Las Vegas confirms that she is no longer staying there, and area hospitals have been contacted in and around the area between Albany and New Hampshire with no luck so far.

The police have been notified and an investigation started. We have no additional details to offer at this time.

If by chance you happen to know about her itinerary, last minute changes in plans, or have spoken to her in the last 48 hours, please contact the email address below. While it would be unlike Kate to simply wander off without saying anything, we'd prefer knowing that she had to finding out something terrible happened to her, or hearing nothing at all. If you have anything at all, please don't hesitate to make contact.

Email contact: dmak205@gmail.com