Thursday 25 October 2001: The winter's survival kit for military gamers comes in the form of a new Operation Flashpoint pack complete with all the essential and new supplies for the transatlantic best seller. Due on November 30, the set will be launched at retail as Operation Flashpoint Gold Edition with a RRP of 34.99.

Operation Flashpoint Gold Edition is for new recruits to the Flashpoint cause. Containing the latest version of the full game (V1.3), it comes with all the additional vehicles, weapons and missions made available since the game's European launch, along with enhanced multiplayer functionality and many additional code updates.

The Gold Edition also includes, absolutely free, an additional disc containing the recently announced Red Hammer: The Soviet Campaign. Red Hammer is an entirely new 20-mission campaign game that has the player fighting as part of the Soviet force. With a new central character, Dmitri Lukin, new Russian-accented voices and fresh cut scenes, Red Hammer is a Flashpoint must-have.

No kit would be complete without a survival handbook and the Gold Edition also contains a 64-page Operation Flashpoint Prima Strategy Guide, focussing on the original game.

For gamers who are already part of the Flashpoint elite and own the original game, a total upgrade pack will be launched for just 9.99 and titled Operation Flashpoint Gold Upgrade.

The Operation Flashpoint Gold Upgrade contains the new Red Hammer: The Soviet Campaign campaign, Upgrades 1, 2 and 3 (previously available for download), and a copy of the Operation Flashpoint Prima Strategy Guide.

Says Michael Hayes, Codemasters' Marketing Director:
"We're committed to ensuring Operation Flashpoint's success is long term and the arrival of the Red Hammer campaign makes the Gold packs essential products for the winter season. Their variety of content provides a way for gamers, whether they are new to the game or already part of Flashpoint's global community, to receive the latest version and engage in the new challenge posed by Red Hammer's Soviet campaign."


Operation Flashpoint Gold Edition
Item: Retail box set launching November 30

  • Operation Flashpoint full game, upgraded to V1.3
  • Red Hammer: The Soviet Campaign (20 new plot linked missions)
  • 64-page Prima Strategy Guide focussing on the original game