Hello all,

Since the AvP2 multiplayer demo debuted this last Friday we've been *extremely* pleased to see that so many people have been downloading and playing it. Thanks for that! There's also been a whole lot of feedback in forums, chat rooms and elsewhere and we want to thank you all for taking the time to lay out your thoughts as well as just playing! We've seen some really decent constructive criticism which I, for one, appreciate. It's nice to get a pat on the back (who doesn't like a pat on the back?) but it's *more* useful to see where players are having difficulties and what's causing problems so that we can try and act on those things.

Once we released the demo, as more and more servers started to come online, we spotted an intermittent problem with the in-game server list which I know many of you have experienced - the demo will sometimes exit to the desktop while trying to refresh the server list. As soon as it was discovered, the boffins at Monolith got to work fixing this issue! As some of you may know (if you read Jason Hall's recent postings), after seeing what else users were saying, they also took the opportunity to make some other tweaks and changes to smooth out the overall experience of finding, joining and playing a game that we think you will definitely enjoy.

These changes have been incorporated into a new version ( of the demo which we're offering in two formats:
1) a full replacement for the existing demo (64MB) for those who *haven't* downloaded it yet, and...
2) a much smaller (4.25MB) updater for those who are already running the current ( version.

I'd like to encourage you all to update to this new version so that you can benefit from these additions and so we can all get on and play the latest and greatest version.

Here's the actual list of changes from the update itself:
- Fixed the crash bug on the Join screen.
- Added a "[D]" to the end of server names that are dedicated...
- Added player rename functionality mid-game (i.e. ' Spanky')
- Added PageUp and PageDown support to the server list.
- Added mouse wheel support to the server list.
- Added double click join support to the server list.
- Fixed a couple of bugs that could cause long waiting times on the server list menu.
- Made it so you can hit Escape to cancel a server list refresh.

Oh, something to keep in mind as well is that this is only a demo and, as such, consists of *just a subset* of what the full game has to offer! For example, there's only one representative of each species in the demo (or four out of SIXTEEN playable characters) and you will see that, in AvP2, this means a whole lot more than just sixteen different skins! Also, there are only limited weapons available as well (there are still another FIVE Marine weapons and FOUR Predator weapons to get). There are many things for you to explore and play with in the full version not present in the demo. So, to those who may think that the game leans too heavily in favor of one species, I'd ask you to reserve your judgement a little until you get access to the fully-featured final release.

That's it for now. Thanks for playing and letting us know what you think. Keep up the good work! Now, go get that update and LET'S ROCK!!!

BTW, that full version will be out very, very soon!!