Thorough testing of the new beta client is still in progress. The next beta stage will definitely feature new player apartments, which players can buy at Diamond Real Estate, new monsters, new content (dialogs and the CityNet terminals), and, as mentioned before, the finalized Wastelands which are about three times bigger (and a hundred times more interesting) than the ones currently in beta.

Testing is progressing well so far and we are positive that the next stage can be launched in two weeks. As always, you can still sign up for the beta test at!

In other news the release date has finally been set. It will be announced on this week (and of course in next week's DevNews update).

Finally, we have two brandnew screenshots for you... the first depicts one of the new player apartments, in this case a rather seedy one in Neocron's abandoned industrial area, the Outzone. The other shot takes you right into a firece battle between a Twilight Guardian (the rebel faction of Neocron bend on overthrowing the current government of the city) member and a huge Mutant. Enjoy!

But cable is included... Pick on someone your own size!

What is Neocron? To quote our website ( "Neocron is an action packed 3D MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) set in a post apocalyptic metropolis. Live a virtual life in the exciting world of the 28th century. The user becomes a citizen of Neocron and it`s up to him whether he wants to experience exciting adventures or just live a normal life in this virtual world."

Neocron is currently in stage two of the closed beta test, counting over 2300 beta testers so far. It's still possible to apply for the next stages of the beta test at The game will be published worldwide by the end of this year by CDV (, the publisher of smash hits "Cossacks" and "Sudden Strike" as well as numerous others.