As many of you may be aware, the master DOOM, Quake and Unreal community archives at were closed last month. See this open letter for background information:

We have now implemented our contingency plans for a replacement master site, and are ready to re-open the archives.

Our thanks go out to Walnut Creek and Digital River for hosting the archives on since late 1994, to all those who offered assistance during the transition (in particular IHETS), and further to all of you in the community who are making this all worth doing.

3D Gamers is now hosting the Community Archives for the DOOM-, Quake-, and Unreal-engine games. Please see

for further detail, some of which has been extracted in the information below, and for live hyperlinks to the archives.

The new master server for the archives is

and the new primary download server is

(kindly provided by IHETS,

We strongly recommend that you use the primary download server or one of the mirrors listed at for all downloads. The FTP addresses for the primary download site are: (DOOM-Engine) (Quake-Engine) (Unreal-Engine)

The only one of the three archives that is actively maintained is idgames/, which contains user contributions for the games DOOM, DOOM II, Heretic, Hexen and Strife. It is maintained by Ty Halderman. Feel free to upload your contributions to

Uploads may be difficult while we work to relieve the load that the master is currently under. So far only a few of the old mirrors have switched over to the new master server, but more are expected to follow once the old master archives have been removed completely.

Thanks again for your patience during the transition. Let's go play.

Ty Halderman (
Frans P. de Vries (