Welcome to the 28th century, welcome to NEOCRON!

So what is Neocron? To quote our website (www.neocron.com): "Neocron is an action packed 3D MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) set in a post apocalyptic metropolis. Live a virtual life in the exciting world of the 28th century. The user becomes a citizen of Neocron and it's up to him whether he wants to experience exciting adventures or just live a normal life in this virtual world."

Neocron is currently in stage two of the closed beta test, counting over 2300 beta testers so far. It's still possible to apply for the next stages of the beta test at www.neocron.com. The game will be published worldwide by the end of this year by CDV (www.cdv.de), the publisher of smash hits "Cossacks" and "Sudden Strike" as well as numerous others.


The bad news first: it will probably be two to three weeks still, before our faithful testers have the CD with the new client for the next stage of the beta test (stage 3) on their desks. Though the new client is ready to be put together already, we still need some extra time to test out the changed/new parts internally before we can launch the next beta stage. But seeing as most of you out there have asked to not rush this baby out, this course of action is probably in everyone's best interest.

We will also use the extra time to get as much content as possible into stage 3 of the beta; we aim for having more NPCs with dialogues in the city, we hope to have content for _all_ terminals in the city by the time stage 3 begins, and you will see the in game discussion board system of CityNet in that stage!

In other news we had to do a much needed beta character wipe this week. The game had become just too unbalanced and the wipe was needed to have a better chance of evaluating character development after the trade and manufacturing changes the last patches included. We were very happy to see that most beta testers saw the situation just the way we did and in fact welcomed the wipe, although it destroyed the work they put into their characters so far. We really want to thank them for their cooperation and the invaluable work they have done so far. :)

Last but not least, attached is a screenshot of a swampy region in the new wastelands, featuring one of the new monsters that testers will see in beta 3. Right now it's called "Swamp Cow"... be assured the name will change. ;) (More screenshots of beta stage 3 monsters can be found at www.neocrononline.com, by the way.)

Stay tuned for more updates on Neocron next week!

Swamp- Cow?