Welcome to the 28th century, welcome to NEOCRON!

So what is Neocron? To quote our website (www.neocron.com): "Neocron is an action packed 3D MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) set in a post apocalyptic metropolis. Live a virtual life in the exciting world of the 28th century. The user becomes a citizen of Neocron and it's up to him whether he wants to experience exciting adventures or just live a normal life in this virtual world."

Neocron is currently in stage two of the closed beta test, counting over 2300 beta testers so far. It's still possible to apply for the next stages of the beta test at www.neocron.com. The game will be published worldwide by the end of this year by CDV (www.cdv.de) the publisher of smash hits "Cossacks" and "Sudden Strike" as well as numerous others.

gaia_control.jpg - 109,881 bytes mountains_moon.jpg - 838,288 bytes
A player discovering an abandoned hall in the GAIA mining complex. A glimpse at the look of the new wastelands, in this case the mountain terrain.


Just like the last week, this one was spent with the approaching launch of the next beta test stage in mind. The public InfoTerminals for most of the major Neocron factions have been prepared and will definitely appear in the next stage of the beta test. Of course we will try to get more Terminals working until then, and we will keep you updated on which will be there.

Also the final version of the Wastelands surrounding Neocron is nearly completed now. They will be three times as big as the ones which can be seen in the beta test right now, and will sport a much more diverse appearance. There will be desert plains, swampy regions, hillsides and mountains, grasslands, canyons, and a multitude of monsters (most of which haven't been used in stage two so far) placed in accordance to their surroundings. (Find a screenshot showing the beauty of the new Wastelands attached to this mail.)

Regarding the current stage of the beta test we have prepared a new patch which was released just today. It includes changes to the weapon modification system and a new damage system. Furthermore we have added incentives to encourage player-player trading and the constructing of items by players for other players, instead of having everyone buy/sell from NPC (Non Player Character) shops.

Stay tuned for more updates on Neocron next week!