Divine Divinity Skeleton Screenshots

Hardened SkeltonThis week our feature is on one of the most common undead creatures... The Skeleton.

Skeletons in RPG's are the animated corpses of those that have been killed in battle; Skeletons are deceivingly fast and agile, capable of performing only the simplest of repetitive tasks, such as attacking anyone who enters a certain chamber.

Studies by wizards and priests have revealed that skeletal warriors are animated corpses, brought back by sorcery. The main culprits are those that practice the ‘Dark Arts’ namely the Necromancers. The Way of the Wizard in Divine Divinity will allow your Character to learn these ‘Dark Arts’ and allows you to use the undead to your advantage

Skeletal Warriors are pretty average warriors; they usually do not wear much armor, and deliver attacks no stronger than a normal man. However, they will fight to the bitter end, allowing them to wear down enemy units through pure attrition and they are never alone… Strength in numbers is their main advantage.

Throughout your adventures in Divine Divinity, you will meet a variety of Skeletons. Skeletal Warriors, Skeletal Archers, and the big-daddy of them all the Skeleton Lords I don’t want to spoil it, so I’ll say this… There will be more than 10 skeleton types in Divinity, all of which have their own style attack and AI parameters. We are now only scratching the surface on the sheer variety and depth of characters in Divine Divinity... Stay tuned.

Skeleton Lord -- Eat your heart out Skeletor!