Announcing "PT Boats South Gambit"

12 October 2010 -- PT Boats South Gambit self-standing add-on WWII naval warfare is back! With more campaigns, more combat aircraft, new ships and even more fascinating gameplay, PT Boats: South Gambit is setting the bar even higher for WW2 era naval combat simulations. "PT Boats: South Gambit" does NOT require "PT Boats: Knights of the Sea" in order to play!

The original game - “PT Boats: Knights of the Sea” - has brought attention to a new and previously little known aspect of naval warfare during the Second World War. Now, with the large-scale self-standing*) add-on “South Gambit”, you will find yourself commanding a lethal torpedo boat and its crew in the very heart of two entirely new theaters of war. The long list of authentic warships, boats, weapons and aircraft available in PT Boats is now further extended with the legendary Soviet attack plane IL-2, the German torpedo bomber He-111H-6, the Italian cruiser Condottieri, and many many more.

You will join battle in the Mediterranean and transport British troops and supplies to Libya and Tunis, and escort convoys to the besieged island of Malta; just as if you were participating in the real historical operations “Harpoon”, “Vigorous” and “Pedestal”. Then you will be relocated to the Black Sea, where some of the most dramatic historical battles were raging. Nazi “Kriegsmarine” will do its best to disrupt sea communications between Sevastopol and Novorossiysk. So, you and your PT boat will play an important role in night raids against enemy bases and then in artillery attacks on the German Navy in Yalta and Anapa.

Key features:

The self-standing*) South Gambit add-on will bring you:

  • Enhanced graphics and even more realistic seascapes.
  • Enhanced AI algorithms.
  • New gameplay features – torpedo bombers and mine fields.
  • New authentic units, such as: Soviet IL-2 “Flying tank” and torpedo boat D-3, German torpedo bomber He-111H-6, bomber Ju-88, Italian destroyer Navigatori, cruiser Condottieri, torpedo boat MAS-500 and many others.
  • And, of course, the unique and innovation combination of sim, strategy and tactical action inherent in the PT Boats naval simulation game.

PT Boats : South Gambit is expected to go on sale later this month, October 2010!

And to kick off things already today, we have just reduced the price for the original game „PT Boats : Knights of the Sea“ by \$10!!! If you missed this groundbreaking sim until now, this is the time to experience something really new in this unique WWII era naval game/simulation!

*) PT Boats: South Gambit is a self-standing add-on and DOES NOT require the original game PT Boats: Knights of the Sea in order to be able to play!

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