Divine Divinity Imp Screenshots

Jump imp, jump!One thing is for sure: nobody has ever asked an Imp about his or her origins. Those that asked didn't survive long enough to hear the answer. Imps are notoriously savage, attacking anybody who doesn't smell like them. Their favourite weapon for killing a lone traveller is a blowpipe that fires poisonous darts at their victim.

Imps are best described as mindless vandals; performing random acts of viciousness and cruelty is the hallmarks of an Imp’s life. Their pointless rudeness and a sense of companionship are indicative to Beavis & Butthead and Itchy & Scratchy. Imps think that anything sharp and painful are toys and that intestines are just awesome for immobilizing hostages. They like to nibble on the tongues of those they are interrogating, and are infamous for killing each another with repulsively impractical jokes. Imps are often comical, and are intelligent in specific areas, while nearly lacking in everything else. The Imps only agenda seems to be fun in all aspects, but often at the expense of others.

When facing a group of enemies they bring in their Raiders and Shamans. The Imp Raiders ride horrible giant spiders that on their own areNow that's a spider! already formidable enemies to any Warrior or Wizard. The shamans on the other hand master potent magic, and rumour has it that they can kill by softly whispering a single word. Of late, imp settlements have been spotted in the wastelands to the Far East of Rivertown (A town you all shall soon be familiar with in a demo that is releasing soon), making this a dangerous place to travel through... Be warned and be afraid.