Importance of E3 2010
“The health and growth of our industry over the next three years will be affected greatly by new games and technologies showcased at E3 2010.”

“E3 2010 will be a critical inflection point for the video game industry, and a major catalyst for the sector’s continued success and growth.”

“With four new technologies launching in the next six months; the Microsoft Kinect, Sony Move, Nintendo 3DS, and 3D enabled games, E3 2010 will be one of the most important events in our industry to date. The success or failure of these technologies will determine the health and growth of our industry over the next three years.”

Microsoft Kinect
“The Microsoft Kinect, will mark a significant change in how consumers use their Xbox 360, not just for traditional gaming, but how consumers interact with all forms of entertainment.”

“EEDAR believes the Kinect is Microsoft’s answer to creating a true multi-media experience the whole family can enjoy.”

“With the launch of the Kinect, the introduction of additional Xbox Live features, the Xbox 360 will expand upon its role as a central hub of entertainment in millions of homes.”

PlayStation Move
“Sony’s PlayStation Move is a true evolution in motion based gaming by finally allowing developers to create high-definition motion based games that target both the casual and core gaming audience.”

“Through combining both video and motion based control, Sony’s PlayStation Move is able to immerse both the core and mainstream gamer into true high-definition motion, highly interactive gaming experiences.”

Nintendo 3DS
“Nintendo’s innate ability to launch truly original hardware is reflective in 3DS handheld device.”

“Nintendo could have imitated features already present and standard among portable devices such as the iPhone and iPad; however, by sticking to the strategy that has served them well over the last twenty years, Nintendo has created another original gaming experience no competitor can replicate in today’s market.”

3D Gaming
“With the slow adoption rate for 3D televisions, EEDAR does not expect 3D gaming to be a significant driver of revenue and health for the industry over the short-term. However, as consumers naturally replace their televisions and adopt 3D television, 3D gaming will play an ever increasing role in driving revenue for the sector. Currently, EEDAR does not expect 3D supported video games to be a significant driver of industry revenue until 2013.”


Medal of Honor – Electronic Arts
“EEDAR believes the break in the Medal of Honor series was much needed, and given the success of Battlefield Bad Company 2, we have no doubts that Medal of Honor will resurge as a hit franchise.”

“Whilst is may take some time for Call of Duty to be dethroned, EEDAR believes Electronic Art is on track regain the First-Person Shooter crown with their Battlefield and Medal of Honor franchises.”

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – Ubisoft
“Many have raised concerns about the annualization of the Assassin’s Creed series; however, given its strong user replay ability, high accomplishment rates of Achievements/Trophies, and general critical acclaim, EEDAR believes UbiSoft can successfully release yearly iterations of Assassin’s Creed without hindrance to its sales potential through 2012. However, beyond 2012, we could begin to see brand and feature fatigue, which is common among franchises released annually.”

NBA Jam – Electronic Arts
“With the nostalgia name and gameplay of NBA Jam, EEDAR believes Electronic Arts has a great opportunity to exceed expectations with this title for the Nintendo Wii.”

Call of Duty: Black Ops - Activision
“There is no doubt that the Infinity Ward saga will overhang the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops, but EEDAR does not expect the commercial success of this year’s Call of Duty franchise title to be hindered by the events that occurred.”

Other Quotes

Microsoft Xbox 360 Hardware Refresh
“EEDAR is pleased to see Microsoft revamp its Xbox 360 hardware to a smaller and sleeker design. The new design will be conducive to Microsoft’s goal of making the Xbox 360 a central media hub in living rooms worldwide.”

“EEDAR believes that manufacturing costs and a re-launch of the Xbox 360 image to be the key factors in Microsoft’s decision to revamp the Xbox 360 hardware.”

“Whilst we have become accustomed to E3 price drops over the last ten years, the landscape of the industry has changed in recent times. To keep up with consumer demand for better online services and key hardware features such as Wi-Fi, hard-drive capacity and motion controls, the console manufacturers such as Sony and Microsoft are unlikely to reduce the price of their hardware going forward. Instead, Sony and Microsoft will continue to introduce new online services and hardware components that will increase the value of their consoles at the current price points.”

“Significant price declines of the current hardware will only shorten the cycle and force the console manufacturers to launch new hardware.”