Rude Gameware Study Finds Game Industry Losing $12 Billion Ignoring Deceased Gamers

Report Shows Sagging Industry Would Be 'Rolling in Dough' By Targeting Previously Overlooked Demographic

Jupiter, Fla.-May 21, 2010-Wannabe Industry Research Group, Rude Gameware today completed a highly scientific study of the revenue potentially being lost by the gaming industry each year by not catering to the deceased.

After seeing the results of a study earlier this week regarding the gaming industry's potential lost revenue by ignoring aging gamers (IndustryGamers, May 17, 2010: Game Industry May Lose $3 Billion By Ignoring Older Gamers), Rude conducted its own research to try and determine how much revenue was being lost each year by not making games that were more accessible to the recently deceased. The findings were staggering.

"When we presented our results the Rude Gameware Board of Directors became giddy," said Michael Epstein, Chief Rude Officer. "Several of the major investment banks have already been throwing bailout money at us to develop a complete line of gaming products for the deceased."
In addition to Rude Gameware's revolutionary peripherals, the company is also researching a line of games that will target the same cadaverous demographic and work on motion-based consoles. Tentatively titled "Wii Afterlife - Get Up and Move" for the Nintendo Platform. Rude hopes to also offer versions for Microsoft's Project Natal and the Sony Move upon release.

Rude Gameware expects to have their peripherals for the deceased for sale at all funeral homes, mortuaries, Circuit City, Sharper Image, Game Crazy, and other defunct retailers.

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