Month-long Campaign to Raise Funds Through Player Purchases in Top Online Games EverQuest®, EverQuest® II and Free Realms™


SAN DIEGO, CALIF. – Dec. 17, 2009 –Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) is making it easy for players to support a good cause while playing one of their favorite online video games during the Child’s Play Winter Charity Drive. With new limited-time Child’s Play items available in EverQuest®(EQ), EverQuest® II (EQII) and Free Realms™, participants can be charitable and receive fun in-game items in the process. The second annual fundraising effort is scheduled to run from December 17, 2009, until January 17, 2010.

After last year’s successful campaign, SOE will continue its support of Child’s Play by donating $10 (up to $50,000 total) each time a player buys one of the Child’s Play items from the in-game Marketplace with Station Cash™ (SC), SOE’s in-game currency. In addition, the EQ and EQII Child’s Play items are “giftable” this year, giving players the opportunity to purchase the EQ Child’s Play Anklebiter Doll or EQII Child’s Play Bouncing Baby Panda Cub for friends, family, and guildmates.

“We were thrilled with the contributions our players allowed us to make to the previous Child’s Play campaign and with the addition of Free Realms this year, we are hoping to double our previous $21,000 donation,” said John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment. “The support the video game industry has given Child’s Play over the years is fantastic, and we are humbled to be a part of it.”

Child’s Play is a charity that is dedicated to providing children with toys and age-appropriate games at more than 70 hospitals worldwide. SOE’s players will be able to purchase the following items:

EQ: Child’s Play Anklebiter Doll (500 SC)
EQII: Child’s Play Bouncing Baby Panda Cub (500 SC)
Free Realms: Child’s Play Triceratops (500 SC)

“With the help of industry initiatives such as this, Child’s Play is already over the million dollar mark and is looking to beat our record total of $1.3 million,” says Robert Khoo, Managing Director of Child’s Play.

To participate in the SOE Child’s Play promotion, fund your SOE wallet with Station Cash or purchase Station Cash cards from participating retailers. Find out how by visiting or For more information, visit