ARMA 2 patch v.1.05 announced, includes free downloadable content

Bohemia Interactive releases new sneak peek teaser video showing free downloadable content in forthcoming ARMA 2 patch

Prague, Czech Republic, December 11th 2009 – As a continuous commitment to its dedicated fans, Bohemia Interactive, an award winning independent development studio, and IDEA Games, an association of independent developers located in the Czech Republic, today release an exclusive sneak peek teaser video together with pack of four screenshots introducing the forthcoming patch which will upgrade the military simulator ARMA 2 to version 1.05.

The video, available for download at, introduces the bonus campaign “Eagle Wing“ featuring the new AH-64 Apache attack helicopter. The “Eagle Wing“ mini-campaign expands upon one of the seven unique endings of the original ARMA 2 over two extensive new levels; It's the year 2012, the war in Chernarus has overgrown into a conflict between the USA and the Russian Federation. The player finds themselves caught in the middle of an escalating conflict. As a pilot of the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter, the player's task seems easy - to get behind enemy lines and attack. However the situation is about to change rapidly...

Amongst other things the 1.05 patch features a new warfare mode "When Diplomacy Fails", including 3-side support for diplomacy between all factions allowing players to enjoy the strategic part of the game in a size never seen before. Warfare mode is a unique gaming experience first introduced in ARMA: Armed Assault. The mode combines tactical FPS gameplay with strategic elements which allow players to either join the fight in the front lines attacking the enemy directly, or to crush them in a commander position giving orders to other players whilst managing resources and the main base. Moreover each player is allowed to lead his own squad. Up to 32 players are supported, this multiplayer mode is a true war experience.

“At Bohemia Interactive we make a continuous commitment to support our products. This latest update 1.05 reaffirms our commitment to ARMA 2 and our community at large: it includes the free downloadable content as our way of saying thank you to all those who buy our games and provide us support and feedback from around the globe. We continue to be amazed by the many ways our community is constantly expanding on our game with addons, mods and usermade missions. With this level of continued activity surrounding our game it's our pleasure to be able to support it this extensively post-launch.“ said Marek Spanel, Bohemia´s CEO.

ARMA 2 patch 1.05 will be released later in December 2009. Stay tuned and visit the ARMA 2 homepage at for the latest Intel.