Turbine Entertainment Reveals Asheron's Call Sequel Currently In Development

Westwood, Mass. - February 26, 2001- Turbine Entertainment Software, a leading developer of Internet-based massively multi-player (MMP) PC and video games, has announced that it has signed a contract with Microsoft to produce a sequel to the highly successful massively multiplayer RPG, Asheron's Call.

"We're delighted to announce this news," exclaimed Production Director, David Bowman. "Not a day goes by where I'm not asked whether or not we're working on it. It's a relief to finally say 'Yes, we are in production on a sequel to Asheron's Call!'" At this time, Microsoft and Turbine have not announced a potential release date or final name for the title.

With development well underway, Turbine has continued hiring artists, designers, and programmers to contribute to the sequel in addition to continuing content being developed for the original Asheron's Call. "We're expanding operations to handle these projects, both in terms of employees and our facilities," said Bowman. "Because of the resources needed to create MMP games like Asheron's Call, we've been looking at new facilities to accommodate our growth. Recently, we decided on a nearby site for our new headquarters and should be settled in by early March."

Turbine will be showing The Turbine Engine 2.0 (TTE2.0) - the core client and server tech behind the sequel to Asheron's Call - at the Game Developers Conference in San Jose this March. "It's the first time we've felt comfortable showing the technology powering our next generation of games to potential competitors," said Michael Steele, Tech VP. "In private showings to other game developers, the demonstration of the engine's power and flexibility have literally taken their breath away."

About Turbine Entertainment Software
Turbine Entertainment Software is an innovator and creative leader of massively multi-player games (MMP). The company's breakthrough technology unlocks new potential for large-scale, Internet-based interactive entertainment. Turbine combines a highly creative development team with the cutting-edge technology required to create games that feature persistent virtual worlds that can be shared simultaneously by thousands of online players-all modeled in a single, large-scale 3D game world. The company's first title, Asheron's Call, is published and distributed by Microsoft Corporation. Asheron's Call continues to receive strong critical acclaim in industry press since its release in November, 1999. Last year, Turbine announced its initial licensing program for The Turbine Engine (TTE 2.0), which allows other developers and publishers the opportunity to create MMP games with the only proven 'off the shelf' technology solution available.

Founded in 1994, the company is headquartered in Westwood, Massachusetts. For more information, visit http://www.turbinegames.com or write:
Turbine Entertainment Software
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