Death Rally Q&A

Q: What is Death Rally?
Death Rally is Remedy's first released game, from 1996, from the era when a Pentium 150 MHz was top of the line hardware. It's a top-down racing game with weapons, where the goal is to win races, upgrade your car, and no trick is too dirty in the quest to beat everyone else to the checkered flag.

Q: Why did you decide to re-release Death Rally?
The old DOS version has been a bit tricky to get to run on modern PCs, requiring emulation software and other trickery. An amazing Finnish programmer was a fan of the game and wanted to ease that pain for people. We saw no reason to not do it. And as we think the game is still fun and enjoyable (at least in the nostalgic way), we wanted to release it for free.

Q: What does Death Rally offer to modern PC player?
Death Rally still offers very addictive gameplay and we found ourselves hooked as you enter the corrupt racing world, where defensive driving means annihilating your opponents. We've also found games have gotten easier over time, Death Rally is pretty tough.

Q: Will there be a modernized version of Death Rally?
Markus: If there's sufficient interest in the game, more carnage in the form of Death Rally can be considered! But for now Remedy's team is 100% focused on Alan Wake.