LOS ANGELES, CA- (December 14, 2000) - Crave Entertainment announced today that they are unleashing "Global Operations," a team-based first person shooter (FPS), for the PC platform in the third quarter of 2001. The game is being developed by Barking Dog Studios, who created "CounterStrike Beta 5" and the best-selling "Homeworld: Cataclysm." Like these popular titles, "Global Operations" promises to set the standard in the team-based FPS genre.

"'Global Operations' features all the essential components of addictive first person shooters, including extensive, diverse environments and heart-pounding action", said Holly Newman, executive vice president of publishing at Crave Entertainment, "The title will also transcend other shooters by emphasizing team cooperation through specialized troop members, integrated voice communication, and other distinctive features."

"It's important to us that this title feels completely organic," said Brian Thalken, Managing Director of Barking Dog. "We want to step beyond the accurate portrayal of weapons, sounds, and environments and make every aspect of the game realistic. Parametric skeletal animation creates seamless and fluid character movements, sophisticated player 'decaling' shows mud or blood on uniforms, and weather effects change from rain, fog, snow and more. But beneath this realistic veneer, 'Global Operations' has the heart of an electrifying action game."

About "Global Operations"
Developed by Barking Dog Studios and published by Crave Entertainment, "Global Operations" is an action game with highly realistic weapons and backdrops built from the ground up for the multiplayer experience. With a wide variety of mission styles, including hostage rescue, bomb defusing, territory control, VIP escort, base destruction, assassination, and assault/defend, "Global Operations" is the most strategically intricate and graphically rewarding FPS to come along on the PC.

On the battlefield, there is no substitute for communication and organization, and "Global Operations" utilizes the latest technology and unique features to encourage and create these elements. The unique Intelligence Officer role allows one team leader to become the eyes and ears of the entire group. The team leader coordinates the troops through a combination of real-time cameras and a top-down map to recognize hot spots, guide troops to objectives, and direct reinforcements through both voice over IP and waypoint setting. Successfully directing the best troops to an assignment is challenging as each soldier has specialized skills.

"Global Operations'" specialty system allows individual characters to excel in specific roles. Every specialty, including sniper, commando, and demolition expert, is compatible with all weaponry, but specialized arms enhance accuracy and effectiveness. Therefore, one of the key elements of the game is deploying a well-balanced squad. Even in death, teamwork is invaluable. The game's reinforcement feature gathers eliminated players together in helicopters and armored personnel carriers before reinserting them in the game. In this unique "waiting room", teammates have an opportunity to converse and strategize before returning to
the battlefield as a reinforcing squad.

An SDK for mod authors and the mapping community will be made available at the time of release or shortly afterwards.

Features for "Global Operation" include:

* 16 diverse real-world locations based on current and past well-known armed conflicts
* 32 elite fighting forces based on real world special forces, peace keepers, rebel groups, guerilla forces, and terrorist groups
* 36 real weapons: 8 handguns, 6 sub-machine guns, 4 shotguns, 4 machine guns, 8 assault rifles, and 6 sniper rifles
* 7 customizable specialties to reinforce team roles

About Barking Dog
Barking Dog Studios Ltd., located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, was founded in May 1998. Barking Dog focuses on making the kind of games that they enjoy playing - primarily action, strategy and 3D shooter titles. Some of their recent work includes "CounterStrike Beta 5" (developed in cooperation with Valve Software) and "Homeworld: Cataclysm" (Sierra Studios).

Barking Dog Studios is a licensed developer for the Sony PlayStation 2, Microsoft X-Box and Sega DreamCast, and currently have three new titles in development for both PC and next generation consoles.

For more information go to www.barking-dog.com.

About Crave Entertainment
Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, Crave Entertainment is a privately held publisher of innovative videogame entertainment products for the major console platforms including Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color, the PlayStation( game console, and PC. For more information about Crave Entertainment, please visit www.cravegames.com.