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Wednesday, Sep 28, 2016

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No Man's Sky Advertising Investigation

The U.K. Advertising Standards Authority is investigating No Man's Sky after complaints about the advertising of Hello Game's space simulation. Eurogamer reports on the situation after speaking with a representative of the agency. Here's a portion that covers what's at stake here:

The ASA has the power to have advertisements it believes are in breach of its code of conduct withdrawn, and prevent them from appearing again. If an advertiser refuses to comply with an ASA ruling, it can impose sanctions, such as asking internet search websites to remove a marketer's paid-for search ads.

The investigation is on-going, and so the ASA declined to comment further, but one of the complainants revealed details of its response in a post on Reddit.

The investigation revolves around No Man's Sky's Steam store page, which includes assets some believe misrepresent the controversial space game.

The ASA has contacted both Hello Games and Valve and asked them to respond to a raft of questions relating to No Man's Sky advertisements.

Complaints centre around screenshots and videos that feature more advanced animal behaviour, large-scale combat and ship-flying behaviour than ended up in the launch version of the game. Complainants also say screenshots misrepresent the graphical quality of the game.

There are also complaints around the Steam store page's reference to a lack of loading screens and factions that contest territory.

While the complaints target Steam, the ASA said any ruling would apply to other advertising for No Man's Sky, such as official YouTube videos and the game's listing on the PlayStation Store.

Motorsport Manager in November; Specs Released

The Motorsport Manager website announces a November 10th release date for the Windows and OS X editions of this racing simulation, saying the Linux version will follow (the game's Steam page says to expect it on November 9th). This originated as a mobile game, and they offer this video to explain how the desktop editions differ, calling it an infographic (an infovideo?). They also offer minimum Windows and OS X system requirements. Here's word:

We have been working very hard to ensure Motorsport Manager is as polished as possible for release - and we are happy to announce that the game will officially be launched on PC and Mac on November 10th 2016, and launched on Linux shortly afterwards.

The new version of Motorsport Manager has been built from the ground up - but with over 1.6 million downloads of the mobile game, what can fans expect in the PC game? We've created an infographic to give you an idea.

We can also confirm the minimum specifications for each platform below:


  • OS: Microsoft Windows 7/8 (64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-3470, 3.20GHz or AMD FX-6300, 3.5Ghz
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: nVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, 2 GB or AMD Radeon HD 7870, 2 GB (Does not support Intel Integrated Graphics Cards)
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Hard Drive: 15 GB available space

Mac OS X

  • OS: OS X 10.10 (64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-3470, 3.20GHz or AMD FX-6300, 3.5Ghz
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: nVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, 2 GB or AMD Radeon HD 7870, 2 GB (Does not support Intel Integrated Graphics Cards)
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Hard Drive: 15 GB available space

Continue here to read the full story.

Super Mega Baseball 2 Announced

Metalhead Software announces Super Mega Baseball 2, a sequel to their sports simulation. This teaser trailer shows off the game, which features more realistic graphics than the original, though it is still quite stylized. The new game will also feature online multiplayer support when it launches next year for Windows and consoles. Here's the pitch:

Make the jump from All Star to MVP next season as independent developer Metalhead Software today announces Super Mega Baseball 2, sequel to the award-winning Super Mega Baseball. Launching in 2017 on Xbox One, Steam, and the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Super Mega Baseball 2 builds upon the original with a more realistic presentation, a bevy of new customizable features and the launch of online multiplayer.

Major new features include:

  • Revamped Graphics: Complete with enhanced character models, new and updated stadiums, and a modernized interface, Super Mega Baseball 2 has a fully rebuilt look that carries forward the personality and spirit of the original.
  • Player & League Customization: Build the ultimate fantasy baseball league with full customization of your league, teams and players. Choose the number of teams in your league and customize each team’s logos and uniforms. Then dig deeper by customizing individual player stats and appearance.
  • Online Co-op & PvP Play: Play cooperatively or head-to-head with online multiplayer. Or take it offline and play couch co-op or solo. In cooperative modes, teammates alternate batting/running each time at-bat and alternate pitching/fielding each inning, challenging ballplayers to stay on their toes in every play.
  • Refined Gameplay: Just like its predecessor, Super Mega Baseball 2 features solid controls, but this time around features more refined gameplay and a more realistic scale.

“With the launch of Super Mega Baseball we received an overwhelming and positive response from the community, confirmation of sustained interest in this style of streamlined gameplay in sports games, and some excellent feedback.” said Metalhead co-founder Scott Drader. “That feedback was consistent with our roadmap for the product and that has made decisions on where to improve the game rather easy – we’re improving upon the original largely with the set of features most requested by the community.”

Continue here to read the full story.

Planet Coaster Crash Trailer

This new trailer from Planet Coaster shows off the first thing most gamers seek in a theme park sim, which is strict safety measures. Of course we kid, as the clip revels in the opposite, showing the kind of spectacular roller coaster crashes the game can generate. Frontier Developments also announces a "party in the park" alpha weekend next week, which is open to all who have preordered the Thrillseeker Edition. Continue here to read the full story.

Battleborn AMA & Livestream

The Battleborn website has details on a livestream tomorrow to discuss changes coming to Battleborn, as well as a Reddit AMA on Friday to cover any questions about the shooter/MOBA this may leave unanswered. Here's word:

This Thursday (September 29th), we’ll be holding our next livestream on the Gearbox Software Twitch channel! A panel of Gearbox developers including Battleborn Creative Director Randy Varnell, Designer Grant Kao, and Community Manager Joe King will dig into the details of the update as well as announce its release date! Make sure to head over to the Gearbox Twitch channel and follow it so you can get notifications whenever we go live!

In addition to the stream, the guys will also be participating in a Reddit AMA on Friday (September 30th) on the Battleborn subreddit at 12pm PT (3pm ET)! If you had a question that didn’t get answered during the stream, swing by and add it to the thread.

On Sale

Evening Patches

Evening Crowdfunding Roundup

  • (3D JRPG) Light Fairytale Episode 1 by neko.works — Kickstarter. "Light Fairytale is a turn-based Japanese-style RPG set in a dying underground world ruled by a fierce empire. Inspired by classics such as Final Fantasy 7 and Breath of Fire 5. The first episode is coming in 2017 on PC and Consoles. In English and Japanese." Here's a trailer and there's a playable demo on Game Jolt and itch.io.
  • Guts and Glory by HakJak — Kickstarter. "Guts and Glory is a game about ordinary people competing in extraordinary challenges of life and death! People from all walks of life compete in the world's deadliest vehicular obstacle courses for their shot at riches and glory in the craziest gameshow on earth--the Guts and Glory Games!" A playable alpha is offered.
  • Make Sail - Fig. "Make Sail is a physics construction adventure. Sail your creations through advanced water and wind simulations. Survive an ocean of storms and beasts. Find better parts for better boats and share them online." Here's a video launching the campaign.
  • Steve Lichman - Volume 2 by Acceptable Comics — Kickstarter. "Life's hard when you're a Lich. Join Steve and his friends during their everyday lives down in the dungeon. (Hardcover, 400 pages)." Thanks nin.

Gatherings & Competitions

  • GaymerX 4 is this weekend in Santa Clara, CA. Tickets are still available.

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Into the Black

Wasteland 3 Announced

Wasteland website officially reveals plans for Wasteland 3, and is now counting down the seconds to one week from today. That is when inXile Entertainment will launch crowdfunding for the post-apocalyptic RPG sequel, on Fig, which makes sense considering inXile's Brian Fargo is on the Fig advisory board. The page shows a snowy scene, and there's a caption which reads, "time to conquer the cold." Kotaku (thanks nin) has a press release explaining the cold reference and announcing co-op support. Here's word:

What is Wasteland 3?

  • A party-based role-playing game, with a renewed focus on our trademark complex story reactivity and strategic combat.
  • By including vehicles, environmental dangers, and a revamped, more fluid action system, we are evolving on Wasteland 2's deep tactical turn-based combat and unique encounter design.
  • Play by yourself or with a friend in story-driven synchronous or asynchronous multiplayer. Choices open up (or close off) mission opportunities, areas to explore, story arcs, and tons of other content.
  • Your Ranger Base is a core part of the experience. As you help the local people and improve your Ranger Base, quests and narrative will force you to make decisions on how to lead.
  • The game will be set in the savage lands of frozen Colorado, where survival is difficult and a happy ending is never guaranteed. Players will face difficult moral choices and make sacrifices that will change the game world.
  • Wasteland 3 will feature a deep and engaging story utilizing a newly-revamped dialog tree system from the celebrated writers of Torment: Tides of Numenera
  • Simultaneously releasing to Windows, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
  • Explore a New Frozen Wasteland

You start the game as the sole survivor of Team November, a Ranger squad dispatched to the icy Colorado wastes. This is a land of buried secrets, lost technology, fearsome lunatics, and deadly factions. No one here has ever heard of the Desert Rangers. Your reputation is yours to build from scratch, and your choices may save this land or doom it. With a renewed focus on macro-reactivity, you’ll be picking between warring factions, deciding whether locations are destroyed or saved, and other far reaching decisions that have a marked impact on the shape of your world.

Bring a Friend
For the first time in the history of the Wasteland franchise, you will be able to take a friend with you on your journey into the post-apocalyptic wastes! Wasteland 3 opens up the possibility to play through the campaign with a friend; both of you controlling your own squad of Rangers.

The core of Wasteland 3 will still be a rich single-player experience. If you play with a friend while both online together, you’ll be able to share many missions, and join up to hit key story beats, but you can also split up and cover more ground. Once a game is started, you can play Wasteland 3 while your friend is offline, and do a lot of missions without them. Be aware, however, that the actions you take while your friend is off-line are not without consequence!

By making the decision to include multiplayer early on in the process, we will be able to design a game that is true to the core principles of the Wasteland franchise and our studio. Wasteland 3 can be played as an offline, single-player game, and is built from the ground up with a focus on story and reactivity that makes no sacrifices to the multiplayer experience. At the same time, co-op players will enjoy working together to change Wasteland 3’s highly reactive world… or finding ways to destroy what their friend has worked to accomplish.

Continue here to read the full story.

Homefront: The Revolution: The Voice of Freedom Released

Deep Silver now offers The Voice of Freedom, the first single-player DLC for Homefront: The Revolution, Dambuster's insurrection-themed first-person shooter. This is a story-driven prologue to the game available separately (the base game is required) or as part of a season pass. Here's word on the add-on and improvements in the latest patch:

The Voice of Freedom casts the player as Benjamin Walker, legendary figurehead for the rebellion and the KPA’s most wanted man, as he tries to infiltrate Occupied Philadelphia and meet up with Jack Parish’s Resistance Cell. This tense, story-driven prologue will test your stealth and combat skills as you encounter a sinister and hostile faction in the subways of Philadelphia – the ‘90’.

The Voice of Freedom is free to all holders of the Homefront Expansion Pass, and available to purchase separately for $5.99 (regional pricing may vary). It is ready to download now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC via Steam.

Players returning to Homefront: The Revolution will also find that the recent ‘Performance Patch’ has massively improved the overall experience.

Titanfall 2 4K Trailer

Following up on the release of system specs for Titanfall 2, the GeForce website has an article repeating those recommendations along with a new trailer. The new video includes the first look at the shooter sequel in 4K resolution running at 60 frames-per-second. Otherwise the article stresses the benefits of NVIDIA graphics cards and says to drink more Ovaltine. The release of Titanfall 2 is expected one month from today. Continue here to read the full story.

Security Hole Released

There's now a Security Hole on Steam, not a data breach, but rather a new puzzle game for Windows, Linux, and OS X. A new official trailer sets up the game's story. Word is: "In this challenging cyberpunk spatial puzzle game, you become a hacker whose mission is to save mankind by passing 3D virus blocks through the security holes." Here's more:

Security Hole is a challenging spatial puzzle with a cyberpunk story. You become a hacker who passes 3D virus blocks through security holes to save humanity. The game mechanics look like a workout tool for spatial thinking.

Continue here to read the full story.

Hired Ops Announced

Russian Developer AbsolutSoft announces details about Hired Ops, an online first-person shooter that will launch in early access by the end of this year. Their previous creation was the browser-based Contract Wars, and this is a standalone treatment of that concept. The Hired Ops website is online, and accepting signups for early access. This trailer offers a look, and here's part of the announcement:

Anyone can arrange a bit of a crapstorm just about anywhere on the planet, as long as there is enough money. The fine mechanism of supporting the world order keeps failing increasingly often. Huge corporations are spying on each other, shots are echoing through infospace, people are falling like dummies, something sinister is moving behind the scenes of the world geopolitics. States no longer confront each other openly. Instead, under cover of the diplomatic night, their tasks are being carried out by unknown, nameless mercenaries. The fragile world balance is being disturbed. TerraGroup, a large, multinational corporation, directed by unknown shadow leadership, conducts its business, intruding into private and public entities throughout the world.

Having hired a large private military company called United Security, TerraGroup has ensured protection and cover for all of its illegal activities. As a countermeasure, by secret decree, the Government of the Russian Federation creates a new PMC - BEAR - to investigate and prevent the illegal activities of TerraGroup worldwide. More companies and government agencies engage in the new wars without borders, set up private armies, as the balance of the world begins to crumble.

Continue here to read the full story.

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  • MAME version 0.178 is now available. Thanks Ant
  • On the great sea offers the final version of a Wind Waker HD mod for the Dolphin emulator, four years in the making…

Out of the Blue

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Tuesday, Sep 27, 2016

Destiny 2 PC Rumors

Kotaku reports a rumor that Destiny 2 will be coming to PCs, following the console exclusivity of the first installment in the shooter series. This started off with a post on NeoGAF saying this news was spied on laptops by a friend from Activision, and that High Moon and Vicarious Visions are involved. The rest of this comes from Kotaku, where they say this jibes with rumors they heard a few weeks ago about Bungie's plans. That article goes on to give more purported details about the unconfirmed project, and says it is coming towards the end of next year.

Heroes of the Storm Adds Zarya & New Map

A new patch is now live in Heroes of the Storm, updating Blizzard's MOBA to version 20.2.46690. This includes balance changes and bug fixes, adds the new Warhead Junction map, and introduces the newest hero, Overwatch's Zarya. There's also a Zarya Hero Week profile with a look at the new character and a hero spotlight video. Here's word: "Aleksandra Zaryanova is one of the world's strongest women, a decorated veteran in the war against the Siberian omnium, and walking devastation with a particle cannon. Boldly defying gravity in the gym and expertly manipulating it on the battlefield, Zarya, Defender of Russia, will lift your team to new heights as the newest Hero to join the Nexus!" Continue here to read the full story.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Tools Beta

Beta versions of the mapping and modding tools for Call of Duty: Black Ops III are now available in open beta (thanks DSOGaming). These will allow the creation of custom content for the futuristic shooter sequel, and also include a beta of their unranked server browser. Here's word:

In April, we began rolling out invitations to members of the PC modding community to participate in our Closed Alpha program. Months of testing, teamwork, iteration, updates, and refinements later, we’re pleased to announce that today marks the beginning of our Open Beta on PC!

Concluding our Alpha phase means that we’ve passed step one – there’s still work to be done, and with the start of the Open Beta we’re excited to begin the next phase of development…

Opening access to modding and mapping tools to a wider audience will allow us to more effectively address bugs, add polish, and move closer to a complete suite of PC features. While these tools are most certainly for the community, they wouldn’t be possible without the community itself, which is why we’re grateful for your patience and participation.

In the coming months, we plan to continue to work on enhancing the user experience and the ability to create modded content. The Open Beta will include an Unranked Server Browser that will allow users running mods to connect to each other’s custom game lobbies. The Unranked Dedicated Server files are still under development and their intended release is currently TBD. You can explore maps/mods created by the community in the Steam Workshop. There you can see some of the content developed during the Closed Alpha.

King's Quest - Chapter 4: Snow Place Like Home

Sierra announces the launch of King's Quest - Chapter 4: Snow Place Like Home for Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. This sets the stage for the upcoming concluding episode in the new King's Quest series. Here's a launch trailer, and here's word on the new installment:

Sierra™ has launched King’s Quest™ - Chapter 4: Snow Place Like Home, the penultimate installment in the new King’s Quest™ series, for the PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment systems, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows PC via Steam. This new page in the adventure finds King Graham coping with the sudden, unexplained return of his lost son, Alexander, 18 years after his kidnapping as a baby. While working together to solve the colossal challenges of the frigid Ice Palace, Graham must wrestle with the mystery of what happened to his child during all those years apart.

Developed by The Odd Gentlemen, the new King’s Quest is the highly celebrated reimagining of one of adventure gaming’s founding franchises, featuring the same classic spirit of wit and wonder that launched the series over 30 years ago. Join Graham and his curious granddaughter, Gwendolyn, on a journey back through a life of daring, danger and discovery, experiencing firsthand the greatest untold trials and triumphs of his legendary reign.

Continue here to read the full story.

Bethesda.net Mod Comment Moderation

Bethesda.net announces the addition of tools for mod authors to disable comments on their modifications and to delete specific comments should they so choose. They say this gives modders "greater ability to manage their content." Here's more on upcoming changes to how mods are presented:

We’re pleased to release several new tools for mod authors:

  • Disable comments on your mod, blocking further discussion.
  • Delete specific or all comments on your mods.

This should give modders greater ability to manage their content. We’ve improved the backend moderation tools as well, allowing us to better handle reported problems. Let us know what you think of these improvements. We’re also always interested in further suggestions to improve the Mods platform, and better empower modders.

Additionally, over the next few weeks we will be migrating some data related to Ratings and Followers. You may see rating numbers fluctuate a bit, but they should catch up. Ratings will now use a new, weighted average system for sorting by ‘Highest Rated’ – this has taken immediate effect with the ‘All Time’ filter. ‘Weekly’ and ‘Monthly’ will eventually update to the new ratings system, as well.

Office Freakout Released

Office Freakout is now available on Steam, offering a Windows simulation of the hurting you may or may not be dying to unleash on your workplace. This trailer shows off some of the anger mismanagement this involves, and here's a bit on the game:

Lay waste to anything in your path (including robot security guards) to build your “rage meter.” In rage mode, you will have access to a variety of weapons to amp up your destructive capability. Take the traditional method of smashing things with a baseball bat -- or for a more artistic approach, use the mythical Golden Poo!

Pick up, punch, and destroy everything in sight. The more you rage, the more you’ll increase your rank and unlock more tools of destruction. In need of a more effective flinging device? The Grabbity Gun gets the job done with ruthless precision. Surrounded by guards and need a quick boost of power? Drink a soda to trigger special perks! When 90% of the environment is destructible, the possibilities are endless.

Continue here to read the full story.

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Battlefield 1 Single-Player Details & Trailer

The Battlefield website has a new feature on "the single player of Battlefield 1" (thanks ASLayerAODsk) though the omitted hyphen probably doesn't really mean they expect the game to sell only one copy. Their look at the single-player aspect of the upcoming World War I shooter includes this trailer with a cinematic look at its arms and characters. This will include seeing through the eyes of several different characters and encountering historical figures. Here's a bit:

You’ll also get to know real-life historical figures playing Battlefield 1 single player. A romantic and somewhat controversial character, Lawrence of Arabia is a name many recognize. Right up there with The Red Baron, Lawrence is one of the most iconic World War 1 names and I hope players will find it fascinating to spend time with this character.

Facing off with a technically superior enemy, Lawrence is put in a true underdog situation in Battlefield 1. The Ottoman Empire has a giant armored train called The Canavar – or “beast” in Turkish – equipped with a huge artillery piece that can strike from miles away. The Empire’s devastating artillery engages rebel forces – who are wielding rifles from horseback.

In Battlefield 1, you play an Arab rebel that is depicted as Lawrence’s right hand. This character needs to use her resourceful playstyle to scout out enemy encampments, liberate the equipment needed, and draw the armored train out to a final confrontation. Play it loud, quiet, long-range, close-up, on your horse, or in an appropriate vehicle – it’s up to you.

Continue here to read the full story.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Teased?

An Instagram post from Michel Ancel offers a teaser image that's refueled ongoing speculation about possible plans for Beyond Good & Evil 2 (thanks VideoGamer). Nothing is concrete, but his caption helps fan the flames. He says, "lSomewhere in system 4 ... - Thanks #ubisoft for making this possible !" The original Beyond Good & Evil is an action/adventure released in late 2003, and there has been on-and-off talk about another installment since.

Hitman Episode 5 Released

Freedom Fighters, the fifth episode of Hitman is now available for Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Word is: "In HITMAN Episode 5: Colorado, Agent 47 will take on his toughest assignment yet; an intense infiltration mission on a farm compound that has been converted into a private militia training camp." This post has all the details and release notes for the patch. Here's word:

HITMAN: Episode 5 Colorado releases worldwide across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC on September 27th at 13:00 CEST / 4AM PDT.

Starting at 11am CEST on September 27th, the HITMAN servers will be down for maintenance as we prepare for releasing Episode 5. During the maintenance period, all players will receive a mandatory game update of around 5-7GB, depending on platform. In addition to that, all players with access to Episode 5 will be able to start downloading it as of 1pm CEST. We expect the total download size for both updates to be approximately 12-14GB.

Episode 5: Colorado Release Notes

  • New Destination: Colorado, USA.
  • New Story mission: Freedom Fighters
  • 6 new Opportunities for “Freedom Fighters"
  • 20 levels of Colorado Mastery, with the following unlocks:
    • 8 new Colorado 'Starting Locations'
    • 9 new Colorado 'Agency Pickup Locations'
    • 6 new weapon/gear unlocks
  • New suit for Colorado: Tactical Gear
  • 70+ Colorado-specific challenges
  • 7 new trophies/achievements
  • New 'The Sarajevo Six' Contract. Target 5: The Mercenary. (PlayStation 4 Exclusive)

Live Content for Colorado will include: New Escalation Contracts, Elusive Targets and New Featured Contracts (Contracts Mode)

Battles of Norghan Released

Battles of Norghan is now available on Steam, offering a sports management and strategy game for Windows. This is set in ancient times where you must recruit, train, and equip a roster of gladiators. This trailer offers a look at the game, which is 10% off for the next week. Here's a description:

Battles of Norghan is a unique gladiatorial management and strategy game where you not only must recruit, train, and equip fantasy gladiators, but also control them on a tactical grid in turn-based combat. This game has a lot of depth and replayability.

Imagine a football manager game with fantasy world creatures such as orcs, drakes and minotaurs and turn-based strategy battles instead of football matches.

Recruit mercenaries from 22 different fantasy races and classes and manage dozens of fighters as they battle in a variety of different terrains against easy to highly intelligent AI or other player-controlled clans.

Train and hone each fighter’s skill through monthly training as well as directly in combat. Build secondary skills such as dodging, shield blocking and dual wielding as well as attributes such as strength, intelligence, hit points, and magic points. There are 200 items and 42 spells available to equip your gladiators, including armors, bows, weapons, magical staves, and more! As each combatant grows with your clan they will age as well and eventually retire. Careful planning and management of your clan can ensure you never have an off season.

Clustertruck Rolls

Clustertruck is now available on Steam, offering a Windows and OS X physics-based platformer. This trailer shows off the fast trucking action this includes. Word is: "To remind you, Supertruck was a demo of the Superhot-inspired game mode within Clustertruck. The full game features many more game modes and abilities." Here's a rundown on the launch:

I want to take a moment and talk about some of the exciting features we'll have on launch

  • Replays allow you to see ghosts of players who have beaten levels faster than you. I found myself playing levels over and over again chasing ghosts of other players. While the truck simulation is different between you and the ghost, it's still amazing to see what others have been able to pull off.
  • Workshop Level Editor allows you to create, share, and play user levels. We've seen some fantastic -- and unintentional uses -- of the editor, and are excited to see what you come up with. The weird part for me is that you can pay great parkour levels that don't require trucks.
  • A full-on Single Player Campaign with tons of replayability -- you've seen the levels, and there's a lot of them. Aside from the replays feature that puts ghosts in for you to compete against, there are a ton of modifiers and abilities at your disposal.

We've already talked about Twitch Integration in a previous post, and there's a reason we're doing it. Because everything ends up at TwitchCon!

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I have been on a bad roll playing in competitive Overwatch lately, and my skill rating is in freefall. If any of you happen to run into me on a server, please consider throwing the game... I'm starting to get pretty damn salty!

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Science: New evidence of geysers erupting from Europa’s icy ocean.
Elon Musk has a lot to prove at today’s Mars colonization announcement.
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