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Sunday, Aug 01, 2021 Spider-Man Day - Happy Birthday MTV

Bungie & Ubisoft Sue Over Cheats

Bungie and Ubisoft have filed a lawsuit against five individuals alleged to be connected to Ring-1, creator and distributor of cheat software (thanks TorrentFreak via Kotaku). The Ring-1 Website sells cheats for games like Destiny 2, PUBG, and Rainbow Six Siege, and citing copyright and trademark infringement (among other things), the lawsuit seeks financial damages (among other things). The "prayer for relief" (legalese can be so entertaining) includes demands that the Ring-1 operation be shut down, the award of $300,000 in infringement damages, as well as statutory damages, compensatory damages, attorney's fees, exemplary and punitive damages, restitution, and "other and further relief as this Court may deem just and appropriate."  Here's the preliminary part of the suit's preliminary statement:
Bungie and Ubisoft are the owners, or owners of certain exclusive rights, and publishers of two of the most popular online multiplayer video games currently on the market: “Destiny 2” and “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege” (“R6S”) (collectively, the “Games”). Plaintiffs bring this lawsuit in order to put an immediate stop to the unlawful, for-profit sale and distribution of malicious software products designed to enable members of the public to gain unfair competitive advantages (i.e., to cheat) in the Games. Such products impair and destroy not only the game experience, but also Plaintiffs’ overall businesses and their reputation among their respective player communities

Apex Legends "Dashboarding" Bans

Apex Legends security guru Conor Ford tweets about a banwave in Apex Legends for "dashboarding" and exploiting lower-level lobbies in the battle royale shooter (thanks Eurogamer). Dashboarding involves players protecting their MMRs by force-quitting at the end of losing matches. Interestingly, a vast majority of these bans were PlayStation 4 players:
Banned 2,086 players early this morning for abuse of an RP loss forgiveness exploit (dashboarding) and abuse of a matchmaking exploit allowing high-rank players into Bronze lobby to farm. Breakdown is as follows:

PS4- 1,965
Switch- 15
Xbox- 62

Tribes of Midgard at 250K

This tweet celebrates the successful launch of Tribes of Midgard (thanks Reddit). Word is the survival action/RPG has already attracted over a quarter-million Vikings:
We are very excited to announce that Midgard has been protected by over 250,000 Vikings!

Thank you to our growing community for your continued support and for helping us achieve this amazing milestone.

Eric Baptizat Confirmed as Dead Space Remake Game Director

Eric Baptizat's LinkedIn Profile confirms speculation that the Assassin's Creed veteran's recent hiring by EA Motive is to work on the upcoming Dead Space remake (thanks VGC). Eric's current project descriptions succinctly spills the beans:
Game Director on Dead Space at Motive Studio

Steam Top 10

Wake the kids! Phone the neighbors! Valve's latest accounting of the bestselling titles for the previous week is now available. Is one game holding the top two spots in back-to-back weeks some sort of New World record?

  1. Pre-purchase New World.
  2. Pre-purchase New World.
  3. Save 10% on The Ascent.
  4. Tribes of Midgard.
  5. Orcs Must Die! 3.
  6. Valve Index VR Kit.
  7. Grand Theft Auto V.
  8. Save 88% on Battlefield 1.
  9. HITMAN 2 - Gold Edition.
  10. Mini Motorways.

Stadia Deals

Chrome Unboxed has details on new and cheaper ways to get your streaming game on via Google's Stadia service. Word is the price of the Stadia Premiere Edition with a Stadia controller and a Chromecast Ultra is permanently lowered by $20.00 to $79.99. This paves the way for a new Play and Watch with Google TV Package that also includes a Stadia controller. This will normally cost $118.99, but carries an introductory price of $99.99.

Out of the Blue

40 years ago today on August 1, 1981, video killed the radio star, and MTV was born. Working there was one of the best jobs one could ever have, second only to operating a gaming news website. I got to meet some amazing people, many of whom remain friends to this day. So here's to 40 years of MTV. And to, I don't know, almost 20 years of playing music videos? This combines with something else near and dear to my heart. Today is also apparently Spider-Man Day. Though this may technically be a mistake. I'm sure they're right about August being wrong. When I was a kid buying comics, the month of the current issues was always about four months in the future.

Commemorative Round-up
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Saturday, Jul 31, 2021

Halo Infinite Spoilers Warning

A couple of tweets from Joseph Staten on Twitter have a warning from 343 Industries' campaign project lead on Halo Infinite. He cautions that the tech preview build that's now in the hands of some of the public contains data from the main campaign in the upcoming first-person shooter. So be careful about the possibility that there may be previews and other information appearing that could end up spoiling the game for you:
Hey folks, heads up: we unintentionally included a small number of #HaloInfinite campaign files in the tech preview build. Unfortunately, these files contain spoilers.

Leaks like this are painful for the dev team and can ruin the campaign experience for everyone. So please, keep you eyes peeled for spoilers and don't spread them if you see them.

The Ascent Getting Steam Features on Gamepass

Apparently the Xbox Game Pass edition of The Ascent does not include the ray tracing and DLSS support found in the Steam edition of the just released first-person shooter (thanks Eurogamer). This tweet from Neon Giant is an example of a few where the developer responds to the situation. Word is this is being worked on. It may take a bit longer, as there is a different build process involved, so it's more than just switching storefronts:
We are working with our partners on adressing this as soon as we can! Build processes are different for the two versions, not just a storefront swap.

Op Ed

  • IGN - Former Blizzard Developer and ArenaNet, Undead Labs Founder: "We Need Unionization."
    "During my 25 years working alongside talented developers, I’ve heard hundreds of profoundly disturbing stories about their industry experiences. I’ve also seen this cycle repeat itself numerous times, across multiple companies throughout our industry. There has certainly been some positive change, and I do believe many developers and publishers — even large ones — are working in good faith to improve. But those efforts, while commendable, can’t address the chronic issues in our industry systemically. In order to do that, game industry employees need advocacy and representation.

    We need unionization."

Out of the Blue

There are a couple of trees overturned into the water of the pond behind our townhouse, including the one right next to us I mentioned recently. Oddly, is the snapping turtle that lives in the pond has shown a penchant for climbing onto the parts of these toppled trees that stick out of the water. He's out there right now on his favorite such perch as happy as a clam. We had snapping turtles in the lake near my summer camp, and none of them ever seemed interested in climbing out of the water like this. I guess some of us just enjoy a good sunbath.

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