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Sunday, Feb 19, 2017

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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080ti Confirmed?

DSOGaming has the image of European retail packaging for Halo Wars 2 that appears to be a confirmation of plans for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080ti graphics cards. NVIDIA usually offers a ti variant as a top-end card, but none has yet been announced for the 1080, in spite of rampant rumors. The box offers Ultra system requirements, and under GPU they list the AMD R9 Fury X and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080ti.

Steam Top 10

Valve offers the following list of the bestselling titles on Steam for last week:

  2. Grand Theft Auto V
  3. For Honor
  4. H1Z1: King of the Kill
  5. For Honor Deluxe Edition
  6. Sniper Elite 4
  7. Rise of the Tomb Raider
  9. Conan Exiles
  10. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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  • be quiet! Straight Power 10 600w Power Supply on Play3r.
  • Creative Sound BlasterX Kratos S3 2.1 Speaker System on Mad Shrimps.
  • CyberPowerPC GUA2400BST AMD VR Gaming PC on Techgage.
  • Sandberg PowerBank 18200 on Nikk Tech.
  • Scythe Mugen 5 CPU Cooler on Play3r.


Out of the Blue

I dropped our glass coffee carafe today, and it broke. There was nothing dramatic about it, as all the shards were contained in the empty sink. So cleanup was a breeze, and we've already secured a replacement. It's not much of a story, but at this point a feel strongly compelled to accurately report all coffee-making disasters in the BlueTower in a timely manner. I've cced my lawyer, so I think I'm covered.

R.I.P.: Clyde Stubblefield, James Brown's Funky Drummer, Dead at 73.

Broken Links: Thanks Ant and Acleacius.
Link: Bev Morgan Pioneer, Pirate Photographer Entrepreneur. Thanks The Flying Penguin.
Story: MillerCoors brings Zima back to U.S. market. Thanks Fargo.
Science: Scientists shocked by huge discovery deep in our solar system.
Media: Robot Chicken Couch Gag.
4 Female Students vs. 1 Rat.
Red Octopus Face Off with a Swimmer Crab. Thanks Hypothermia.
The Ancient Salt Pans of Peru.
The Funnies: Nintendo Switch « EXTRALIFE.

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Saturday, Feb 18, 2017

Blizzard Dropping Windows XP and Vista

Battle.net announces Blizzard will start dropping support for Windows XP and Windows Vista beginning later thins year. Here's the plan:

Starting later this year, we will begin the process of ending support for Windows XP and Windows Vista in World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Diablo III, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm. Microsoft ceased mainstream support for these versions of Windows in 2009 and 2012, respectively, but since a decent portion of our audience was still using them at the time, we continued supporting them. However, there have been three major Windows releases since Vista, and at this point, the vast majority of our audience has upgraded to one of the newer versions.

After these older operating systems are no longer supported, the games will not run on them, so we encourage any players who are still using one of the older OSes to upgrade to a newer version. We’ll be rolling out this change on a staggered schedule, and will post further notices as we get closer to making the change for each game.

MS Promises Windows Exclusive Games

DSOGaming transcribes a bit of this video interview where Phil Spencer tells us Microsoft's latest story about their commitment to PC gaming. Their recent emphasis is cross-play between Windows 10 and Xbox One, but he promises exclusive PC games in the future:

"I know a lot of people looked at our early PC launches and they said 'Hey, this does not feel like a PC game.' And we know today’s games will take two-three years to actually go build a good game. I look at Halo Wars 2, I think it’s a good PC game. But you know, let’s be honest; a genre that started on the PC as RTS, that we on Halo Wars 1 took it over to console, and now with Halo Wars 2 we’re shipping on both platforms. And people see that and they are like 'Is this a console RTS? Is this a PC RTS?.' And we are going to say yes. But I’ll say in the long run Windows is incredibly important to Microsoft, and gaming is one of the most vibrant activities that happens on the Windows platform, and the Xbox team now runs gaming for Microsoft. Gaming on PC is something that we are committed to, we’re going to have more things to talk about. We’re going to have games only released on the PC. We’re going to have games only released on console. And PC gaming is critically important to the company.”

Over 20 Million Terrarians

The Terraria forums announce that Terraria has sold more than 20 million copies since the 2D survival game launched in 2011 (thanks Eurogamer). Here's word:

We wanted to take a few moments today to share and celebrate a pretty big milestone with all of you: as of the end of 2016, Terraria has surpassed the 20,000,000 copies sold mark! Since it's launch in May 2011, our 2D sandbox adventure has come a long way - and we owe so much of that to the amazingly strong and loyal support of each member of our community. To say that we are ecstatic about how our little game has grown - in content, in quality, and in success - is putting it mildly!

We wanted to share a few fun facts about how Terraria has evolved over time below, but before we get to that, the entire team would like to say a massive THANK YOU to all of you for making all of this possible. It has been a pleasure to have all of you along on the journey thus far, and we are really looking forward to continuing down that path. Terraria is a game - and a franchise - that has so much life left in it, and we cannot wait to share those plans with you in the months and years to come.

We would also be remiss if we did not send a huge thanks to our fantastic partners at 505 Games - without whom Console and Mobile would never have happened!

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Out of the Blue

We've had a rapid shift in weather here that's a bit kooky. Right now it's 57ºF and there is snow everywhere. This is obviously not a sustainable situation, but while it lasts, it's odd to say the least. It's also a reminder that spring is coming, so that's cool, or, you know, warm.

R.I.P.: Norma McCorvey, ‘Roe’ in Roe v. Wade, Is Dead at 69.

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Earth Has a Hidden 8th Continent, Geologists Say.
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Don't Rear End Minivan Drivers in Dallas, TX.
This is what my lizard does when I wave to him.
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