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Pariah Multiplayer Demo

The promised Pariah multiplayer demo is now available right on schedule, offering a sample of Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Front Line Assault in Digital Extreme's upcoming first-person shooter. The 309 MB download is available on 3D Gamers, (Germany), Boomtown (registration required), Computer Games Romania, FileFront, FilePlanet (registration required), Filerush (torrent),, Gameguru Mania, Gamer's Hell, GameSpot DLX (registration required), Happy Puppy (registration required), and Worthplaying.

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83. Re: No subject Apr 19, 2005, 23:58 The Truth
I'm beginning to get fed up with shit on the PC simply NOT WORKING.

Thats funny, i was thinking the exact opposite today. Mainly i was sitting here doing some work in Flash, when it occured to me that i had 3 EQ2 accounts running (not all mine, dont ask), Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver, Firefox, IE (stoopid hotmail) and Asureus. All of that and my comp has been running for 6 days straight.

Now im not tryign to sound 'mightier than thou', but it honestly amazes me what the PC does nowadays. I dont even have SP2 installed, but ive got the latest drivers (last update was over a month ago) and it all runs extremly well.

I dunno, the experiance ive had with things not working on other peoples computers is generalyl it not being set up right.

Half Life 2? ran sweet, i only found out about the stutter bug after i had completed it and went back and started to read peoples comments on it, even then i still havent seen it.

I use an AMD-FX 52, GT6800GT OC, and everythign runs sweet. the only problem that springs to mind was a recent graphical error with EQ2 and that was only because of excess heat due to not cleaning the intake filter (You do filter the air goign into your case right? even excess heat will screw things up badly). Also scan and protect from spyware and ur good to go.

Im not saying your incompetent or anything like that, but what i am saying is that jumping to conclusions can be bad.

I will agree with you on lack of decent games (ie too many crappy ports), and i will agree with you on consoles having better multiplayer components. oh and if u want to see a good game return policy go check out stores in the UK, they mostly all allow returns within 15-30 days, no questions asked....

$1 tax for the national debt?
Diablo & Diablo 2 for the DS, it makes sense Blizzard!
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82. Re: Been gaming long? Apr 19, 2005, 01:57 Steel Rockhard
"Surely you are not wishing for the "good ole days"?"

Like the days when you had to mail your bad disks back to the publisher, and wait 8 to 10 weeks to play the game you just bought? Or the days when you had to 'wiggle' the cartrage on you Atari 2600 or Intellivision to get it to play a game? Or the days when you had to wait a half hour for a program to load off a tape so you could play a game on your Sinclair Spectrum? Man... good times! : )

I feel... so old. Gotta go change my colostomy bag... ; )

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81. Re: Been gaming long? Apr 18, 2005, 21:33 Prez
Posted too quick. Damn edit button

Anyway, I just wanted to know if you were around back in the day of himem, irq conflicts, sound configs , ms-dos etc. Surely you are not wishing for the "good ole days"?

Avatar 17185
Goodbye my Monte boy. May you rest in the peace you never knew in life.
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80. Been gaming long? Apr 18, 2005, 21:30 Prez

Avatar 17185
Goodbye my Monte boy. May you rest in the peace you never knew in life.
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79. Re: No subject Apr 18, 2005, 19:29 Creston
Posted too quick. Damn edit button.

While I don't think we're going to see the death of PC Gaming, since we've been promised that since the early 90s, I do think more and more and more people will simply shift to the consoles, and forget about the PC. If eventually 99% of PC games are going to play exactly the same as their console counterparts, but with more bugs, and more expensive hardware, and fucking shite drivers from your graphics card / sound card / physics card / dildo card company, why even bother?

I'm already firmly leaning to this being my last machine. I may think differently in a few years, but I'm seriously fed up with all the bullshit you have to go through to get a PC running nowadays.
(Obviously, had I not had a broken graphics card, my opinion would have been different).


Avatar 15604
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78. Re: No subject Apr 18, 2005, 19:24 Creston
I know of very few games for consoles that are successful and are singeplayer only (yes there's DMC, MGS, Fable, KOTOR, but they are an absolute minority).

*Cough cough* GTA3 + VC + SA, sold approx 8000000 billion copies *cough cough*

I'm beginning to get fed up with shit on the PC simply NOT WORKING. It's not just games anymore, nowadays you buy fucking hardware and it's BROKEN when you get home. Except it's not broken to the extent that it's 100% dead broken, it's broken so that it crashes randomly between 1 to 15 hours of playing. Have fun trying to figure that out. And then have fun getting it replaced. If your console doesn't work, go back to the store and get a new one.

Both Nvidia and ATI are raping their paying customers up the ass by releasing drivers that break more than they fix. Nvidia fanboys will harp and whine about how their drivers are rock solid, sorry, if they were rock solid they wouldn't have an "issues fixed" section. Nor would they really have to release any new ones.
Personally I would much rather both companies take 2-3 times as long to release a new driver, and then make sure that their new drivers work FLAWLESSLY with the top 25-50 most popular games of that time.

Almost every game that's released needs at LEAST one patch to make it playable / stop it from crashing. There are exceptions, but not many. How many people were unable to play Half Life 2 due to the stutter bug?
Now, I know that console games have bugs too, but it IS far less than on the PC, mostly because the developers know it's very hard to fix them (not everyone has internet connectivity on their consoles).

Also, there is just something inherently fun about having people over and playing a game in your living room on the TV, so that everyone can watch. GTA is great fun if you let people who stink at it play, because they do the wackiest shit in those cars.
Take a multiplayer game, pop in a few extra controllers, and you're all having a good time.

The PC will never be able to beat that, but it never really had to since it had its own strengths. But those strenghts are being RAPIDLY diluted by shitty ports, concurrently developed games and SHIT PLAIN FUCKING NOT WORKING.

And good luck trying to bring your PC game back to the store once you find out it doesn't work... (Actually, EBgames was very good at this.)


Avatar 15604
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77. Xbox single-player demo Apr 18, 2005, 18:36 Steel Rockhard
I just got the latest OXM and played the Pariah Xbox single-player demo. And I liked it.

The only two things that concern me are: only the "Easy" level was available, so the baddies just kinda stood there and let me shoot them. I got no idea what the A.I. will be like in the final game... cuz there didn't seem to be much, if any, in the demo. And the music was not so loveable.

Based on the Xbox demo, I'll rent Pariah and then see if it's worth buying for the PC... or Xbox. In other words: I'm willing to drop $7 on it, to give it another chance, but not $50, as of today.

I'm also willing to download a PC SP demo, at this point; but it needs to be better than the Xbox version to swing me into action with my debit card.

This comment was edited on Apr 18, 18:39.
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76. Re: No subject Apr 18, 2005, 16:07 Steel Rockhard
Now that I've figured out WECs I'm enjoying the demo even more. I also know now that I was one of the "WEC Stealers"... but didn't even know it!! I would run over bodies to pick up (what I thought was just) ammo, but, most likely grab a WEC in the process; without ever upgrading my weapons, and, thus, denying the WEC to a team mate who knew how to use it and could make or break the battle : (

The way I understand it, you can only collect WECs from foes with more frags than you. On the plus side, this means higher ranking players can upgrade their team quickly. *BUT* If the lower ranked players don't know how to use a WEC, it's wasted and can thus be "stolen" with no reward to the team -- or the guy who earned a WEC from a hard-fought kill. Know what I mean?

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75. Re: No subject Apr 18, 2005, 07:24 endemiceden
Vehicles run smoothly/break smoothly. If you can get to one in time before the rest of your team or have someone that can shoot while you drive around that is nice. If you can hit a person on foot without them shimmying away then you have some skills!

Having only two weapons at a time is a bummer. Add the fact that you have to wait for them to reload and get wec packs for them to be almost useful...well its a PITA!

With everything set to low I can't exactly tell if I am hitting what I am aiming at an inch or less away. If there are hitpoints or splash damage or blood getting spilled I don't see it. The best thing is blowing up people a mile in the sky or getting your plasma rifle to shock many at once but fumbling for weapons or hiding out to get a kill then have your wec pack taken which means no weapon upgrading...ARRRGHH!!!

People stealing your wec packs after you fragged someone is a PITA.

The RUNNING sound when you dash needs help. I think the blurry effect coupled with that sound has given me brain damage :). You spend 3/4 of the game trying to get your character to run to a vehicle or where the action is at.

They need to add dodge, run...

So you shoot a guy WTF is my WEC Pack????? is it on him? Hell no! on a building? in the water a mile away? and why do people keep stealing them and since I shot the guy a mile away on top of a building I guess it is strategy to get to the damn wec pack before your enemy or own team steals it:) Come on people give credit where it is due or let the entire team suck off of your kills like a vampire but damn that is SOOOOOOOOOOOO LAME PLEASE.

We are so incredibly spoiled with the weapons, moveability, speed and customization of UT99---etc that any other game seems to pale in comparison and seems antiquated.

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74. My 3 cents on the demo Apr 17, 2005, 18:41 Steel Rockhard

I'm still enjoying the assault mode after playing for a couple of days. I have not tried the other modes yet; I might give CTF a try, but I don't care much for Deathmatch games.

The game runs like silk, with the graphics cranked, on my machine. I have not encountered too much lag either -- which is refreshing.

I like the fact that while crouched, zoomed, and firing short bursts, you can actually get some pretty good accuracy, even with the assault rifle.

I like the sound effects -- all the weapons sound pretty meaty to me.

I like the fact that you have to reload. Combined with the aiming mentioned above, this adds some room for actual tactics in the gameplay, ala a "Spray and Pray" team might get some lucky hits, but a team that uses some fire discipline, manages their ammo well, and adopts some rudimentary fire and movement will win -- and win big; consistently, from what I've seen. I really like that. The "dash" ability adds another, minor tactical element.

I like the healing doodad. I think it's an interesting compromise between Halo-style shields and health packs, medics or healing stations. More tactics (e.g. "do I stop shooting for few seconds and heal or should I press the attack?")

I don't like the mouse-only vehicle steering but I've gotten used to it. And the vehicles feel a bit "light", IMO. I do like the fact that the driver can fire a co-axial weapon, but needs a gunner to take advantage of the turret-mounted rocket launchers and machinegun (alt fire). I like games that reward teamwork but don't really require it, much like the original UT's Assault mode.

I think the loadout screen could use some work as I wish I had a bit more control over my choice of weapons and could get some idea of what my team members are packing (ala the Battlefield games). I guess they went with "Quick and Easy", and don't really have a problem with that .

I have not found a way to spectate (is there a way?). Sometimes, I like to kick back, sip a cold one and smoke when teams are uneven or I just need a break (but I'm not ready to quit). The lack a Spectator mode kinda sucks, IMO.

This comment was edited on Apr 17, 18:42.
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73. Re: Consoles vs. PC Apr 17, 2005, 17:21 Prez
i'm sure the developer appreciates your constructive criticism!

Avatar 17185
Goodbye my Monte boy. May you rest in the peace you never knew in life.
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72. Re: Consoles vs. PC Apr 17, 2005, 04:38 Flo
Oh and btw: Pariah Multiplayer sucks!  
Supporter of the "Chewbacca Defense"
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71. No subject Apr 17, 2005, 01:37 ExcessDan
look like crap. tried to give it a chance but all of a sudden my character starts spinning around in circles and wont stop... then the game crashed... 2nd time that happened i just exited it and now im done

Mayor Dan
"Take me Jesus, take me Allah, rape me in my room
Torch our days in paranoia while we gorge ourselves on gloom"
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70. Re: Consoles vs. PC Apr 16, 2005, 18:08 Prez
I don't know about MMORPG's (I hate that frickin' acronym) because I don't play them, but I still prefer playing games on a PC over consoles. Games like Jak and Daxter (a 3D Platformer for those that don't know) were tailor-made for consoles. But just about every other genre (except maybe sports games) are way better on a PC imho. My son and I play Xbox, PS2, and Gamecube games together, but PC games always get the most play in our house. There are so many reasons why the PC experience is superior to the console, it's hard to just list one or two.

This comment was edited on Apr 16, 18:08.
Avatar 17185
Goodbye my Monte boy. May you rest in the peace you never knew in life.
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69. Consoles vs. PC Apr 16, 2005, 12:47 Flo
Well I was always the first to bash console gaming in general but my room mate and me, we decided to buy an Xbox just because we didn't want to build new PCs for gaming during terms. Well what can I say, it was a good decision, it's pure fun to play Rallisport Challenge 2 or Burnout 3 on splitscreen and with Splinter Cell 3 , SW Rep Commando and Ninja Gaiden we got some great Single Player games. I still want my HL2, Doom 3 and Eve online on the PC and I still love mouse aiming, but the Xbox is fun as well

This comment was edited on Apr 16, 12:47.
Supporter of the "Chewbacca Defense"
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68. Re: No subject Apr 16, 2005, 12:18 WebDemon
MMORPGs aside, with a PC the experience is always richer AND you can play online with the rest of the world for FREE. Xbox live anyone?

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67. No subject Apr 16, 2005, 09:37 Malakai
Consoles are party pieces. How many people do you know that have an xbox and have never let anyone other than themselves to play on it? I know of very few games for consoles that are successful and are singeplayer only (yes there's DMC, MGS, Fable, KOTOR, but they are an absolute minority).

PCs will always be the platform of choice for simulation games and i guess, niche games, purely because the PC has the power to be able to handle all the data required for the program. Jesus my dad still reminds me how he upgraded his old Apple Mac from 16k RAM to 48k RAM, that was about 10-15 years ago. in a few years we'll be saying to our kids/grandkids how we upgraded from 512mb RAM to 1GB ram and they'll probably be on 50GB of ram at that stage.

Also if you look at things, how many PC -> console ports have worked? Not many. IMO Halo/Halo2 were the only games that actually managed to pull off a FPS on a console. Mainly because of the controller, but even so. The reason why console -> pc doesnt usually work is because we require a standard of gameplay that consoles can't produce due to the limits of the hardware. Everyone seems to say "doom3 was crap", but imagine that on a console. How BAD would that be? The graphics would suck (which is the main selling point of the game) and im sure the controls would be so awkward and annoying that it jsut wouldn't be worth the money.

I'm rambling again, sorry.

This comment was edited on Apr 16, 09:41.
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66. Re: Major issue. Apr 16, 2005, 09:20 Yakumo
who said he was talking about games? we spend more overall.

pariah : woo </sarc> , consoletastic. nuff said.

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65. Re: Major issue. Apr 16, 2005, 08:05 Kobalt
And that's why PC gamers deserve more respect from developers of these rush jobs. We spend a lot more hard earned money and god dammit we deserve the best.

You got it ass backwards, pc gamers in fact spend hell of alot less on games, which is all anyone cares about.

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64. Not impressed Apr 16, 2005, 01:57 Midnight
Meh. It's not bad, but nothing to get excited about. Certainly not worth buying when there are already a good selection of FPSs available.
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