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Into the Black

Link of the Day: Vivid Snake Photos Come at a Cost. Thanks nin.

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5. Re: Into the Black Feb 23, 2013, 02:53 The Half Elf
When me and the ex first moved to Orlando (many moons ago) the first night in the apt we had everything unloaded out of the u-haul and I had setup my computer desk in the living/dining room (priorities ya know?) and he went to bed, and around 2am I see something long and black out of the corner of my eye and look over to see a snake slithering across the floor. Naturally I'm a loud person, but shouted 'JEFF GET YOUR FUCKING ASS OUT HERE NOOOOOOOOWWWW!' he comes storming out of the bedroom asking what the hell was wrong, and I replied 'THERE IS A FUCKING SNAKE IN THE LIVING ROOM!' So we are scrambling to try to find anything to get this thing out of the apt. Tearing through boxes to find something we came across a dayglow orange yard stick. He sorta scooped it up on the end of it and flung it outside the apt into the shrubs. Turns out the apt complex removed the rubber 'sweep' part at the bottom of the door but didn't replace it. We grabbed a blanket and shoved it in front of the door and piled every single box we could to barricade it closed.
I don't really mind 'critters' and what not, AS LONG AS THEY ARE NOT IN MY LIVING ENVIRONMENT!
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"I've never seen a feature like this before. It warms your ass. It's wonderful" -Walter Bishop
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4. Re: Into the Black Feb 23, 2013, 01:06 nin
Beautiful pictures, but GAH!

Pretty much exactly what I said to Blue in the email. They're extremely colorful animals, and some of the designs you see in their skin is amazing, but I don't want to be anywhere near one of them.

Lived in a house years ago that, for some weird reason, garter snakes seemed to always find their way into. At one point in the middle of the night, my cat hops on the bed, making the "row row - I killed this for you!" sound (tm). I flip on the lights, and she's dropped a snake on the foot of the bed. I woke THE FUCK UP in record time!

At least I didn't buy Evolve.
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3. Re: Into the Black Feb 23, 2013, 00:59 The Half Elf
1) you wouldn't get me in the same room with any snake unless there is some sort of barrier (preferably Mythbuster explosive glass barrier).

2) I sure as hell wouldn't be standing still if the damn thing bit me. I would be screaming like a cross between Rudy (5th Element) and a blonde cheer leader in a slasher movie while running around the room flailing my hands.

3)I would be request a orbital nuke of the facility to just make sure every damn last one of them was destroyed.

Beautiful pictures, but GAH!
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"I've never seen a feature like this before. It warms your ass. It's wonderful" -Walter Bishop
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2. Re: Into the Black Feb 22, 2013, 20:20 Cutter
Those shots are incredible!

And Chippewa Snake Boots are much more attractive.

Lenny: Homer, if I may compliment you.

Homer: Yes, go on.

Lenny: That is one handsome rattlesnake you got bitin your arm there.

Karl: Yeah it's quite fetching but aren't you worried about the deadliness?

Homer: Nah, he'll get tired of bitin in an hour or so. Snakes...nature's quitters

This comment was edited on Feb 22, 2013, 20:39.
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"We choose the right to be who we are. We know the difference between the reality of freedom and the illusion of freedom."
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1. Re: Into the Black Feb 22, 2013, 18:39 jdreyer
You know, if you're going to work with poisonous snakes, you really should invest in the right equipment. If that had been a cobra, he could have lost a limb or worse.

Still, the dude does know how to take gorgeous photos.
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"The worst of it all is i used to ENJOY getting excited for big titles like this, but these publishers just keep ruining my love for this wonderful hobby with their endless fuckery." - Sempai
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