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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
2. Re: Morning Metaverse Dec 18, 2014, 16:50 Scheherazade
I don't like how ISPs shake down people who are trying to communicate.

Roku pays its ISP to send and receive traffic to their location.

Folks using Roku pay thier ISPs to send and receive traffic to their locations.

Then people's ISPs come along and say:
"You already paid us for sending and receiving data to your location - but we won't let you use your already-paid-for bandwidth until the entity you're communicating with also pays us."

Imagine paying for a phone line, and you go to call your brother, but your phone company refuses to connect you until your brother agrees to pay a subscription fee to your telco.
Folks would be incensed... but if an ISP does it, somehow it's tolerable.


This comment was edited on Dec 18, 2014, 16:57.
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News Comments > Op Ed
48. Re: Op Ed Dec 12, 2014, 14:17 Scheherazade
But that doesn't mean its makers ought to be allowed to feel comfortable dismissing its critics in the most derisory fashion imaginable.



Who the hell is this guy, and why does he think he's in a position to "allow" anything to anyone?

Seriously, F this dude.

Goddam' parasite. Seriously, this is where the world's problems come from. D-bags that want to force themselves onto other people.

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News Comments > Morning Legal Briefs
5. Re: Morning Legal Briefs Dec 11, 2014, 19:52 Scheherazade
Isn't the MPAA a private organization?

Is there any actual _enforceability_ to their private opinion?

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News Comments > Evening Legal Briefs
3. Re: Evening Legal Briefs Dec 10, 2014, 04:22 Scheherazade
I'm thinking...

If the ruling stems on the concept that the screenings are not a part of the job - then the employees shouldn't participate in the screenings since they are not part of the job.

Then when they are fired for not participating in the screenings, they should sue for wrongful termination, and then in turn get the screenings recognized as being part of the job.

Then they can return to this issue and get it sorted out.

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News Comments > Titanfall Deluxe Edition Released
5. Re: Titanfall Deluxe Edition Released Nov 20, 2014, 00:37 Scheherazade
Scottish Martial Arts wrote on Nov 19, 2014, 21:33:
So what ended up being the consensus on this game? Was it any good?

NPC swarms killed the game. Everyone I know who tried it, that was their #1 complaint.

You start playing, you feel like you're doing well, then you realize that you're killing trash mobs. Then you realize that you've gone a long while and have yet to fight another player - until you have a giant robot showdown (which is over soon enough, and it's back to NPC fest).

Literally everyone IRL I talked to that played it, had the same reaction. Sourness over the low player density, and AI clutter.

And I'm not saying that the teams weren't full. They were full.

That said, it was a well produced game. Good quality visuals, positive controls.

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News Comments > etc.
8. Re: etc. Oct 31, 2014, 14:17 Scheherazade
Some chick dev slept with a dude reviewer ... (gee, how ever did they meet?)

Screams of impropriety ensue from dozens of uninvolved sources.

Feminists and anti-feminists latch on for lack of anything better to do.

Click bait ensues.


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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
9. Re: Morning Metaverse Oct 28, 2014, 00:15 Scheherazade
I'm bugged that this stuff is removed.

I'd much rather it be put behind a censor wall where you simply ack that "yes I am an adult old enough to see big boy pictures".

I really don't need other people deciding for me what I'm fit to see or not see.
If a pic poster wishes to express himself to me or any other willing communicator, I don't appreciate someone else deciding that we shouldn't communicate.

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News Comments > Evening Interviews
2. Re: Evening Interviews Oct 24, 2014, 23:55 Scheherazade
AFAIK the planet side stuff was initially to be more simple, a-la privateer, where you just transition from room to room and talk to fixers, etc.

The full-on FPS started off as a 'maybe we'll do this' feature that they worked on in the background on a trial basis, as a sort of enhanced planet side thing.

Not wanting to over commit, they didn't release much info about it, and the team working on it was jokingly referred to as [redacted]. Then the name stuck.

The actual company, as far as anyone knows, is IIRC 'illfonic'. But since it's never been officially verified ... well, you know how that goes.

In any case, that's my impression of what's been going on FPS wise. I could be full of shit, so don't take this as fact.

Actual info will be released at the upcoming PAX Australia.

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News Comments > Star Citizen @ $58M
8. Re: Star Citizen Passes $58M Oct 15, 2014, 21:07 Scheherazade
jdreyer wrote on Oct 15, 2014, 20:31:
It would be a fascinating social experiment to see how long RSI could stretch this out without actually delivering a final product. I would be interested to know how long something like this could be continued out on pure hype before all donations ceased. My feeling is that the incoming cash will probably slow in early 2015 and would stop altogether mid-2016.

I know the conspiracy types think this is actually the case.

Practically speaking, it's likely that most of the people interested are already invested. There's only so much more they will be willing to donate before they're maxxed out.

Granted, there's the aspect of throwing more money at something to get it done, so that the money you already threw at it to get this far doesn't go to waste.

They have ~280 employees. Assuming everyone makes $75k/year, that's only ~3 years worth of funding (less with overhead). So really, given expenses, that $58 million isn't that much money (it's just 'keeping up' with today).

Keeping the income flowing is a big deal. They need to pay for 2 more years minimum, and it will likely have to come from the people who have already donated. There's a real risk of running dry.

IMO, they need to get SQ42 out the door asap, and with enough quality that it garners enough praise to bring in some fresh blood into the donor pool.

And in general, they need to get AC turned into a more strategic MOBA-esque experience that will draw in competitive players, and build some competitive credibility - inspiring more folks to join in. (note* I'm referring to teamplay with synergistic unique roles for different craft - not just a point and click circle jerk).

Personally, I've been waiting for a proper "Wing Commander Privateer + Multiplayer" game ever since the original. This is as close to it as it's gonna get. I want this thing to succeed.

BobBob wrote on Oct 15, 2014, 21:00:
Is this game as fun to play as Freelancer?

It's not at that stage yet. It's very early, and very raw.
The goal is to supersede privateer/freelancer in every regard.

Right now, they are still building out the sanbox. What a player can do, at the moment, is simply enter an arena and duke it out in what is essentially a very simple PvP shoot-em-up.


This comment was edited on Oct 15, 2014, 21:15.
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News Comments > Evening Mobilization
7. Re: Evening Mobilization Sep 10, 2014, 17:10 Scheherazade
Redmask wrote on Sep 7, 2014, 10:46:
I would argue it is still a bad product when it has that sort of design fault, especially considering you're dealing with the public on a large scale with something an automobile.

That's not how car manufacturers weighed it though. They did internal costing estimates on replacing the switch versus just settling legal cases. That's some chilling shit and to me speaks even more to a bad product because it has a bad company behind it. Who knows what hasn't been discovered yet either?

It's not really chilling, when you consider that anything has a non zero probability of going wrong.

Imagine a faulty steering rack.
1 in 10000 million chance of crash would certainly seem unreasonable to recall everything, right?
1 in 10 chance of crash would be certainly worth recalling, right?

So where do you draw the line?
One way, is to do the math and literally figure out what is actionable.
Without calculating it, you leave taking action up to some person's whim/grimace.

Driving is a naturally life threatening activity. It's not a chill time to enjoy the radio and relax. People forget that.
Never assume that your car can't fail you, or that someone else's car can't fail, or that a person can't fail.
Personally, I think people take their safety for granted, and are too quick to blame a manufacturer for what is in physical reality, an statistical inevitability - given enough time. I.E. If you live long enough, you will eventually experience your car failing. Could be in 10 lifetimes, could be today.


This comment was edited on Sep 10, 2014, 17:15.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
28. Re: Out of the Blue Sep 9, 2014, 22:52 Scheherazade
If anyone is wondering what the whole hawking thing is about...

Here's the gist - going on my understanding.

Our universe has properties, known as 'universal constants'. Things you can call "magic numbers".
If these numbers were different, you would have entirely different subatomic particles, ergo different particles, different atoms, different behaviors of all things physical.

Subatomic particles are localized spikes in fields. When a field gets too strong, it ejects a particle, and the field strength falls down to a stable level. Similarly, subatomic particles 'die', and return their energy to their respective field. Matter is constantly appearing and disappearing out of proverbially nowhere - at scales too small for your eyes to detect, but measurable and calculable by experimentation and analysis of experimental data.

Should the universal constants ever change, matter as we know it would cease to exist, and something new would reform in its place. Particles would destabilize, reabsorb into their fields, and become re-ejected in a new alien form that corresponds to the new universal constants.

Why are they the universal constants what they are? That depends on background energy.

Empty space isn't empty. There is an energetic potential, in a number of different fields, present throughout the void.

Often we measure things in terms of differences in potential.
Your power socket has 110volts - peak to peak, between the the Vsupply and Return lines.
But, you don't know if the absolute value of each line is -1000 and -900, or 10000 and 10100.
You can only ever measure things in relative terms - in reference to something.

Universal constants depend on the absolute value of the fields - which you can't easily and directly measure.
You can slowly build up formulas that describe measurable relationships in physics, and then solve for missing items - including absolute energy levels.

There was already an estimate of the absolute energy level of space prior to the confirmation of the higgs boson. However, the higgs boson had a significance in that some formulas that were used to calculate background energy, relied on the unverified higgs boson energy level. After the confirmation of the higgs boson, the estimate of background energy became much more precise.

The new estimate peggs space as "metastable".

Unstable space immediately will perform quantum tunneling, its background energy level collapsing to a lower and more stable level, changing universal constants, and annihilating existence in that area.

Stable space will never quantum tunnel.

Metastable space has a probability of quantum tunneling to a lower energy level.
Meaning that, being in metastable space, our universe will at some point tunnel, and from a single point in space (where it happens), the previous universe will dissintegrate, with new matter reintegrating in its wake.

Essentially, a new big bang.

But we would never know, because the event horizon of such an event would be arriving at light speed. By the time we saw it, we wouldn't exist anymore to realize it.

Refer to the reg/yellow/green chart on this page :

Calculations also indicate that lower backgound energy implies lower probability of matter ejection from a given field.
That leads to a fun thought : At some point, there would be no new matter, after enough tunneling events - unless there is a stable space before that, which also contains matter. If there is not a stable space that has matter, and not knowing if the space after ours will be stable or have matter, there is always the possibility that our space has a non zero probability of being the last space ever (fun thought).

Hawking was basically saying that you could purposefully trigger a tunneling event if you really wanted to, using a collider larger than a planet - and joking that we don't have the political will to finance such a thing.

There are also interesting implications about the shape of space that stem from the sign of background energy. If it's negative, positive, or zero.


This comment was edited on Sep 9, 2014, 23:44.
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News Comments > Evening Mobilization
5. Re: Evening Mobilization Sep 6, 2014, 00:59 Scheherazade
Flatline wrote on Sep 5, 2014, 22:36:
Cutter wrote on Sep 5, 2014, 19:36:
GG may be useless outside of any practical application for law/science/medicine but it's hardly the worst product ever.

A rectal sandpaper dildo for example, would be up there for worst product ever.

How about a car whose ignition switch causes horrible accidents at high speeds? Something that kills you surely edges out google glass.

Technically, 'accidents' only happened when people hung _extremely_ heavy keychains on their keys (the kind that are a few pounds of crap), and then jerked on them in a way that turned the key to the off position.

Not really a typical situation. Extremely rare in absolute terms, albeit with millions of cars on the road, a very rare thing still amounts to a meaningful total.

Then again, all cars regularly have failures in any given system at any given time - since the probability of a failure or manufacturing defect is non zero for all parts. With millions sold, every manufacturer has a mountain of reports *in total*. Finding anomalies takes time. Even an excess of one failure does not necessitate an issue, since that excess could be followed by an unusually quiet period. Probability X does not mean that things happen at a regular [matching] rate X.

The legal arguments in that case amounted to :
A) The ignition switches provided were out of spec, hence using them was negligent.
B) All parts are out of spec, since nothing is 100% identical to a given spec. There is a margin of difference for all parts, and the determination for whether or not something is 'bad' depends on the statistical likelihood of a failure, which requires observable issues in order to take statistics on. Something that does not work at all will be immediately observed. Something that rarely does not work will take a larger dataset to make a determination, which in turn means taking more time (and to the lay person appears as a delay).

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News Comments > Morning Legal Briefs
25. Re: Morning Legal Briefs Sep 2, 2014, 14:09 Scheherazade
InBlack wrote on Sep 2, 2014, 09:55:
Holy fuck shit. Well what this kid did deserves every punishment, but are you fucking serious? So anyone can call the police, make shit up like and I quote "I just shot and killed 4 people and Im gonna kill any police to come in here" their first response is to send in a SWAT team with orders to shoot on sight????!!!

Gotta say the real story is serious police incompetence IMO. Maybe Bats will weigh in on this, but is that standard procedure? No one checks with the neighbours, no one tries looking through the windows? No police cordons outside? No one tries to PHONE the murdering madman 'allegedly' in the house????

Also that Patriot Act provision basically ignores any special rights that minors have before the law....scary fucking shit.

Police can't be bothered to act like normal people and just, you know, knock on the door, politely make contact with whoever answers, and then let the situation evolve from there.

There's a story every few months of police busting in and shooting on sight, only to find out that it wasn't even the right house. Basically, what did happen was about the best that could happen these days. Dude could be dead.


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News Comments > New Quake Live Ruleset Courts New Players
38. Re: New Quake Live Ruleset Courts New Players Aug 28, 2014, 19:22 Scheherazade
[delete, browser F'd up]  
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News Comments > New Quake Live Ruleset Courts New Players
37. Re: New Quake Live Ruleset Courts New Players Aug 28, 2014, 19:19 Scheherazade
KS wrote on Aug 28, 2014, 11:07:
They should have gotten rid of bunny hopping and just set the max speed to that.

It was a trick taking advantage of poor code that made some kind of angle running/jumping faster than straight line (IIRC). In any case, it should never have existed and is just a grotesque irritation with no real gameplay value aside from the speed.

Hup hup hup hup hup hup everwhar hup hup hup hup hup.

As someone who has worked on mods and has seen the code: nope.

The bunny hopping and rocket jumping IS coded in explicitly.

It is NOT a bug. It is explicit and intentional.

You may be thinking of the doom wall running bug.

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News Comments > Star Citizen at $50 Million; New Commercial
44. Re: Star Citizen at $50 Million; New Commercial Aug 16, 2014, 22:37 Scheherazade
crypto wrote on Aug 16, 2014, 22:02:
theyarecomingforyou wrote on Aug 16, 2014, 16:36:
Since releasing the trailer for the Constellation and ship racing at Gamescon the game has raised half a million dollars in a day, which pays for developing the game. The commercials more than pay for themselves and that's important for a game funded exclusively by crowdfunding.

Since no one answered my question I went and found out that this game is funded with pre-sales of game and in game items in the guise of pledges... call it crowd funding if you want but as far as I'm concerned crowd funding at this caliber would equal a f2p game because it is f2d. In fact, at this point, if they cared about their backers they would make it f2p to ensure the backers had lots of people to play with... but thats just me after a few glasses of wine

It's supposed to have a round-about F2P option once the PU (persistent universe) is out.

Players are supposed to be able to make a free [or hellishly cheap, e.g. $5] character that has no 'game package+ship', but can crew with other players that have a 'game package + ship'.
In this manner, that player can earn in-game money and eventually buy his own ship.

However, only players that purchase a 'game package + ship' will be able to play solo from day1.
A purchase of an 'addon ship package' by itself (no game package) will not grant independent playability.

But then again, why buy a game package when you can get a free character and buy an addon ship?
I have no idea how a free-ish non-ship non-game-package character + 'addon ship package' would work out in practice.
Maybe it would be like starcraft1 where you need to 'buddy' with someone at all times if you play for free - but that's just me guessing. I really don't know.

None of this free-ish stuff is set in stone or fully figured out. *Subject to change or clarification.

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News Comments > Evening Tech Bits
5. Re: Evening Tech Bits Aug 16, 2014, 02:03 Scheherazade
jdreyer wrote on Aug 15, 2014, 15:25:
I got Google Cardboard set up last night and tried a few things on it. Wanted to use it as an assessment to see if I could handle Oculus, or if VR was even worth the hype. I have to say, it's pretty cool. The demos that come with it are cool, but I think the best thing I did was watch DCS Oculus demos on youtube, like this F-15 vid. You really get the sense that you're a pilot in an cockpit. And despite the slower reaction and lower frame rate, I got no nausea at all, so I think I must be fine from that perspective.

I do hear that there isn't that much to play with on the OR right now though. Does anyone have one? And if so, what are you playing on it, besides the Elite D beta?

Funny you mention that, I actually use the rift [dk2] with DCS (and war thunder - albeit war thunder DK2 support is flaky due to no eye separation adjustment in that game, so you could have bad double vision in there like I do.).

The rift really shines with flight sims.
You are in a seated position IRL and in game, so it's about as good of a match as it gets - because everything else is different.

Your vision REALLY induces a sense of motion. A high yoyo with a roll over the top while watching a bogey down below will make my stomach turn. Visually you have a lot of dynamic motion, but IRL you're sitting still, and it messes with my senses.

I don't get sick sick ... but I get sick. I don't have to stop playing, but I want to stop playing. And it's a good hour+ after I stop before I'm "all there" again.

The [relative] completeness of the rift (fov wise) makes the induced motion feeling really strong. Stronger than sitting super close to a large projection (albeit not /much/ stronger. Large projection will also make my stomach turn in weird maneuvers).

With the rift, the cockpit will really 'pop' because of the 3d, which handily beats a large projection.

DCS has some head movement lag, and it is disruptive to move your head quickly. Careless quick looking around can make me break a sweat from the resulting sensory mismatch.
Head movement lag with a projector+trackIR is not a big deal (because you have a little bit of peripheral left to 'ground' you), so there's a strong comfort/player-endurance advantage to a large projection.

There are some technical aspects that really punish the rift in terms of clarity. And I mean PUNISH.

1) The lenses are simple. So the image on the LCD has to be warped to produce the proper post-lens output. Warping an image reduces its clarity. When you already have relatively low res stretched over a large FOV, losing more clarity sucks.
In the DCS video you linked, notice how nothing on the HUD is readable? That's not a youtube issue, it's really not readable in game.

2) Simple lens means chromatic aberration (light bends differently depending on the light frequency, so an image made of multiple colours 'separates' as it goes through a lens).
The rift takes care of this [again] in software. The image on the LCD has each colour channel (R/G/B) shifted separately of one another in such a manner that that after each channel goes thorough the lens, they will line up correctly at your eye. This is more image manipulation, and is rather calibration sensitive, and is more opportunity for clarity loss.

2.1) Check out this video :
See how clear that is? With a large projection, you get that kind of quality + no sickness, in exchange for a loss of 'pop' in the cockpit and a bit less sensation of motion.

3.0) The image does not take up all the space on the LCD screen. DK2 is not 1/2 1080p per eye, it's a subsection cropped out from 1/2 1080p per eye - even less resolution.

I would say that, as a net effect, the visual resolution compares to what I saw in Strike Commander or Falcon 3.0 back in the 90's.

In all honesty, even doubling the rez in each direction (4k) would still look fuzzy.

Personally, I'm torn on the rift. It's cool as heck with flight sims (most of what I play nowadays) and I can't stop smiling when I use it, but it makes me feel bad and the potato vision clarity is a real issue.

(note : I have a 20 foot wide 1080p projection that I can flight sim on, so I can compare. Also, this post was typed at the projector (was watching TV on the media center).)


This comment was edited on Aug 16, 2014, 02:11.
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News Comments > Evening Interviews
9. Re: Evening Crowdfunding Roundup Aug 8, 2014, 22:08 Scheherazade
Cutter wrote on Aug 8, 2014, 18:38:
Tom wrote on Aug 8, 2014, 18:34:
The people who didn't get paid always had the option to quit and find a job somewhere else. But hey, that would take some personal responsibility which is so uncool these days, so let's blame the guys at the top instead! Well good luck finding a job when Crytek is no more, after having badmouthed your company in public. That always goes over real well with prospective employers. Maybe they can become taxi drivers - by all accounts, the game industry sucks to work in anyway.

It's called the fucking social contract, asshole. Maybe Yerli and those dicks should sell their luxury cars and pay what they OWE people. How about that? The reason society doesn't collapse and run wild is because we mostly all agree on the way things are done like exchanging time and labour for money and/or goods. What do you do just rib and murder people to get by? Fucking clown.

Pretty much.

The employee is a labor seller. They sell labor to the employer, the employer buys the labor. The contract is an agreement stating that for X work, you will get Y payment.

Not paying someone for their work is a theft of their services.


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News Comments > Morning Mobilization
8. Re: Morning Mobilization Aug 8, 2014, 21:59 Scheherazade
" Did he never breakdown the profit margin from developing mobile

Mobile is a crap shoot. You can't tell what the profit margin will be, because you have no way of telling what the revenue will be, because mobile popularity is as predictable as the next meme.

"Even as a complete noob I would take one look at multi-platform development for mobile and say no freak'n way."

At least in Linux/MS/Mac PC, all you gotta do is write a wrapper for the parts of the OS API you use, and make the interface with a crossplatform library. You can use the same code all around for the game itself.
It's basically zero cost zero effort to be cross platform from day1 (much harder if you wanna add another platform to a mature product).

With the mobile crap, you have a different preferred programming language for each platform.
Would be way easier with native c++ on each system, just recompiled for each one.

(I do cross platform c++ software for a living - and I'm quite comfortable and fast in that realm. So I'll admit my bias. Actually, I use my android as an ARM Linux c++ development environment, since it's just about the easiest place to test ARM code cross compatibility.)


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News Comments > Morning Mobilization
4. Re: Morning Mobilization Jul 31, 2014, 18:45 Scheherazade
wtf_man wrote on Jul 31, 2014, 15:17:
I'm not sure why her or her sisters and mother are even famous, let alone who would want a barbie dress-up app of that cow.

At least Jenner was famous for being in the olympics. But WTF have the Kardashians ever accomplished?

The man had his girlfriend support him financially while he trained for the Olympics [and then dumped her].

He wouldn't have had time for the Olympics if his necessities weren't taken care of by another person.

Making money delivering motivational speeches using anecdotes of personal achievement seems, I donno, meh?

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the training was hard.

But personally, in his place, I wouldn't feel comfortable holding myself up as an example.

I don't know if he paid the girl back somehow, she definitely deserved a good chunk of credit.

(That is, if the tv biographies weren't making shit up.)

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