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News Comments > Dark Sector PC Cancelled
25. Re: *sigh* Dec 27, 2006, 23:38 .Drifter
Considering that the current 'Dark Sector' isn't the one I became interested in in the first place, I could care less if it's on PC or not.

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News Comments > SiN Episodes Q&A
52. Re: Episodic content already exsists... Dec 23, 2006, 01:30 .Drifter
But Mustaine is also full of shit on that. Every major retailer in the U.S. that I visited like Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, CompUSA, and Circuit City had the Sin Episode sitting on the shelf right next to the $50 games. It wasn't relegated into some hidden bin with other less expensive games. And, if anything that created a perception that the Sin Episode was a real, full-length game when it was not.

Perception. That's the key. People perceive things differently. Me, I go into a store and see a cheap game setting on a shelf beside a higher priced one and I think 'hmm, low price probably means low budget and shoddy gameplay,' which I think a lot of people think also, whether or not it's right or wrong. Just as many other people will see a cheap game by a more expensive one and think 'wow, if it's beside the expensive games it must be good.'
All in all, I just usually wait for expensive games to become cheap games and then buy them.

As for the sports game being episodic, I consider them seasonal not episodic. But, if you want to play the teams with the newest rosters, stats, and rankings you have to buy the new game. In that respect they are somewhat comparable to episodic games, in that I don't think I've ever seen a game company offer a roster/stat update to a year old game. So, for someone who just has to have the latest teams with their players the sport game is only a complete game until the next season of that sport. Then it's complete for last season, not this season, and it's time to buy this years complete game.
Personally, I don't give a leaping lizard about sports games. I don't own any, don't plan to. Sure, I'll play one with someone else but that's about as far as it goes.

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News Comments > Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade Patch
12. Re: No subject Dec 18, 2006, 00:13 .Drifter
The only map that has given me any real trouble is the Tau stronghold. Partly because of all the stealthed snipers, and partly because the minute the map loads you're being attacked.
So far I only have 2 complaints about the game, one of which the Tau base reminded me of.
1. The AI seems too partial to a Zerg rush on a lot of the maps.
2. Necrons. They really need to balance out and improve the rez ability. Some maps I'm fighting nonstop since they seem to rez almost as fast as they drop. Other maps, only their leader rezes.

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News Comments > Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade Patch
7. Re: No subject Dec 17, 2006, 01:38 .Drifter
No storyline at all because of the turn based concept. Boring.

Well, from that comment right there I doubt you ever finished Dark Crusade. No Story? Yeah, right. Each army has it's own story, which you pick up pieces of as you defeat each side. After defeating all sides you get the story cap that says how it all turns out for which ever side you played through as.
Personally, I've like Dark Crusade better than the others in the series. Maybe that's just because I played the game to skirmish mainly though.
Oh, and dirty brown and black against snow. Uh, Winter Assault, not summer, set on a war torn planet, so it's not all that suprising it's brown, black, and white.

Egh, the entire single-player game consists of generic skirmishes?
Well, not quite. While the goal of most of the missions is to destroy the enemies headquarters on that map, a few are different. One, you have to kill a certain number of enemies before the enemy kills a certain number of your units. In another you have to gather a certain number of bots before the enemy does. In one you have to wipe out the enemies army before he wipes out yours, and you cannot reinforce while he can. And finally, for each enemy stronghold there are several optional missions you can do which usually make destroying the enemy stronghold easier. But yes, it's basically you picking one skirmish map after another while fending off enemy counter attacks against your territories. Kind of like Risk, but with DoW units.
This comment was edited on Dec 17, 01:47.
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News Comments > Morning Mobilization
3. Re: No subject Dec 15, 2006, 01:56 .Drifter
I really liked the game, hated the ending though. Coming after FF7, it made me wonder if Square hated women or something.

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News Comments > Ritual Departures
9. Re: No subject Dec 5, 2006, 12:56 .Drifter
I do not want "dynamic leveling"

Uh, then why didn't you turn it off in SiN Ep. 1?

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News Comments > Prey Patch
15. Re: No subject Oct 11, 2006, 01:24 .Drifter
From what I've read so far, the service seems to have gone down Sept. 29th, 3DR didn't seem to know about it until a few days later, first response being around Oct. 6th. Per a post by OBWANDO from Triton a patch will be released for the Triton version to unlock it. The box version appears to be something 3DR and Take 2 are offering.

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News Comments > Triton Closes - Prey for a Solution
83. Re: Aha! Oct 9, 2006, 00:13 .Drifter
Yes, I read it, and yes, I saw where the drives were in storage. So, if they're in storage and the computer does not have one installed, none of the disks for that drive can be used on your computer. The same effect you would have with a CD-ROM that required, say, Starforce authentication and no CD/DVD ROM drive to use it with, so it could not be loaded and used on the computer. Which would be the same with a Steam game if Steam disappeared. You'd have a piece of software that required authentication, and no way to authenticate it.
Which I thought I was saying in my post. If the hardware is gone, the game cannot be authenticated. If Steam is gone, it's games cannot be authenticated. If not authenticated, they cannot be run, same for both Steam and a drive based game.

As for the comment about copying from 5.25 to 3.5 disks, what? I was commenting about the disk not working with the drive (wrong size and wouldn't fit) and I did not say the format was unusable. As long as you have the drive, you can use the disk, which is what I've said and agreed with. Although, with most CD/DVD software being copy protected nowadays I don't know of many that can be copied disc to disc directly as you could with floppy disks.
Oh, and if you lost the code wheel or the manual, you couldn't play the game. Authentication system gone, can't play. Same as if Steam were gone, can't authenticate can't play.

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News Comments > Triton Closes - Prey for a Solution
80. Re: Aha! Oct 8, 2006, 22:36 .Drifter
Even though it is a moot point, yes, I do have about a dozen 360K and 1.2MB floppy drives in storage

By this comment, am I to assume that you have the disks but not the drive? Meaning you couldn't play them?

But that is a specious argument because the disc-based copy-protection systems used in PC games up until now have been mostly if not completely compatible with newer hardware.

Didn't answer the question. I was talking in regards to a change in storage format, you did an end run around the question and responded by saying how it would work as long as the hardware was around and working.
Which, by the way, is just like how online authentication works as long as the service is supported.
Anyways, formats change, people stop making the hardware, and eventually you won't be able to use the software because the authentication system can't be used without the correct hardware. 5.25 disks going to 3.5 disk to CD-ROM to DVD-ROM. Just as a 5.25 disk could not work in a 3.5 drive, there's no guarantee that future drive formats will still support CD or DVD storage. It's all good and well to say that as long as the hardware works the game can be used, but eventually hardware breaks down, and it will be hard if not impossible to replace that hardware to use the software that REQUIRES that certain drive type to load. Just the same as if an online Steam service went out of business.

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News Comments > Triton Closes - Prey for a Solution
51. Re: Digital Distribution Oct 8, 2006, 17:41 .Drifter
I refuse to be for it at all until they lower the price since.

Gonna be a while before online prices are lower than store prices. Why? Instore sales are still greater than online downloads, at least for now. And if you undersell a store through online sales, they (store) will be less likely to stock your software instore which will really eat into total sales. So, until online sales outstrip store sales, no real chance of online prices dropping. Then again, when online sales outdo instore sales, and the online sellers know people will pay the same price as an instore sale, they will have no incentive to lower the price. meh.

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News Comments > Triton Closes - Prey for a Solution
47. Re: Aha! Oct 8, 2006, 17:21 .Drifter
Your point is moot. I have games from defunct companies like 3DO, Acclaim, and Interplay that are far less than 20 years old which would not run if they required online authentication or were limited to a few installations as are the games released via Steam, Trygames, and Direct2Drive.

How is the point moot? You never did answer if you still had a 5.25 inch floppy on your computer to play games from 20 years ago.
Ok, bring it up to more modern methods. Say they come out with a HD-DVD (or something similar) drive that is not backward compatible with current DVD or CD drives. Heck, lest say they move all future software to some other storage format, like ROM chips you plug into a slot reader. As most games coming out these days require some kind of CD security check before they run, having a drive or especially a memory card reader that cannot be used with the old CD games, and what do you have? A comparable issue to what you would have if a download company went out. A game you could not run (without cracking it) since the copy you have could not be validated. Which, I think, was the point that was trying to be made, if the format changes and you do not have the drive required to use that format, you still lose out on the chance to run the software.

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News Comments > Penny Arcade Game
57. Re: No subject Aug 25, 2006, 23:59 .Drifter
It makes sense because both Oprah and PA are hugely successful in their relative domains. They're successful because they appeal to the largely stupid and unwashed masses. The same masses who have a knee slapping laugh at every Family Guy gag, the same knuckle dragging masses who propelled Friends to the top of the Neilson ratings.

But hey you have nothing to worry about. The PA army is a fearsome juggernauht consisting of both rail thin 90lb men and 300lb obese disafected losers who put in over 80 hours/week in WoW. You can all take solace in knowing you'll never have to deal with icky girls.

I like PA, wasn't gonna respond to this thread until I read this. Now, I don't mind being called a part of the unwashed masses, but as for the rest, that annoyed me.

First off, I hate family guy with a passion. Can't stand the show, it has no humor what so ever. I've seen a few episodes on and off, and it's nothing but a bunch of stupid, unrelated skits connected by an idiotic story, if you want to call it a story. As for friends, I never could understand why anyone would want to watch a show about a bunch of half brain dead yuppyish friends. I never much cared for seinfeld either.
Anyways, call me unwashed all you want, but do not say I like family guy or friends. Now that's an insult.

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News Comments > Morning Legal Briefs
8. He he Aug 19, 2006, 02:44 .Drifter
I find it funny he's calling it a Columbine simulator, having never played the game or even seen it. I mean, if he had, he wouldn't be demanding and suing to see it now, would he?
So, wouldn't calling it a Columbine simulator actually be slandering the company, and an act of defamation, seeing as how he has never tried the game to make this Columbine simulator statement in a fact based sense?
And if there's a public nuisance law he's using in his attempt to get a hold of the game, why in the heck hasn't someone used this public nuisance law to sue Jackie boy?

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News Comments > The Cost of SiN
31. Re: No subject Aug 13, 2006, 03:58 .Drifter
That is false.

Actually, your post just proved it is true. Per your post, Valve collects the information, not 3rd parties. They might or might not, let 3rd parties access the information, but it is not the 3rd parties (such as Ritual) that collects the information.

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News Comments > The Cost of SiN
29. Re: No subject Aug 12, 2006, 22:13 .Drifter
per a Ritual employee:
the Steam subscriber agreement prohibits us from collecting information that can be tied to a specific Steam account

They can take the game stats, but not the account they came from, we know that much at least.

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News Comments > The Cost of SiN
27. Re: No subject Aug 12, 2006, 02:13 .Drifter
Second, why wouldn't they just automagically upload the time it took? They are idiots.

Oh, upload stats without the user being able to stop it? But, but, but...

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News Comments > The Cost of SiN
17. Re: Was Not Impressed Aug 11, 2006, 01:12 .Drifter
Well they had to lower the price to sell more copies because their game is not very good at all. I expected it to be better.

Gotta love comments like this.
First, several people gripe about how high priced the game was. Now that the price has been cut, like some people asked for, no thanks for the devs for listening, just slams about the price cut being due to a bad game. Ritual did say, at the start, they would gauge response to the first game, and episodic content in general, and use it to base price and content on that response. Which is more than I can say for Valve, at least.

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News Comments > WoW Class Crossovers
9. Re: A bit crap, really Jul 21, 2006, 23:12 .Drifter
What I've always wondered are why there are no human druids. Seeing as how human druids would only make sense. Seeing as how they made stonehinge and all.

This comment was edited on Jul 21, 23:12.
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News Comments > Prey-Loads
33. Re: Sham Jul 3, 2006, 19:35 .Drifter
Something else people seem to be overlooking is that even with digital distribution, in store sells are still a higher percentage of the overall sales. If a publisher were to sell cheaper online, stores would feel ripped off, and if they felt ripped off they would be less likely to sell the next game the publisher/developer put out due to the store price being undercut. Thus, overall sales would drop more than by making store price and online download price the same and having some customers complain.

A silly example would be the old rock group Roxette. Remember them? Several huge hits, main song from pretty woman, etc.
Well, they inked a deal with Burger King to sell almost their whole latest tape at a greatly reduced price, as opposed to full price instore. Stores became so mad they pulled it off shelves and refused to sell it. End result? Roxette is pretty much history. Now, that might not be the only contributing factor, but it's a pretty decent comparison.

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News Comments > Darkstar One Demo
40. Re: Same ol Jul 2, 2006, 00:43 .Drifter
Ah, Sentinel Worlds 1: Future Magic.
Man, I LOVED that game. They kind of did a rip off with the characters though. I mean seriously, the sigourney weaver clone, and the arnold clone, lol.
Anyways, I waited years for Sentinel Worlds 2 (and sequels) and never got them.
Only Hard Nova, which seemed to be in the same universe, but wasn't quite as good.
Anyways, didn't Karl Buiter's also make EOS? Loved that one too. Sad that he's no longer making space (added for clarity) games though.

This comment was edited on Jul 2, 00:50.
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