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News Comments > Fallout Legal Fallout
44. Re: Fallout Legal Fallout Sep 13, 2009, 19:46 .Drifter
Technically you could throw out leveling (in RPG's in general), maybe make it so that you acquired skills or perks throughout the game instead of levels. Say, you want to be a blacksmith, you find one and he/she, through quests, trains the blacksmithing skill to you. You then level it through usage.
Perks could be increased dexterity, strength, constitution, etc.
You go to a body builder, he trains you through quests and your maximum strength goes up. At that point, through physical activity (fighting, weight lifting, carrying heavy objects) your strength slowly builds over time until the actual level now matches the maximum potential level.
Go to a martial artist, he raises your dexterity cap and through hand to had combat and other similar activities you build the dexterity up to the new cap level.
This would be the same for other stats also. Now, as to the next part I'm not sure the best way to work it. Let someone raise the cap on all stats, then through work let them increase the stat to the new cap, which could be a bit overpowered, or instead let someone raise all the stats but require they keep working to retain the level.
Example being strength, you weight lift, carry loads for people, and fight to get strength to level to it's maximum cap from the starting one. Then you switch to dexterity and neglect strength building activities so your strength slowly falls back to the base level. That would be a pretty good semi-simulation of real life, ie. you don't work out, you don't stay strong.
The other option would to only let a person raise the cap on a limited number of stats, but retain the stat at that new cap when it was reached without requiring working that stat out to keep it there. Less work, less chance of being overpowered.
Those are my thoughts, after pondering a bit, on a way to replace leveling and still retaining a feeling of character advancement without entirely locking you into the initial stat choices you would take at character creation.
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News Comments > Fallout Legal Fallout
37. Re: Fallout Legal Fallout Sep 13, 2009, 02:19 .Drifter
I think you're mistaking stats for leveling.
No, I'm not, I just explained myself badly, so I'll try again. Your reply actually helped me sort my thoughts a bit better.
What I was saying, to use your stat and role example, is that by either giving a player a fixed set of stats, or a pool of stats to allocate at the beginning of the game, you end up with a static character. As it is now, you usually get a few stat points to allocate, and as you level you get more. The process of leveling and trying different things can, in a way, aid you in determining which stats are more beneficial to you as you try skills and abilities out in different situations. This is especially true for newer or not so good players, not so true (or not true at all) for more advanced ones. Give a newer player, or a not so good one, all the stat points at once to dole out and they quite likely will end up with a bad character that they have to use their own skills to play. As most RPG I have played on computers, or even consoles, rely heavily on combat, this reliance on a players personal skills would turn toward their combat skills rather than creative ones. Yes, there are exceptions, but even KOTOR relied pretty heavily on beating up/killing the bad guy instead of convincing him/her to turn good (Fallout and Planescape being notable exceptions). So to compensate for stats that you can't change or modify, you either fall back on personal skill or reroll and try again. Hopefully that makes more sense this time, lol.

Leveling shouldn't be your only incentive to continue playing.
Never said it was, just said it was a driving force. That's why I said I was a guy enjoying the story and gameplay and put improving my character (getting levels) as the last part.
While I agree that stats should be important, I don't feel that locking someone into only those stat choices at character creation is good. You should have some leeway to improve. In real life for example, if you choose to be a baker that doesn't also mean you can't become a race car driver too. You just have to put time and effort into learning the skills. So while I do agree that a game allowing you to be a master of everything is too much, locking someone into being the master of one thing is very restrictive to playing the game. Even roleplaying the game.

As for the third point you make, I agree. Choices in a game should mean something and should give a sense of growth, and in many games they do. However, there are only so many choices and situations that can be put into a computer RPG. The developers can think of many story variances, but in the end they have a fixed story to tell. They won't be there to come up with on the fly changes or alterations to that story like would be possible in a pen and paper RPG. If you kill someone, they might think of the revenge angle but could forget the possibility someone could die down the line since the person who would otherwise have saved them was killed by you. Leveling is a fall back crutch, come up with story growth as much as you are able to (either through skill or time constraints) and fall back on growth by leveling to augment the growth through story. Old school RPG's I could see throwing out leveling and have many of them still work, but few of the modern ones would work without it in the state they are in. Maybe with modifications, but not otherwise.
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News Comments > Fallout Legal Fallout
32. Re: Fallout Legal Fallout Sep 13, 2009, 00:36 .Drifter
Not necessarily. Just give the player a set amount of character points to divide amongst skills and attributes at the start of the game. Even if you remove leveling, the player is still forced to role-play.

There's a difference between playing a character and role-playing a character.
Me, when I play any of the Fallout games, I'm not sitting there thinking of myself as a vault dweller out to survive in the real world.
I'm just someone sitting in a chair, playing a computer game, enjoying the story and gameplay, and working on improving my character.
And that, right there, is why leveling up exists. To give you a means of improving your character. It has nothing to do with role-playing.
Sure, you could get rid of leveling and throw it back on the player improving their playing skills much like a player of, say, Quake would improve by playing and not leveling. That could work, but in the end depending on what the game offered you'd just end up with a shooter/racer/simulation/etc. with a story (unless you had an exceptional developer who could make it a bit more, but honestly how many of those exist any more?).
If you remove leveling, and make the game about improving your playing skills and equipment, you've just substituted equipment for leveling. Although admittedly, you do get better equipment as you play most games as it is, so it wouldn't be that big of a change there. But leveling, and gaining skills and abilities, is a driving force in continuing to play since it gives you a reward, which gives incentive to play more.
Leveling also is pretty helpful to more casual/less hardcore players, at least that's my thinking on the matter. If your reflexes aren't quite good enough in one part of the game, just level and improve some stats to make up for your reflexes. If you can't aim that well, level up and improve a stat that compensates for your aim. If you can't seem to find an item that would help get past a certain quest, level up and get a skill that compensates. Remove leveling, and you remove that compensation from the game and you would lose some of the potential players.
Leveling, for me, gives me a sense that my character is growing and becoming more powerful with experience. If that were removed from the game, I'd be fine with it as long as there was something put in to still give that sense of character growth in the game world beyond whatever I have to come up with myself in my head.
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News Comments > Fallout Legal Fallout
10. Re: Fallout Legal Fallout Sep 12, 2009, 16:28 .Drifter
The ironing is delicious.

The ironing is delicious? What are you ironing, a grilled cheese sandwich?
Sorry, I know what you meant, just saw a good opportunity for a joke.
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News Comments > Champions Online Patch Notes
2. Re: Champions Online Patch Notes Sep 12, 2009, 14:48 .Drifter
Sorry dude, but that joke is dead.
Very Dead.
It's gone beyond beating a dead horse.
It's like beating the ground it rotted on and disintegrated into, where the pretty flowers now grow from the fertilization the carcass created.
That joke isn't even worth a "heh."
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
5. Re: Evening Consolidation Sep 12, 2009, 02:13 .Drifter
From what I read somewhere, Love signed off on both his song and likeness in the game, then tried to drag her feet on approving the 3d model of him in an effort to get Activision to not include it.
If anything, I would think that her actions would be more in breach of contract than anything Activision did.
At least, based on what I've read so far.
And anyways, I'm pretty sure Cobain sang other singers/musicians songs while was alive.
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News Comments > Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited Live
32. Re: Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron U Sep 9, 2009, 21:11 .Drifter
Nice that you remember there was an issue with an expansion pack, but pretty sad you can't remember what it was for.
Makes me wonder if you just read about it or something, rather than actually experiencing the situation, so you are having a knee jerk reaction to something read.
It was Asheron's Call 2 that this occurred with, so everyone can know. The game was fading, so they released an expansion with a new race and new content, it didn't sell well enough, so within a few months of release (2 or 3) of the expansion they canceled the game.
And did not offer a refund for the expansion.
So yeah, while it was a screwing over of their customers at the time, you seem pretty incensed for someone who it didn't happen, or it doesn't seem to have happened to by your post. If it did, then I apologize.
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News Comments > MechWarrior Legal Conflict
32. Re: MechWarrior Legal Conflict Sep 4, 2009, 19:18 .Drifter
If Harmony Gold only has US rights to the "unseen" mechs, then Piranha Games should go to Japan, negotiate the rights to outside US distribution, then let a company such as GoGamer import and sell the games like they do so many others from Europe/UK.
Wouldn't that meet the criteria for being allowed to use them, since there would be no official US sales channel, only an import one?
As I understand it, that's how certain games that go unpublished in other countries (Germany or Australia for example) are still purchased by residents of these countries.
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News Comments > Red Faction: Guerrilla PC Added Content
5. Re: Red Faction: Guerrilla PC Added Content Sep 2, 2009, 23:25 .Drifter
Not gonna touch it, after Volitions handling of Saints Row 2, even if it is being being done by another company for them.  
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News Comments > Champions Online Changes
13. Re: Champions Online Changes Sep 2, 2009, 19:45 .Drifter
They dropped defensive abilities down a bit, but to be honest I hardly noticed.
It's one thing to be super, but when you can take on 8 even con basic mobs and 2 super villains, well, I can see that being a bit much. This on a blaster type character, not a tank.
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News Comments > Champions Online Changes
7. Re: Champions Online Changes Sep 2, 2009, 15:39 .Drifter
I was taking a drink when I read Cocktapus, but I nearly spit it out when I read Darth Gokuverine. That comic is so, so true.  
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News Comments > Batman PhysX Trailer
2. Re: Batman PhysX Trailer Sep 2, 2009, 03:45 .Drifter
About the only bad things I've heard about the game are that the last fight isn't the best, and that the game ends.  
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News Comments > Fallen Earth Beta Sign-ups
9. Re: Fallen Earth Beta Sign-ups Aug 17, 2009, 00:50 .Drifter
It's kind of like someone took a little bit of Fallout and Mad Max, and a smidgen of FPS such as Quake, threw it in a blender, then took what floated to the top and turned it into a MMORPG.  
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News Comments > Spore Patch
5. Re: Spore Patch Jul 23, 2009, 17:02 .Drifter
I wonder if this is the patch that fixes the game for people who had it screwed up with patch 4?  
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News Comments > Lots of Jumpgate Beta Testers
4. Re: Lots of Jumpgate Beta Testers Jul 22, 2009, 01:23 .Drifter
I signed up for the beta in, oh, June 2007. Then in July 2008 I get an email stating they had joined up with Codemasters and I would have to sign up again for the beta at the new, updated and improved website. I did so. Then a few months ago I got ANOTHER email saying, yet again, I would have to sign up for the beta. Again.
I didn't, because at this point I no longer believe the beta exists, and no longer care to be in it.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
2. Re: Morning Consolidation Jul 16, 2009, 12:10 .Drifter
He uses movies as a comparison, with the one type of projector thing.
Well, I thought there were multiple projectors. I mean, there are regular movie theater projectors, the DLP projectors, and then the ones needed for 3D movies (while they might be one of the other types, as far as I know you need 2 of them for 3D to work) so right there are 3 projector set ups.
And movies themselves, well, they sure aren't released in one format.
First, theatrical release.
Then DVD/BluRay/Digital download release.
Then PPV/Cable released.
Movies released on multiple platforms, wow.
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News Comments > Champions Online Specs
7. Re: Champions Online Specs Jul 8, 2009, 01:42 .Drifter
I don't know that I agree with these specs.
I have a 2.4GHz Dual Core, 4GB RAM, and an 8800 GT with 512MB RAM, and unless I turn off all the pretties and lower the resolution the game chugs like an alcoholic at a beer convention.
And even with everything turned down it still chugs a bit.
In addition, it doesn't seem to handle wide screen resolutions well either. Going from 1280x1024 to 1680x1050 cuts the frame rate nearly in half. This seems to be pretty consistent across all the standard and wide screen resolutions I've tried. No other game I play has that large of an FPS drop.
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News Comments > The First Big Daddy
11. Re: The First Big Daddy Jun 25, 2009, 20:57 .Drifter
My big beef with it is it's perpetuating the Hollywood myth that the "prototype" is the far best version of something ever made, superior to any production model. The fact that they realized he'd need to look a bit cobbled together says they're aware of what it really means to be a prototype, but the fact that he is more powerful than the others AND uses plasmids AND has free will belies that.

To say that a prototype can't be better than a production model isn't really true either. Just look at how many concept cars are made as a prototype to a production model, and when you finally get to the production model you find that many if not most of the things that made the concept car interesting are now missing.
In this case, they could have come up with the idea that the prototype Big Daddy should have all there nice abilities (remember, they were whack jobs that tried to make themselves be all that they could be), but when they actually had the thing up and running found that having all the extras in it made the Big Daddy just too dangerous. They then proceeded to tone it down to the point it's powerful enough to get the job done without being overly powerful.
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News Comments > Mortal Kombat Film Lawsuit
5. Re: Mortal Kombat Film Lawsuit Jun 25, 2009, 20:45 .Drifter
The dude worked on two movies, one a moderate hit the other a flop, both based on mythology created by the game designers, and now that both movies are pretty much forgotten but games are still being made, he claims to be the reason for the success?
If he actually WINS this case, then I'll have to create a fan made story about Star Wars that is better than the actual story line of the last three movies (shouldn't be that hard to do) and then claim I own the rights to Star Wars because I fleshed out the mythology and helped make it a multimedia success!
Wait a second though, couldn't any of the authors of any Star Wars novels claim the same thing though? Especially Timothy Zahn? Lucas better watch out . . .
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News Comments > Why No Ghostbusters PC MP
33. Re: Why No Ghostbusters PC MP Jun 18, 2009, 16:00 .Drifter
Bought it on steam, burning it as I type for my xbox

I actually made a joking response in the Steam forums to someone who stated they didn't want the PC game because of the missing multiplayer, but would be pirating it anyways.
They banned me for "Advocating Piracy."
Steam forum mods can go screw themselves.

Steam forums, where they ban you as a pirate for teasing one.
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