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News Comments > Mass Effect 3 Community Demonstration
12. Re: Mass Effect 3 Community Demonstration Apr 24, 2012, 23:59 PropheT
I hate the ending of the game, a lot, but I really think it's Bioware's move at this point. This kind of "don't forget we're still mad" thing is just kind of awkward.  
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News Comments > Diablo III Witch Doctor Trailer
23. Re: Diablo III Witch Doctor Trailer Apr 24, 2012, 16:08 PropheT
PHJF wrote on Apr 24, 2012, 15:40:
Easier said than done. Crowd control comes at the expense of damage dealt, and damage not being dealt is time being wasted.

Hit and run has always been a tactic in Diablo, though. You're doing more damage if you can use crowd control to stand and deliver than you are if you're forced to run and shoot.
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News Comments > Morning Mobilization
1. Re: Morning Mobilization Apr 23, 2012, 12:29 PropheT
The addition of a headache, anyway. Users who think it's a laptop replacement, who install apps from the store that they expect to be supported when 90% don't even work worth a shit, who lose them because they're easy to carry around, and who don't realize that it basically doesn't support multiple users on the same device.

If your organization is thinking of using them, don't. Even when some things seem like they'd be fine, the way people are using them and then expecting support on them makes them an IT nightmare.
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News Comments > Diablo III Open Beta Weekend
106. Re: Diablo III Open Beta Weekend Apr 21, 2012, 00:59 PropheT
Creston wrote on Apr 20, 2012, 22:53:
I hope that at least my progress for the download has been saved. Dbl click the installer again. Nope. Not only has my progress not been saved, but right now it's UPDATING THE DAMN SETUP FILES AGAIN.

There seems to be a problem with that, because it's a well-known enough issue for a player-made fix to be out for it.

That worked for me, but after doing the steps listed there you have to go into the agent folder (something like Agent.868) and run the agent.exe file there. Let it complete, then re-run the beta launcher and it should get past the updating setup files.

I was able to get into the game, but it ran like shit after I did so I just kind of gave up. I don't want my first impression of gameplay for a game I've waited this long for to be struggling to get it to even work.
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News Comments > Morning Legal Briefs
10. Re: Morning Legal Briefs Apr 20, 2012, 17:16 PropheT
necrosis wrote on Apr 20, 2012, 14:15:
You bought a TV that does not support HDCP? Well that's your own fault.

Seriously. Upgrade or shutup.

If, you know, you read the article it says that some people who have sets that do support it are having problems as well.

Anyway, I'm about as anti-piracy as anyone I know of on the internet but for this kind of stuff I don't see any reason why HBO's customers shouldn't just use piracy sites to get the shows they're paying for at this point. It's already bad enough that they only make their stuff available through HBO-Go online, and then still make it inaccessible to half the people who are paying for the channel. There's a number of shows I'd happily pay for, if they'd just f'ing let me, but the only way to get them if I miss the air date is to pirate the damn things.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
4. Re: Morning Consolidation Apr 19, 2012, 13:27 PropheT
I understand points, I guess. I understand that they like to screw you by forcing you to buy more than you'd need for any given purchase in an attempt to get you to come back and spend more later, recreating and extending the problem each time you use the service.

It's smart on their part, maybe, but I can't see how any end user with any brains in their head at all would prefer it over real money transactions.
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News Comments > Saints Row: The Third Lifts THQ
8. Re: Saints Row: The Third Lifts THQ Apr 19, 2012, 13:23 PropheT
nin wrote on Apr 19, 2012, 09:27:
It seemed like a lot of places had it on sale at $40 or under, from time to time. GMG sale certainly raked in numbers (like $30, before it launched?), I'm sure...

I got it from Amazon prior to launch for something like $30 as well; there just wasn't any reason not to go for it at that price for a new game.

Besides, it turned out to be one of my favorite games from last year. It's still fun to go back and just blow some things up for an hour or so...I didn't think the DLC was terrible (the story ones, not the ridiculous costume packs), but none of it is worth the full price of admission that it comes with.
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News Comments > Op Ed
8. Re: The risk of failure IS greater than you think. Apr 19, 2012, 00:26 PropheT
IMAPC wrote on Apr 18, 2012, 23:34:
Wow that gem of yours deserves to be in the annals of stupidity for this forum.

Genius, the meaning of risk to which the author of that article is referring is the chance or probability of failure for a Kickstarter project. And, he's absolutely right. The risk that the backers' money will not result in a game much less the one that was promised or one that is worth playing is a lot greater than most backers realize for the many reasons given in the article.

I'm pretty sure what Sepharo was saying was "duh", basically. Everyone of any intelligence whatsoever knows exactly what he's saying in the Captain Obvious article.

You might want to hold off the insults next time when you're basically arguing with him saying "No shit, Sherlock" to exactly what you wrote after the jab.
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News Comments > Evening Mobilization
3. Re: Evening Mobilization Apr 13, 2012, 23:56 PropheT
Clicked to read the comments here and was pleased to see that Creston had pretty much covered my thoughts on this already.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Legend of Grimrock
48. Re: Ships Ahoy - Legend of Grimrock Apr 11, 2012, 22:59 PropheT
This game is awesome.

Played it for half an hour and brought back so many memories of playing Wizardry in high school that I bought a copy for my friend, too

The big game companies don't make 'em like this anymore, but this game kind of shows that maybe they should.
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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
1. Re: Morning Metaverse Apr 11, 2012, 11:14 PropheT
They are actually right... there are ISP's that do the same thing. There was a bit of an uproar when mine was doing it last spring, and I never heard that they stopped.  
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News Comments > Bulletstorm Sequel Cancelled; PC Piracy Mentioned
91. Re: Bulletstorm Sequel Cancelled; PC Piracy Mentioned Apr 10, 2012, 15:41 PropheT
Jerykk wrote on Apr 10, 2012, 15:21:
I disagree. If something is free, people will take it. Doesn't really matter how much they want it. Take swag, for example. Do you think people would pay even $1 for 99% of the crap that gets handed out at conventions? Likely not. That doesn't stop them from gladly taking that stuff for free.

Except you get that stuff just for showing up, where with piracy you have to actively go and look for it. It's not like you get a pop up telling you, hey, free game, and then you're just handed it.

And those games you bought I would assume you wanted, at some level, and didn't just say "Wow! It's only a dollar!" and then just buy it because it was a dollar and not because it was a game you may play at some point down the line since you could buy it for only a dollar. Right?

Those Steam sales are a good example of why piracy is so fucking idiotic. You could get Bulletstorm for $5, or even less, as long as you waited a little while for it, just like practically any other game out there anymore. That's not exactly a steep price to pay for something even if you only have a passing interest in ever playing it. You can't even buy lunch for that anymore. Hell, it costs more than that to drive to the store and back to pick something up...and all you have to do is not grab it near its release date, something that shouldn't be all that difficult for a game that people were supposedly not interested in anyway.
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News Comments > ME3 Ending Fix Coming in Free Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut
145. Re: ME3 Ending Fix Coming in Free Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut Apr 5, 2012, 19:41 PropheT
Yifes wrote on Apr 5, 2012, 19:11:
Well, actually no, because the end sequence with TIM changes depending on your interaction with him throughout the game.

The Normandy sequence, in my interpretation, is the most of the crew survived, since the ship is intact. The fact that any of your romantic options can step out of the ship means that any of those characters are potentially a survivor. They only show you your romantic interest to avoid having to animate every possible permutation of final crew composition.

And yes, the final score is the one major factor on your choice of cinematics. Viewed as a stand alone ending, it is disappointing. However, like I've been arguing the whole time, the final cinematic is only one portion of the ending, which takes place throughout the latter half of the game. My point is, ME3 had a bad ending cinematic, but not a bad ending. In any case, which choices that you make throughout the series do you think could've had a significant impact on the final sequence with the catalyst?

"Game Over" isn't a different ending. The sequence with TIM at the end results in him dying or you getting Game Over; the differences are minor at best.

The Normandy is not in tact. In the cutscene it clearly shows the back portion of the ship breaking up; the ship is destroyed. It crash lands, never to leave again, and survivors walk out based on your choice of color (assuming you had enough war assets to not just get minor things cut from the ending).

The entire sequence with the catalyst -is- the problem. It's fucking idiotic and terribly written drivel that has no place in the game. There is no way to make it better. What should have affected it? I don't know...making peace between the Geth and Quarians? Yo dawg, we made synthetics to kill you and your synthetics so you don't get killed by synthetics. Oh wait, you already proved that wrong? Choose a color.

The choices you made ultimately wind up meaning nothing. I would agree that the things you do leading up to the ending cinematic constitute the ending as well if so many of them weren't undone completely by that same ending cinematic. The Geth are wiped out in 2 of the 3 endings. The Quarian fleet was in orbit and hit by the same explosion that seemed to have disabled/destroyed the Normandy, and they can't survive without their ships (any of the 3 endings). It's not unreasonable to ascertain by the ending that nearly everyone you brought to the battle was destroyed or had their ships disabled by the explosion of the relays; no one knew what was happening when the Crucible activated, so it doesn't make sense that Joker was fleeing it, either, but we'll ignore that.

If you're willing to completely ignore the plot holes and to not think at all about what actually happened as a result of things that they'd established throughout the story of the game... I guess the ending could be fine (look, explosions! colors!). If you think about it at all, though?

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News Comments > The Secret World Preorders Include Beta Access
27. Re: The Secret World Preorders Include Beta Access Apr 3, 2012, 21:16 PropheT
Closed Betas wrote on Apr 3, 2012, 19:13:
before pissing your money away on another EA beta scam, just remember, you might get closed beta access perhaps 2 days before the release.

It says you get access to all of the beta weekends starting May 11th.
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News Comments > Mass Effect 3 Ending Changes Planned
94. Re: Mass Effect 3 Ending Changes Planned Mar 21, 2012, 23:31 PropheT
finga wrote on Mar 21, 2012, 23:02:
Well, now that we're doing this, I'll be writing George R.R. Martin asking him to change A Song of Ice and Fire so that my favorite character doesn't die. Also, I'll need HBO to go back and re-cut all the show scenes to match. And quickly, too!

You realize this isn't exactly unprecedented, right? Fans were upset about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle killing Sherlock Holmes enough that he brought him back and wrote about him for another twenty some years afterward.

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News Comments > Far Cry 3 Dr. Earnhardt Trailer
3. Re: Far Cry 3 Dr. Earnhardt Trailer Mar 21, 2012, 23:22 PropheT
I read that three times before I realized it said Dr. Earnhardt and not Dale Earnhardt...damn you brain.  
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News Comments > Mass Effect 3 Ending Changes Planned
80. Re: Mass Effect 3 Ending Changes Planned Mar 21, 2012, 18:07 PropheT
TheBigVlad wrote on Mar 21, 2012, 16:31:
I would think the point would be to entertain. Many of the choices I made during the series did alter my gameplay experience enough that I felt like they mattered, but I never expected them to make any huge impact to the overall story. I'm not sure why anyone would, honestly.

Choices you made going back two games affected who was even in Mass Effect 3 to fight alongside. You may or may not have had a relationship with one or more people. That person may or may not even be alive to be in the 3rd game. You may or may not cure the genophage, save the collector base, save the galactic council, save any of 12 different people from ME2, eradicate the Rachni or not, save the Quarians or the Geth or both, and so on.

With the choices you can make throughout the game there's no reason NOT to believe that they would have some impact on the ending. They even said they would, and they don't.
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News Comments > BioWare "Considering" Mass Effect 3 Ending Feedback
33. Re: BioWare Mar 19, 2012, 12:45 PropheT
InBlack wrote on Mar 19, 2012, 11:54:
If by press you mean the huge public/nerdrage/forum outcry then yes you are right. If on the other hand you mean the gaming press in general then its more like "Brilliant!" "Fantastic!" "Amazing!" and all those other cocksucking superlatives, combined with 9/10 scores and only a passing mention of a 'slightly dissapointing' ending with a huge fat recomendation to buy the game if you even remotely liked the first two.

I thought it was funny that different parts of the gaming press who had deals with Bioware at some point to either create artwork or had a member inserted into the game (yeah you, IGN) were the very first to jump to its defense and how it was "their ending" and that gamers just didn't get it.
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News Comments > Saturday Safety Dance
11. Re: Saturday Safety Dance Mar 18, 2012, 01:37 PropheT
HorrorScope wrote on Mar 17, 2012, 12:26:
I like many here probably have to overlook several pc's, family, friends, business. When I see a bad running pc, then I see MSE, I can almost always guarantee I've immediately spotted the problem. That program wants to lock and hog resources like no other. And more people are using it? To me that will just make more disgruntled users perhaps looking at Mac next time. Win 7 was a great step forward, MSE will easily take it all back.

Running it on multiple systems and not once have I seen anything even remotely like what you're describing here. Do you work for Symantec or something? It's the only antivirus software I've ever used that's completely transparent and doesn't do what you're describing.

I work on a hundred or more systems a week and I've never even heard anyone complain about it before. Literally the only problem I've ever even dealt with regarding MSE is on a couple of systems where it wouldn't install.

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News Comments > Diablo III May 15th
100. Re: Diablo III May 15th Mar 15, 2012, 17:01 PropheT
DrEvil wrote on Mar 15, 2012, 16:25:
Ask everyone who ordered Skyrim for the PC if they got their release-date delivery. Nope.

I buy games on release day on a pretty regular basis and I've had exactly 1 game in the last few years not come on release day (the one that missed was 1 day off, because of Fed Ex).

People seem to be missing the Diablo 3 has online features that work in single player as well, it's not like this is strictly a DRM scheme. Not that it matters, people will bitch and moan and then be posting three days after it comes out how they grudgingly bought it anyway.
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