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News Comments > Evening Safety Dance
10. Re: Evening Safety Dance Jun 8, 2013, 01:17 PropheT
jdreyer wrote on Jun 8, 2013, 00:12:
As someone who voted for the guy, I find the warrantless spying and drone strikes unconscionable. However, it would be the same under Romney. The only person who might be doing something differently about these two issues would have been Ron Paul, but he would have screwed up so many other things that I think Obama has done right.

It wouldn't be different under anyone. The executive branch of government doesn't make or pass laws, and Obama was a good 7 years too late to get slammed for not vetoing the patriot act. Hell, as far as the internet monitoring goes Carnivore started under Clinton in 1997...some of the monitoring stuff that people are going nuts about in the news right now isn't even from this century. It wasn't like the patriot act was just going to disappear and rights be restored to the people just because someone from another party took office.

Honestly, it bugs me that people are throwing a fit about it at this point. They're too late...they should have been on guard for it when 9/11 happened, since that was when the government was most likely to make a power grab if they wanted to (and did). There wasn't one guy involved in it, it was the president at the time, it was congress at the time, and it was people being scared about 9/11 that wanted to feel better then more than they wanted to protect themselves in 2013 that allowed it to happen. It's a bipartisan effort and it's not any more likely to go away any time soon than it is likely that Britain will take down their cameras.

It's like nobody remembers Carnivore and nobody remembers room 641A at AT&T San Francisco... it baffles the shit out of me that this is major news right now, when everyone should have known about it years ago. They did, but nobody cared when 9/11 was a more recent memory; they decided they wanted security more than privacy, so we got strict airline controls and body scanners and wars and an expanded patriot act and all kinds of other wonderful things that people accepted out of fear instead of any semblance of good sense.

Well, this is what they did with that. It's not just that the government hauled off and did it to us, the people asked for it and now are angry with what they got years after any good chance that it can be reversed.
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News Comments > Might & Magic X Legacy Website Invites Participation
2. Re: Might & Magic X Legacy Website Invites Participation Jun 6, 2013, 20:45 PropheT
Noooo! Old school, like Worlds of Xeen and the old M&M games. I'm excited for this one, I hope it turns out well.

I haven't actually played Dark Messiah, though, wasn't it a Heretic/Hexen/Elder Scrolls-ish kind of thinger?
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
1. Re: Evening Consolidation Jun 6, 2013, 20:35 PropheT
Used games only through qualified resellers (I imagine to handle account deactivations etc. on trade in), sharing games with friends and family tied to account ownership, and still no mention of XBL subscriptions or costs or fees associated with those optional additional family sharing capabilities they talk about.

I'm sort of unsure if this means everything is the same as what they said at reveal, if they changed it, or clarified it. Aside from the used game fee it seems like the same stuff, plus details that actually allow game sharing with a lot of ifs and buts added.
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News Comments > Marvel Heroes Launches
30. Re: Marvel Heroes Launches Jun 4, 2013, 16:44 PropheT
Krovven wrote on Jun 4, 2013, 15:52:
See my post after yours for my thoughts on the DLC pricing.

In-short, if you are never going to pay for it, who gives a shit about the pricing? Try the free game regardless of it's pricing model. If at some point you feel you are being forced to pay unreasonable amounts, stop playing and don't pay it. It really is that simple.

I just don't get why some people are so emotional about this shit. So with that said, I am the one with perspective, others not so much.

If you like the game then you'd better hope people are going to pay for DLC, because that's what keeps a free to play game running.

I never said anyone was being forced to pay. I'm saying they're asking for so much money up front for characters that most people would want, and that since you don't get to make your own character, that I question how many people are going to be willing to spend 40, 50, 60 hours playing as Squirrel Girl in order to get Spider-Man (who they really wanted to play in the first place). That's a terrible game decision and doesn't foster confidence that characters I might want would actually drop when they'd be losing that much potential money for it to why even start playing?

I'm not "emotional about this shit", I'm just baffled that you can't seem to wrap your head around the idea that some people might not like $85 DLC packs and they could potentially turn people off the game. I actually didn't see anyone get all bent out of shape, either... you just seem ridiculously defensive to the point of not even considering what anyone else says and assume yourself as the smartest person in the room, which is why no one ever actually discusses anything with you and it turns into a big pissing match every time you get a response.
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News Comments > Marvel Heroes Launches
23. Re: Marvel Heroes Launches Jun 4, 2013, 15:47 PropheT
Krovven wrote on Jun 4, 2013, 14:41:
Update: Within 15 minutes I received playable character Thing, as a quest reward.

But hey, don't let me stop those that haven't even tried it from bitching about things they know nothing about. Par for the course around here.

I think you need to develop a sense of perspective.

$84.99 to unlock 4 characters and some outfits is more than the collector's edition of most entire games. Do you really honestly think it's unreasonable to complain about opening day DLC packs that cost more than brand new game releases and give you far less?

Why would I even try the game when the very first time I go to look at it and see what it's about I see multiple DLC packs for $70-80+? In a game where you go to play as Marvel superheroes and you see immediately that it's $84.99 up front to get access to characters like Captain America, Iron Man, or the Hulk and then another $84.99 for Cable, Wolverine (who appears in 2 different packs?), Deadpool...even if someone just looking to get into the game knew that you could unlock them by playing, just how easy is it going to be to unlock a character in-game that they're charging that much money for?

The Thing isn't in any of the three DLC packs I see on Steam, by the way, so I'm also not seeing the equivalency.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
9. Re: Out of the Blue Jun 4, 2013, 13:32 PropheT
InBlack wrote on Jun 4, 2013, 10:36:
In any case, Tywin is still my favorite character. Probably because Charles Dance is the best cast choice in the entire show, does the character justice and manages to steal every scene that he is in. Just like the 'real' Tywin would anyway....

I'd say Peter Dinklage makes the show. Without him playing Tyrion I'm not sure they'd have much of a show, his character is too important.

I haven't watched this season of the show, though. I love the books, and will be happy if he gets the 6th one done this decade, but seeing the stuff they do in them is often just hard to watch.
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News Comments > Marvel Heroes Launches
3. Re: Marvel Heroes Launches Jun 4, 2013, 13:12 PropheT
The problem to me was more when I looked at it on Steam and saw it was released, "Oh, it's free to play. How much is the DLCOHMYGOD..."

Add all DLC to cart: $249.97
4 heroes, 8 costumes, and 10 fortune cards? $84.99

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News Comments > Dark Souls II Next March
21. Re: Dark Souls II Next March Jun 3, 2013, 18:16 PropheT
Rattlehead wrote on Jun 3, 2013, 17:26:
Hmmm let's see.
Tomb of the Giants
The catacombs
New Londo ruins
Demon Ruins
Darkroot gardens is HUGE and only has 2 checkpoints(1 is hidden).
Lost Izalith(my least favorite part of the game)
Pretty much any area where the lordvessel is needed has only 1 checkpoint if i recall, it's been a while since I've played the game.

If you die in any of those areas you can get back to where you were in less than five minutes even if you fight along the way. Some of those areas have shortcuts that you unlock as you progress that makes your time to return even less should you die as you make progress. Most of them have certain creatures that don't respawn once killed (the only dangerous creatures in all of Darkroot Gardens, for example) and allow you to move through the area faster should you die.

Unless you're carrying around way more souls than you should be the only penalty for dying is the run back, and that's rarely long or difficult.

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News Comments > Dark Souls II Next March
17. Re: Dark Souls II Next March Jun 3, 2013, 16:15 PropheT
wrlwnd wrote on Jun 3, 2013, 10:10:
I like a challenge, believe me, but Dark Souls: Prepare to Die was ridiculous.

I gave up on it after 2 weeks of bashing my head against the same spot, with checkpoints so far apart that I had to repeat the tedious stuff leading up to where I was stuck ad nauseum.

Where in the game are you having checkpoints spread out that far apart?There's very few of them that are any real distance from each other, and the ones that are rarely have anything dangerous in between. The only place I can figure is that you're talking about Sens Fortress...there is one there that a lot of people miss at the top so that you don't need to repeat the entire fortress. The only other one that's far away is Anor Londo before the 2-boss fight, but you can just run past everything.

There isn't anything extremely hard in the game, in my opinion. If you take your time, this is one of the few games I've ever played where you can finish it by smart play rather than reaction time. If you get frustrated, though, stop and give it some time and come back to it.

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News Comments > Steamships Ahoy - Expeditions: Conquistador
16. Re: Steamships Ahoy - Expeditions: Conquistador Jun 1, 2013, 01:51 PropheT
ebone23 wrote on May 31, 2013, 16:47:
Virtually running around and shooting someone or stealing a car or beating up a hooker could be perceived to be in poor taste and sophomoric but the virtual victims of said crimes are anonymous; you're not running around wiping out a specified ethnic population. What this game is doing is pushing the now defunct perception of history as one of exploration and adventure w/out the death, disease and social exploitation.

I'm reminded of my grandfather in-law talking about WW2 movies and games that were pretty popular when he was still around, and given that he was actually at Normandy those things had a bit of a different meaning to him when he saw them. His conclusion was that it was disappointing to see death thrown around as casually as it was in those mediums, but what really mattered was that people learned about them and took something from the experience that they might not have ever gotten without the risk being taken of telling the story.

ebone23 wrote on May 31, 2013, 16:47:
How is this game different than someone releasing "The Third Reich - the game that let's you create kill lists from the ghettos of Poland to the cattle cars to the crematorium! Get your friends and family together and get Auschwitz up and running in no time!"? Considering that by historical standards the genocide of Native Americans from Brazil to Canada was on the order of 10 times (on the low end) the magnitude of the Jews during the Holocaust, I'd have to say you don't know wtf you're talking about.

Considering the population of North America in 1492 was estimated anywhere from 2 to 18 million and South America about 30 million, I'd have to say you don't know wtf you're talking about. The combined population of the Americas in 1500 by most accounts wasn't even equal to 10 times the amount of people killed in the holocaust. The vast majority of people who died were from disease, and while some of that was certainly intentional much of it happened in a way that most Europeans who came to the Americas at the time never realized how many people were actually there to begin with since the populations were devastated before they'd ever had any real interaction with them.

Anyway, the game has a significant story and talks about letting players re-write how Europeans interacted with the natives in ways that don't involve bloodshed. It might be a good idea to not be so eager to be offended that you never bother to actually see what's involved before that kind of a rant.
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News Comments > Evening Metaverse
6. Re: Re:Amazon vs. Netflix. May 31, 2013, 01:42 PropheT
Scud wrote on May 31, 2013, 00:28:
"-No more Instant Queue list - See above, this goes with that (it just needed repeating..) Still though it makes no sense that the Instant Queue is gone but yet they still have that stupid ‘Taste Profile’ at the top of the page where the Instant Queue was listed."
I don't know what he's talking about here, I've got an Instant Queue on my Netflix page.

I...don't know what he's talking about with most of the things he mentions there. A lot of them are just plain untrue or strictly apply to only the PC version of the software, and not when using the services on other devices.

Creston wrote on May 31, 2013, 01:24:
Amazon is awful? I pay 80 bucks a year for free shipping, and I get free access to a metric hojillion movies and tv shows for free, which stream and play fine in primo quality. How is this awful?


The selection of movies and TV shows is almost exactly the same these days as well. Hell, Prime was worth the cost to me even before the instant video was tied into it.

The only reason I still have a Netflix account is because my wife and daughter use it out of habit and won't switch.
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News Comments > NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 Announced
43. Re: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 Announced May 30, 2013, 19:58 PropheT
Optional Nickname! wrote on May 30, 2013, 18:38:
This is false as many, including myself, get only a dialog box:

"Internet Connection Not Detected Installation will now stop."

Before any option to select or deselect any option. You can internet search the forums for yourself if you are so inclined as I am not calling you a liar, merely incorrect as many have commented in other more technically minded forums.

It's mostly PC gamers here, you're finding the same group of people on these forums that you'll find on most tech forums.

I had a hard drive failure last weekend and after a Windows reinstall, without network card drivers even installed yet, I was able to install the Nvidia driver package for my card without so much as a hiccup. I googled the message you're talking about, and for problems installing Nvidia drivers without an internet connection, and I couldn't find anything but people talking about drivers for Nvidia network controllers.
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News Comments > Op Ed
2. Re: Op Ed May 30, 2013, 00:42 PropheT
I disagree with so much of the argument that it's hard to get behind any of it. Samus is hardly the Ellen Ripley of gaming, for instance; for the entirety of the first game she's in there's no clue that he's a she. When they finally approached the subject instead of just leaving it as an untouched story element, the character falls immediately into stereotypes and weakness (Other M). I don't think she's a strong role model of a character and represents women well when she doesn't say anything at all for the vast majority of her game library, and when she finally does...well...

The idea of strong female roles like in Game of Thrones or The Hunger Games kind of makes me laugh, too. There are strong women in Thrones, but they're all beholden to the machinations of the men around them if not outright slaves to that system. Katniss might seem like a great badass in the first book and movie, but has nobody else read the 2nd or 3rd? By the end of the trilogy she's rendered a mewling wretch by the difficulties she's faced, used and spent and thrust into an ending where the only redemption she finds is in her children and the man who marries her.

She's definitely right in that video games need better writing, though, and now. I'd argue that male characters are as predictable and stagnant, if not more so, than the few female counterparts that publishers dare to put out there.

As an aside, it's odd that Forbes has become one of the more readable gaming news sites out there in the past year. Even their articles I don't like are generally better than the average stuff on actual gaming sites right now.
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News Comments > Blizzard Confirms Titan Setback
35. Re: Blizzard Confirms Titan Setback May 29, 2013, 15:44 PropheT
Creston wrote on May 29, 2013, 12:20:
Their Diablo 3 failure sold like 12 million copies, so there's literally nobody at Blizzard who views it as a failure.


I mean failure more in the sense that, unlike everything else in their library, Diablo 3 almost universally has a bad reputation and holds a steady spot on 'most disappointing' lists anywhere you look. They're a company that can sell games on reputation alone like nobody else out there, and a game like that puts a pretty big dent in the armor.

I'm not suggesting they're going out of business or anything, just that their status as one of the few remaining untouchables of gaming needs something new to reinforce that respect for a new generation of gamers...and it's not coming any time soon.
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News Comments > Blizzard Confirms Titan Setback
23. Re: Blizzard Confirms Titan Setback May 29, 2013, 12:12 PropheT
Mr. Tact wrote on May 29, 2013, 10:27:
Blizzard will be making money for a long time to come even if the connoisseurs of gaming here at Blues have long turned up their noses at their products.

I used to defend Blizzard until I stopped to really think of what they'd done in the last ten years. World of Warcraft was very good, but having no real competitors for so long destroyed MMO's to the point where nobody even tries anymore; they just make free to play stuff and try microtransaction cash grabs instead. Starcraft 2 I don't even know what to think of; it's Starcraft 1 with new paint, it's far from bad but it's just so...forgettable. Diablo 3 was the disappointment of the decade.

And that's it. That's all they've done. A rehash, a failure, and nearly a decade of milking their cash cow. Is that enough for them to be a revered giant in gaming when most of the people who made the things we really loved are long gone from the company? The closes comparison I can think of is that Spider-Man 3 sold tons of movie tickets but still killed the franchise. The scary part about Blizzard is that they finally had their failure with Diablo 3, but it's not so much that it was a huge disappointment to so many people... it's that so many people predicted it beforehand.
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News Comments > MS's PC Gaming Disregard to Continue
13. Re: MS's PC Gaming Disregard to Continue May 22, 2013, 21:23 PropheT
I can see everyone in the room is surprised at this news.

Maybe it's because they don't like Windows 8, either.
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News Comments > Xbox One Announced
133. Re: Xbox One Announced May 21, 2013, 20:32 PropheT
Beamer wrote on May 21, 2013, 18:30:
Eh, they're not really doing that, though. Because they don't really care.

All Microsoft does is give Mountain Dew the access to a demographic, and the codes, of course. Mountain Dew wants to hit that demographic, so they do the partnership. Microsoft gives them nothing else. They don't tell them "Tony Smith, a 32 year old male, entered in 5 of your codes." At best they give back "40% of your activations came from white males age 18-25." Like TV ads, though, it's about going after a certain market more than it's about knowing the minutae. Success comes from an increase in sales.

Yes, they are doing it; I'm not even entirely sure you aren't arguing exactly the same thing as me. I said they have the marketing data available for Tony Smith (not necessarily that they feed his actual name to Pepsi) and know that his consuming Mountain Dew can be used for targeting Pepsi ads to him in the future, and feed his demographic data to advertisers as a result like you said. There's a reason there's Opt-out options on Windows 8, Windows Phones, and the Xbox for personalized advertising.

Microsoft YA advertising
Targeted ad opt-out
Adult male advertising
In-depth look at Xbox targeted advertising

You can't target ad data per-user without using trends tied to the Live account, and you can't get demographic information on ad consumption without referencing that data from the same account. Microsoft uses that either to sell the marketing data or sell targeted ad space, but the result is ultimately the same for the end user anyway.

The Kinect thing is mostly irrelevant, since they're already doing targeted advertising. Still, they did talk about doing exactly what was being suggested by people here before the Kinect launched.

Invasive targeted ads
Kinect privacy, targeted ads

Even if they aren't doing it now, I think it's pretty understandable why people might be concerned that they will if Microsoft gets their foot in the door.
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News Comments > Xbox One Announced
96. Re: Xbox One Announced May 21, 2013, 18:25 PropheT
Beamer wrote on May 21, 2013, 18:01:
Which, likely, wouldn't be much. What would Coke or Proctor & Gamble actually get from knowing what you do while you watch TV or Xbox? How much is that kind of data really worth to them, relative to the cost for Microsoft to provide it. Put yourself in the shoes of a brand manager for Sobe or Pringles or whatever - what could Microsoft possibly tell you that you don't already know and that would be worth an eight figure deal?

Like I said earlier, though, they're already doing this. They might not be checking in on you with a Kinect camera to see if you're drinking a Dew and playing Halo IV, but if you enter the codes from a bottle into your account and play the game then they can certainly track that and have the marketing information available to say that Tom Smith drinks Mountain Dew and plays Halo IV, along with the demographic information from his Gold profile, and so on. The programs for market data statistics are already there and have been in use particularly with the 360 for years now, and tied with general user information from their Gold profile and Home screen they can target ad data on the Xbox, or feed information back to their partners like Pepsi so that they know just how popular those Halo IV codes are among people of that targeted group.

The Kinect thing I think is sort of irrelevant, it's just a more high tech way of this sort of advertisement data that they've been doing for years already. Given that the console seems to be designed around the idea of on-demand content replacing standard ad-driven cable/broadcast media, then yes; it's absolutely worth a lot of money to get their foot in the door on what could well be the future of what the television commercial evolves into in a tech market designed around on-demand content over cable or broadcast TV.
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News Comments > Xbox One Announced
42. Re: Xbox One Announced May 21, 2013, 16:29 PropheT
I like my consoles. I mostly like my consoles because of the games they offer that I don't get on my PC, though, and this system seems to be putting games as secondary and touting the media center experience. I have that on my current consoles. I have that on my PC. So what does this offer that I don't already have?

I've been trying to think of just what it is about this system announcement that bothers me and was having trouble putting my finger on it until I asked what it was really offering.

It seems to just be offering more of the the worst things about the current console generation. I have little to no interest in Kinect or what it has to offer. I have even less interest in a more draconian licensing scheme that means I can't move games from one system to another in my own house, or share them with my son so he can take them with him to his Xbox and back (WTF is the point of cloud integration when you can't share the games between systems?). I simply cannot see them getting rid of Xbox Live subscriptions. I also can't see them stopping the shithead process they've mastered of spending money on forced exclusives for their system.

I already have the things they're touting here, but to get the latest version of it I have to buy into their shitty DRM scheme that sounds like something EA came up with. Why would I want this thing? What's more, why would I want it when there's no sign that their competitor is forcing these same kinds of restrictions on me?
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News Comments > Xbox One Announced
29. Re: Xbox One Announced May 21, 2013, 15:57 PropheT
NegaDeath wrote on May 21, 2013, 15:45:
Kinect: "Hello Dave. I see your drinking Pepsi. Wouldn't a cold, delicious Mountain Dew be better? Drink a Mountain Dew while playing and unlock the "Do the Dew" XP bonus."

I can just see this kind of shit happening. It'll make horse armor look sensible.

I don't know if you realize it or not, but they already do that. There was a Mountain Dew XP bonus tied to Halo 4 and I think to the last CoD or two as well.
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