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News Comments > Saturday Legal Briefs
3. Re: Saturday Legal Briefs Mar 16, 2014, 01:59 PropheT
jdreyer wrote on Mar 15, 2014, 16:46:
The RIAA can suck raw eggs. At least Google has it's head on straight:

Not to mention it's a little nuts to expect Google to police every site that they link to. If a copyright holder can't be bothered to watch for issues with their own content I don't understand why they think Google should do it for them. I'd be tempted to answer their request by de-listing anything the RIAA touches for a period of time just to get the point across on who's holding all the cards.
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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
24. Re: Morning Metaverse Mar 13, 2014, 13:21 PropheT
avianflu wrote on Mar 13, 2014, 11:32:
Mixed feeling about this: I order a lot from Amazon and with Prime. It is really "2 business day" delivery and even that limitation comes with several caveats about holidays not counting, and exactly when in the day the order is placed, etc. With Prime, too many times I've ordered on Monday and not seen the package until the next Monday.

The shippers don't deliver on non-business days, and holidays aren't business days. That's the same no matter where you get anything, it's sure not an Amazon thing. The time of day thing is an odd argument, too, since obviously they have to work with their shipping on that; despite that, it's not unusual that I can buy something at 6pm and have it the next morning if I wanted. There's nowhere else on the internet I can do that.

I've had one thing take a week to arrive before, and that was after the ice storm in the south this winter that had UPS backed up like a fat guy on a cheese-only diet. If it's something actually sold by and stocked by Amazon, the one or two cases where it took longer than advertised was because UPS or FedEx didn't deliver it on time.

I've also never had anything ship USPS from them before if 2-day was selected, and I buy from them all the time.
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News Comments > BAFTA Winners
21. Re: BAFTA Winners Mar 12, 2014, 23:45 PropheT
eRe4s3r wrote on Mar 12, 2014, 22:19:
But that point is exactly why these games are so great, to some/many. Last of us has you connect to a character while Papers Please makes you realize that if you sat there, doing that exact job in that situation, you'd become corrupt faster than you can scream "decency" and "never".

All of these games, require you to connect to the situation on a psychological level. And I can fully understand if some people don't like that. I do love it though Maybe you will be converted once full VR is realized, with good "Presence"

The Last of Us, in my mind at least, did the equivalent of showing you a puppy. See how cute that is? Of course you do, it's a puppy. Now I'm going to do bad things with it, because everyone loves puppies and that's guaranteed to get a response. It's like a click-bait article, you lure them in with a guaranteed emotion grabber and then rattle it around to stir them up... it just never holds up later, or if you recognize it and feel scammed in the first place. The intro sequence to the game with Joel's daughter is powerful, but it's cheapened because you know exactly where it's going. The rest of the game isn't any different to me, it's been done before.

I completely understand that that's what they were going for, but my problem is that they feel like that's what they were going for. I have a teenage daughter, I know what it's like to deal with it every day; I didn't like Ellie. I didn't like Joel. It sort of made it impossible to empathize when them or reach the conclusion that the game wanted you to where you were ok with everything because you saw it from their perspective.

Papers, Please does a good job of what it's intending to do. It just isn't a fun game to me, unfortunately. It makes its point, and it's a good one, but it's not much of a game so once you've accepted what that point is there's no real pull to continue.

I don't like games I can't connect to on a psychological level (or emotional, at least). I don't like games, movies, or books with characters I can't empathize with. I'm just not fond of the heavy handed approach to storytelling, and being told what to feel doesn't work for me.
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News Comments > BAFTA Winners
11. Re: BAFTA Winners Mar 12, 2014, 21:26 PropheT
The only game on that entire list that I kind of enjoyed was Bioshock Infinite (I haven't played GTA V or FIFA).

The Last of Us is easily the most overrated game I've ever seen. I'm just not sure what people see in it... the gameplay wasn't particularly good and has been done better by other stealth games like Splinter Cell, Dishonored, or Deus Ex. The story is cliche and not all that interesting, using ham-fisted tropes to show just how much you're supposed to care at any given time and hammer into you each moment that you're supposed to be upset instead of trusting you enough to let you feel it on your own. I know people love it, for whatever reason, but goddamn I hated it and that it's being held up as example of what other games should be like.

Papers, Please seems overrated to me as well. Like the Stanley Parable, it's interesting for about half an hour and then it's forgettable since it's made its point and isn't particularly fun to play once that's over.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
19. Re: Out of the Blue Mar 12, 2014, 16:24 PropheT
jdreyer wrote on Mar 12, 2014, 14:21:
NASA setting stage for asteroid mission.

Piloted by Bruce Willis?

Seems like an extreme way to keep Ben Affleck from playing Batman, but I guess if it works it works.
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News Comments > Evening Patches
2. Re: Evening Patches Mar 11, 2014, 22:15 PropheT
Are you sure that's a bug? It seems to be more with the way that the damage rating is being represented on items than 2H items not having the appropriate damage. The ones I've seen have the right weapon damage, but their overall damage rating as represented matches up to 1-handers of the same level...I'd think that's how it's supposed to be.  
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News Comments > More Elder Scroll Online Invites
7. Re: More Elder Scroll Online Invites Mar 11, 2014, 22:13 PropheT
Panickd wrote on Mar 11, 2014, 20:32:
Just wandering around the continent is more fun than actually playing the game or progressing.

To be fair, that's largely true of all the Elder Scrolls games.

My son and I came to the same conclusion when playing last beta, though, on that same point; the game is more fun when there's no one else around. We did have some fun with it, but a high population area rapidly hits the point where it's just not worth fighting the crowds to do things.
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News Comments > Game Reviews
25. Re: Game Reviews Mar 11, 2014, 15:15 PropheT
They're really not a bad review site, although I think many will find their morality meter kind of useless. At least they're not shilling games based on advertising dollars and hype like so many of the others.

The game in general is...yeah. If someone is offended by anything at all, you're probably going to find something that offends you in the game. That's not much different than the show itself, anymore, though it's strange to see The Stick of Truth push boundaries like that in a game since it's so damn rare to see a video game actually take risks like that.
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News Comments > Evening Safety Dance
2. Re: Evening Safety Dance Mar 10, 2014, 22:57 PropheT
He's talking more about embracing coveillance rather than surveillance, which is just a nice way of saying that you can embrace the always-monitored status of life by broadcasting yourself via Facebook and Twitter or emergent systems that do the same. His view is that surveillance is inevitable so we might as well embrace it by doing the job for the people who would do it ourselves.

Seems like utter horseshit to me, personally, for nothing else but the simple fact that people use Facebook and Twitter for you to see what they want you to see and only what they want you to see. The idea that a human impulse to share outweighs a human impulse for privacy is ridiculous when the personas that people paint online, even on social networks, are virtually never what that person is actually like in a face to face reality.

There's a big difference between a person that you can see at the moments of their choice and a person you can see at any given time. One, people are comfortable with...the other I can guarantee they aren't.
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News Comments > The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II Next Month
8. Re: The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II Next Month Mar 10, 2014, 20:54 PropheT
Efflixi wrote on Mar 10, 2014, 20:16:
I enjoyed the hell out of it.

Me too, I thought it was very good. I loved the music in the game.
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News Comments > Titanfall Reviews
11. Re: Titanfall Reviews Mar 10, 2014, 20:48 PropheT
Trevellian wrote on Mar 10, 2014, 20:08:
While ya'll are sitting here being crotchety as fuck for no good reason I'm going to enjoy the best fast paced FPS I've played (in BETA) in years.

But nobody really was doing that.

From the Gamespot review:
Chris Watters played Titanfall for two days straight at a review event run by EA, where he encountered server issues allegedly caused by small player population.

From the Gamesradar review:
Listen, I know you're worried about Titanfall's servers, andů I actually don't know how well they'll work just yet. In my 20 odd hours with the game dropped connection a few times and had problems connecting with players, and most people who tried to play the beta with friends found they spent more time fighting the servers than they did enemy titans. How will it all shake out? No one will know for sure until it launches, but I don't blame you for waiting a week or two to see how the servers hold up.

So, nobody here was really saying anything that wasn't in the reviews that were linked here anyway.

It'd be a bad idea to just jump into another EA game without worries about the server stability; people get burned by it repeatedly, so taking a tentative approach with the next shiny thing that comes out instead of just saying "but I LOVE shiny things!" seems kind of smart.

I think it's interesting that of the reviewers who list that they played it at the EA event, only some point out the issues while others never mention them at all (Polygon, surprise).

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News Comments > Sunday Tech Bits
7. Re: Sunday Tech Bits Mar 9, 2014, 22:40 PropheT
Pigeon wrote on Mar 9, 2014, 13:02:
The changes are all focused around mouse and keyboard users, to make certain features more accessible to the mouse.

You really have to wonder why that would be happening now at this point rather than before a release candidate was ever even put out.

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News Comments > PC Dark Souls II Next Month
18. Re: PC Dark Souls II Next Month Mar 7, 2014, 01:52 PropheT
Beamer wrote on Mar 7, 2014, 00:05:
Regional pricing is immoral?

For digital downloads, it is pretty messed up when it's $60 here but then sells for the equivalent of $80 or even more in the U.K. or Australia. VAT accounts for some of the difference in the U.K. and Europe, but not all of it, and Australia doesn't really have any set reason as to why it's so much more and have brought it up even in government to inquire as to why they're being charged as much as they are (although I have no idea what, if anything, came of that).

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News Comments > PC Dark Souls II Next Month
9. Re: PC Dark Souls II Next Month Mar 6, 2014, 20:31 PropheT
Cutter wrote on Mar 6, 2014, 18:18:
Just avoid the spoilers. I don't see how you'd see them unless you were going to specific sites looking for them. And it sounds like they're really trying to do right on this port so you'd be nuts, nuts I tell you, if you didn't go the PC route.

That's easier said than done, though, at least with a month and a half in between. There's an accepted grace period of a couple of weeks usually after a game comes out where spoilers are scarce, and then after that it's in thread titles and thumbnails and everywhere else so that the only way to avoid them is to avoid gaming sites altogether.

Not that it's a huge deal with Dark Souls, but still.

mag wrote on Mar 6, 2014, 18:33:
After spending 500 hours on Dark Souls 1... I'm just going to bite the bullet and buy it for both the PS3 and PC. I want to get in on the ground floor, man!

That's what I did last time, but I feel as nuts as I actually am when I do things like that.
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News Comments > Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn Plans
3. Re: Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn Plans Mar 6, 2014, 18:15 PropheT
Next thing you know they'll be announcing a sequel to Steel.  
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News Comments > Dragon Age: Inquisition Trailer
3. Re: Dragon Age: Inquisition Trailer Mar 6, 2014, 18:14 PropheT
I'm still stoked for this, personally.  
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News Comments > PC Dark Souls II Next Month
1. Re: PC Dark Souls II Next Month Mar 6, 2014, 18:12 PropheT
I'm kind of torn on which version to pick up. I want the PC version, but I don't want half the game spoiled for me by the time it comes out.

Time to decide if I keep my console preorder or just wait now :p
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News Comments > Op Ed
21. Re: Op Ed Mar 6, 2014, 13:45 PropheT
HorrorScope wrote on Mar 6, 2014, 09:49:
If it weren't Blizzard this game would be like any other and not get 3rd and 4th chances and would have run its course in short order.

Be realistic. If this wasn't Blizzard, whoever made it would have cut their losses a year ago and it wouldn't even still be updated. The reason Blizzard gets the second chances is because they keep supporting their games long after anyone else would have stopped.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
6. Re: Out of the Blue Mar 6, 2014, 13:42 PropheT
Verno wrote on Mar 6, 2014, 08:50:
Yeah it's been pretty brutal, we got another dump of snow a few days ago. Weather Network called for half an inch, we got 4. It was also -20.

Yeah, we had a 3-5" forecast earlier this week and came out of it just shy of 10". Daughter got her car stuck, half an hour off of work to get it dug out and get her going, did it again today and after an hour I finally had to spend $50 to get it towed out of where she got it stuck.

Winter this year wins, I give up. So ready for it to be over, seems like every week it's either record cold or record snowfall. Or both.
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News Comments > Funcom Financials Fall
6. Re: RE: Follow up Mar 5, 2014, 21:54 PropheT
UConnBBall wrote on Mar 5, 2014, 20:12:
My favorite MMORPG was Anarchy Online it was the only deep game out there.

The thing I don't get is that there's still, to this day, nothing remotely like it.

I'm not sure I understand the reluctance there seems to be to make sci-fi MMO's instead of cookie cutter fantasy games. Not that I dislike fantasy, but they've really hit the point where they feel pretty same-y and still no one is really attempting much for sci-fi.
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