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News Comments > Sunday Consolidation
7. Re: Sunday Consolidation Dec 9, 2013, 02:24 PropheT
DangerDog wrote on Dec 8, 2013, 17:44:
Video game boob physics at it's absolute worst.

I hate the hand-wringing PC at any cost thing a hell of a lot more. Nobody said much about any of this shit until someone decided everyone was supposed to be offended by it all of a sudden, and now these articles pop up all the time.

Because really, who says this:

"I think it was a bad decision to have her in those clothes," says Clubb finally. "This is supposed to be a moment of emotional gravity. Just dress the character."

...about Game of Thrones? Pretty much no one, have another Emmy for being edgy. People talk about 50 Shades of Grey and the sex in Game of Thrones and this and that constantly, but when it comes times for games it's all of a sudden a taboo subject just meant to titillate adolescents because every goddamn video games beat writer needs an easy bandwagon cause that legitimizes them as a journalist. Screw that and screw them.
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News Comments > Into the Black
4. Re: Into the Black Dec 5, 2013, 22:09 PropheT
I think it looks pretty badass.

Garfield is great, imo. He and a lot of the other elements of the new movies are closer to Ultimate Spider-Man, which was really a lot better than the old Amazing comics have been in a long time anyway.
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News Comments > Quoteworthy - NVIDIA: PC "Far Superior" to Next-Gen
53. Re: Quoteworthy - NVIDIA: PC Dec 1, 2013, 03:36 PropheT
Vio wrote on Dec 1, 2013, 01:30:
entr0py wrote on Dec 1, 2013, 00:50:
... The advantages of consoles are a far lower price, ...

I don't think this is true for the current "next-gen" (specifically in my own nation), it seems retailers have decided to sell the consoles for $650~700.

What country are you in? At least in the U.S., the PS4 is $400 and the XB1 $500; I haven't seen anywhere outside of Craigslist/Ebay that anyone is asking for more than those regular retail prices. They're selling quickly, but places are actually keeping small amounts of them in stock for short periods of time so it's not as if they're impossible to get right now.

There are some price variations regionally, but I assumed they were the same with the older console generations as well.
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News Comments > Quoteworthy - NVIDIA: PC "Far Superior" to Next-Gen
35. Re: Quoteworthy - NVIDIA: PC Nov 30, 2013, 21:05 PropheT
theyarecomingforyou wrote on Nov 30, 2013, 18:05:
The idea that nVidia is saying this because it missed out on the consoles is ridiculous.

They're saying it because that's what the PC gamers want to hear.

It's not just racing and sports games consoles are better for right now, because they get the big games. Most big games for PC over the last few years have been ports outside of very specific genres, and even indie games are increasingly available on consoles.

I've been a PC gamer forever, but I like my consoles because they offer me something I don't get with my PC. That's not changing any time soon, if ever, and the performance and fidelity differences are negligible when the majority of the good games you get were originally designed for the console versions anyway.

All of this just seems like another platform PR group tooting their horn for their favorite team, I guess, and there's been way too much of that to stomach with the launch of the new consoles as it is.
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News Comments > Saturday Consolidation
5. Re: Saturday Consolidation Nov 23, 2013, 14:09 PropheT
I miss the 2K hockey games. They tended to focus on being a little more sim-like than the arcade-ish feel of the NHL games, like setting up plays and cycling the puck rather than just trying to force breakaways and shooting from the slot at high speed every time.  
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
23. Re: Out of the Blue Nov 22, 2013, 22:38 PropheT
She sounds a lot like my grandpa was. Even though I still miss him after all this time, it'd be a far worse loss to have not known him and have a chance to learn from him in the time we had. Sorry for your loss, Blue, best wishes to your family.  
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
4. Re: Evening Consolidation Nov 22, 2013, 22:30 PropheT
KSI at Eurogamer

From what I understand, he was banned from Eurogamer for this. I didn't know who he was before today, but I sure as hell wouldn't want my company associated with the guy from that video.

Apparently I'm old and have no idea who is and isn't a celebrity on YouTube. Or why, really. My son knew who he was and sent me that warning me the guy would make me angry within the first 30 seconds
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
9. Re: Morning Consolidation Nov 22, 2013, 12:46 PropheT
nin wrote on Nov 22, 2013, 11:42:
It's a feature I found about after someone on reddit mention it: anytime you need to type something more than a few characters (a username, a note, code, etc), hit the R3 (stick, push down).

You'll get a sort of cursor on the screen, and you move by tilting the controller, similar to how you'd use a wii controller.

I didn't know about this yet, I might have to try it out. Thanks!
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
2. Re: Evening Consolidation Nov 22, 2013, 02:09 PropheT
The stranger thing to me is that it doesn't seem to be changeable without voiding the warranty. Is it really jammed in there that far? I figured they'd have a proprietary interface so they could just sell their own branded drives like the 360 has had.  
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
32. Re: Morning Consolidation Nov 21, 2013, 19:36 PropheT
Beamer wrote on Nov 21, 2013, 18:37:
First, how are we defining "fail?" Every product fails at some point.

Regardless, take a look at the reviews for the Remington Touch shaver on Amazon. Well over half the reviews indicate the product failed. You can argue that the only people writing reviews are ones who had the product fail, but when 100 of 127 reviews say the product failed, and most of the other 27 are people reviewing within a week of buying, and many of those 100 claim they had originally given a good review but had to change after a month, I'd say you can estimate that as being a higher failure rate.

But, in general, products that experience really high failure rates don't tend to get much attention because they're not high profile. Look at anything bought As Seen on TV - most probably won't work. Hell, I recently had someone try to sell my one of those extending hoses (not the exact seen on tv one) for 2% MRSP. Why? Because the failure rate was 100%.

I'd define fail the same way the companies would, in the number that needs warranty service or replacement in relation to how many I've put into the channel. If I put a million electronic ticklers into retail, and have 10,000 of them that I have to replace, that 1% failure rate is well within the realm of what I'd expect when selling them.

I don't think Amazon reviews are the best way to judge the failure rate of a particular device, due in no small part to that expected failure limit. The people who are most inclined to post are the ones who had one fail, and there's no way of knowing how many were sold. Hell, look at computer game ratings on Amazon; you'd think some of them made demons come screaming out of your computer to rain fire on your genitals, but most of them are pretty decent and work just fine.

I'd disagree that a high failure rate doesn't mean a high profile, especially when talking about electronics. A 5% failure rate in electronics can be enough to trigger a recall (the HDD company I mentioned that did the recall had about a 5% failure rate that triggered it). A 50%+ failure rate would probably trigger a fraud investigation in some states.

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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
26. Re: Morning Consolidation Nov 21, 2013, 17:03 PropheT
Beamer wrote on Nov 21, 2013, 16:01:
Your edit is correct, but really? You're betting that no electronic consumer product has ever had a fail rate over 50%?


I worked for a company about 10 years ago that had a device that was very, very well known for its failure rate. Everyone knew it, the company wouldn't admit to it and never issued a recall. Their actual failure rate wasn't as high as the original 360's going by Gamestop's guesses being around the 30%+ range.

I worked for hard drive manufacturer about 15 years ago that DID have a recall for one of their drives, and its failure rate was less than half the 360's.

I don't know of an electronic device with a failure rate over 50%. I've never heard of one with that catastrophic of a problem before. Do you have any examples?
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
31. Re: Morning Consolidation Nov 18, 2013, 21:01 PropheT
PHJF wrote on Nov 18, 2013, 17:13:
Really wish there was backwards compatibility though. I think I'll get an extra long cable to play some PS3 games with the DS4 whenever I run out of stuff.

I don't understand how the DS4 doesn't work on a PS3. PS3 is bluetooth 2. PS4 is bluetooth 2.

It does, but I think you have to hook it up with a cable first and I remember something about the PS button not working on it. I think there's a thread on NeoGaf about doing it that I saw linked elsewhere, but I haven't tried it myself.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
23. Re: Morning Consolidation Nov 18, 2013, 16:33 PropheT
Verno wrote on Nov 18, 2013, 12:29:
A lot of quality manufacturing comes out of China too so that's neither here nor there.

I'm pretty sure they make Xbox's there was well as Kindles and iPads at the same giganto China location they have, reports seem to differ when I looked it up to try and verify it. If a few people have dead XB1's I imagine we'll get another round of chicken little prognostication at the end of this week, too.
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News Comments > Sunday Consolidation
3. Re: Sunday Consolidation Nov 17, 2013, 12:43 PropheT
nin wrote on Nov 17, 2013, 12:29:
I'd also really appreciate other folks input on a reddit thread I just started. Instead of rehashing it here, I'll just point you in the right direction, regarding if, based on all the news of broken PS4s, if an extended warranty might not be a bad idea. I'm seriously close to pulling the trigger. Thoughts? Thanks!

My impression so far is that the reports of failures are really overblown by an extremely vocal and connected gaming community, but that's probably still not a bad idea if you can afford it. I've been considering getting the extra warranty myself.

As for the updating, I must have gotten on before the big push of people came through on Friday. My system had downloaded the update before I even realized it was downloading anything :p
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News Comments > Blackguards Video Diary
2. Re: Blackguards Video Diary Nov 16, 2013, 01:47 PropheT
HorrorScope wrote on Nov 15, 2013, 11:13:
If you are looking for a turn-based miniature simulator... this is very good.

I'll second that one. It's still rough around the edges being early access and all, but it's a damn good game.
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
5. Re: Evening Consolidation Nov 16, 2013, 01:45 PropheT
If you have a Vita, hook it up to your PS4. Seriously, holy crap is it cool.

I was playing Injustice on my Vita directly off of my PS4, and it looks and runs perfectly (it doesn't even look like a Vita game). I know people have kind of laughed at the Vita up to this point, but it's a real wow moment to see it in action like this. Not to mention, I can play my PS4 from my Vita even if my family wants the TV for something else... it's just awesome to see it in action, and unfortunately probably hard to appreciate until you do see it in person.

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News Comments > Dragon Age: Inquisition Gameplay Footage
20. Re: Dragon Age: Inquisition Gameplay Footage Nov 14, 2013, 18:20 PropheT
I think this looks great, especially for a game that's still a year away.  
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
21. Re: Morning Consolidation Nov 13, 2013, 16:07 PropheT
Dades wrote on Nov 13, 2013, 13:23:
It's yet another console launch basically. Anyone remember Kameo and Heavenly Sword fondly? Seems like there is plenty of third party stuff to carry the day for both systems, neither one has a good launch lineup, I'll stick with my PC.

Pretty much, yeah. A couple of years from now nobody will even really remember these games in all likelihood.

I still got one

Check your status again nin, mine shows they're preparing it for shipping right now so a tracking number will probably be there in the next few hours. It does look like they're sending them today, anyway.
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News Comments > Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Announced
26. Re: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Announced Nov 12, 2013, 20:29 PropheT
eRe4s3r wrote on Nov 12, 2013, 18:01:
Doesn't help that the story sounds so cliché that even reading about it bored me to death.. twice. I was ressurected by a dancing pony though, with only condition that I not buy this game. I agreed!

I thought it sounded pretty cool when I pictured a LOTR version of Skyrim and was disappointed when I read that you play as a specific ranger guy that's totally not Aragorn.

Will have to see what they come up with, but since it's probably going up against Dragon Age: Inquisition in the same time frame another scenario like when War in the North came out seems likely.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
32. Re: Morning Consolidation Nov 12, 2013, 15:59 PropheT
HorrorScope wrote on Nov 12, 2013, 13:26:
PropheT wrote on Nov 12, 2013, 12:22:
HorrorScope wrote on Nov 12, 2013, 11:44:
The articles themselves have comments.

So does YouTube, that doesn't make them worth anything

Are any comments worth anything? The point I made I stand with, I said there are a few articles here that simply state a couple of facts. They weren't reported on to be negative, like saying "it's a pain excruciating 30 seconds!!!", but reading the comments to the article several people did take it as an attack. I was just saying that, if you like it or not, well that isn't considered on this end.

He the Bone fell all over itself, but that doesn't mean to me the PS4 is unapproachable at all. It's not like Sony has been squeaky clean all these years. We are dealing with lesser of two evils.

Sure, some comments are, just not many and you need to dig to find them. All I'm saying is that that's pretty much the standard on any gaming story or video or review anywhere and not really grounds for classifying an entire segment of the community as thin skinned.

A company can post that they're giving away something for free, and someone will complain that it's not as free as someone else's or not free enough. It's kind of like political discussions near the election on those years (or even in between anymore, I suppose), there's a very large element of white noise that has to be filtered out before you can find something someone actually thought about before posting instead of just defending their favorite team.

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