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News Comments > Morning Interviews
15. Re: Morning Interviews Sep 25, 2014, 16:20 PropheT
Beamer wrote on Sep 25, 2014, 12:47:
It didn't start with AAA games, and it didn't start with anyone buying reviews. It started with a woman that often talked about feminism being unfaithful.

It started with a woman who was pushing her video game being unfaithful with the people who were writing reviews to help sell that game. That's kind of an important detail to leave out, although it was for an indie title and not a AAA game.

I'd still maintain that the entire thing has more to do with gamers being sick of opinion pieces and emotional gerrymandering by gaming sites who have grown accustomed to treating their readers like shit, because I'm not sure why else they'd be so eager to turn on them. It's not like the idea of game reviews being not entirely on the level is a new one.
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
1. Re: Morning Tech Bits Sep 25, 2014, 11:58 PropheT
That's kind of crazy, 15 years ago when I worked in the hard drive business a 5% failure rate was enough to spark a recall for one of those manufacturers (one of the others I worked for refused to ever say there was anything wrong with one of their lines that far exceeded that, though...).

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News Comments > Wasteland 2 Earns $1.5M
44. Re: Wasteland 2 Earns $1.5M Sep 24, 2014, 17:13 PropheT
Creston wrote on Sep 24, 2014, 15:46:
Beelzebud wrote on Sep 24, 2014, 14:24:
Remember folks, Fallout HAD to be turned into a first person shooter, because clearly turn based RPG's are dead.

Seeing as how they practically tripled the sales from FO1&2 combined with FO3, it's kind of hard to argue they made the wrong decision...

Considering how good Fallout 3 was I don't really mind the switch anyway.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
13. Re: Morning Consolidation Sep 19, 2014, 22:05 PropheT
Agent.X7 wrote on Sep 19, 2014, 15:25:
My only complaint is that the story is so patchy it's pretty much worthless. I beat all of the missions and strikes, read all the online stuff on my Destiny app, and still really have no idea what is going on. Darkness coming for us all, blah blah blah. If all the bad guys work for the darkness, why do they all fight each other?

And how I am supposed to take the robot Captain Mal?

Yeah, the story isn't. Not "isn't good" or "isn't intelligible", it just...isn't, it doesn't exist. There's no answers to any questions, ever, and every question I started the game with only found more questions later on with nothing ever being answered. It still kind of drives me nuts that I don't know what an Awoken or Exo is despite this definitely being our solar system at some point in time and them both being playable races.

The best I can tell the Guardians are angels, the Hive are demons, and the Fallen and Cabal are what became of humanity after being twisted by the Darkness (the Fallen being twisted tribal darkness fanatics and the Cabal being the last remaining genetic-remnant of what humanity became after its push to the stars). The Stranger, I'm guessing, is one of the last remaining real people out there on the run through space-time like we're in The Matrix; not undead like all of us in the Tower, but interested in us succeeding to prevent whatever happens if the Traveler disappeared entirely.

But really, who knows. Most of that I just made up in my head to have it make sense while I was playing.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
2. Re: Morning Consolidation Sep 19, 2014, 11:31 PropheT
Er, wow, I had no idea that Destiny was getting bad review scores. I've been playing the shit out of it since it came out and I'd have never known it wasn't great if I hadn't seen the article about metacritic  
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News Comments > FINAL FANTASY XIII for PC Announced
19. Re: FINAL FANTASY XIII for PC Announced Sep 18, 2014, 23:35 PropheT
Frijoles wrote on Sep 18, 2014, 20:02:
Isn't this the shitty version where you basically just push "A" until the game ends? Pretty movie, lousy game. At least they're trying.

You can only push A to win for about the first 15-20 hours or so, and then it opens up (I wish that was exaggerating, but it's close enough to the truth).

I actually thought it got worse at that point, strangely enough... the paradigm system is awful, horrible combat design and still wound up being used in XIII-2 afterward meaning I'd never enjoy that one, either.

I'm assuming the 3rd game is Lightning Returns, which my son said he actually liked but I haven't tried.
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News Comments > Divinity: Original Sin Free DLC
17. Re: Divinity: Original Sin Free DLC Sep 16, 2014, 20:00 PropheT
CJ_Parker wrote on Sep 16, 2014, 10:54:
Shuddupayaface . It actually is that good and you quit the wrong game in favor of a mediocre shitty game.

It's really not.

The story and writing is mediocre at best, the content after chapter 1 is poorly put together, and the only thing really compelling about the game in the long run is the combat. I put a decent amount of time into it and finished it, so I'd never call it bad -- but Divinity really isn't as great as it gets made out to be.

If there was anything else out in the same genre even remotely recently it would be looked at in the same light as Risen 3; good enough for people who really like that kind of game, but not the kind of game you hype up. It doesn't hold a candle to older games of the same type, it was just refreshing because it came out when there hadn't been anything like it in so long.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
3. Re: Morning Consolidation Sep 15, 2014, 13:02 PropheT
I'd argue that the clear winner is the person who doesn't limit themselves to one system. I'm not sure I've ever understood liking a platform more than the games on it, or limiting your choices based on platform loyalty when there's no way there isn't something (or a lot of somethings) to enjoy on a console even if you're a PC die-hard.  
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News Comments > MS Working on Xbox Streaming to Browsers?
18. Re: MS Working on Xbox Streaming to Browsers? Sep 13, 2014, 16:54 PropheT
jdreyer wrote on Sep 13, 2014, 16:45:
The difference is that you actually have to own your Steam games, then streaming can only be done locally. This is cloud streaming, so it can be done from anywhere. And depending on how they do it, you'll could have access to a vast library of existing Xbox games.

There's enough crossover with Xbox titles that I can't personally see any reason to want this over the benefits of owning and installing the same games locally to a gaming PC.
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News Comments > MS Working on Xbox Streaming to Browsers?
1. Re: MS Working on Xbox Streaming to Browsers? Sep 13, 2014, 13:20 PropheT
PC gaming with all the licensing and restrictions of playing on the Xbone, but finally people will be able to play games like Titanfall and Dead Rising 3 on their PC's. Wait...  
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News Comments > Op Ed
14. Re: Op Ed Sep 9, 2014, 00:43 PropheT
Beamer wrote on Sep 9, 2014, 00:10:
She ridicules those that don't like women and want nothing to ever improve.
Does that describe you? If so, you deserve to be ridiculed.

It does not describe most people, yet so many seem willing to think it does.

Speaking of straw men, that's not what the Gamasutra "gamers are over" article was even about or what she was talking about at all other than the fact that it's sad that the outward face of gaming were repeated messages about misogyny, slut-shaming, and so on.

It was about the gaming community sucking ass (it does), and that it was gaming journalism's job now to foster a better community (it won't), and that the "gamer" that made up the gaming community of the past is gone and no one cares (because wishing for a better audience creates one, apparently).

It's a decent article, and she's right about the gaming community. What she's wrong about is that gaming journalism is about a community other than the one it has, as if gaming and the sites writing about it are now catering to a different audience than r/gaming and r/games and so on.

The reason gamers got so pissed is because they're tired of being told how much they suck by the people whose bread they're buttering, and they've gone on the rampage against gaming journalism because there's been a very pointed Us vs. Them thing that's been fostered.

The fact that you went to the "you must be a misogynist if you disagree" route when that wasn't even the point of the discussion is a pretty goddamn good example of why people are so tired of all of this. I hate the gaming community, I hate the childishness in it and the near-constant state of outrage, but when it comes to being part of an audience I'm still a gamer even if I don't want to label myself as one; and as a gamer in that respect, I'm the core audience of these sites who have chosen to repeatedly attack their audience in an attempt to shame them into being a different community than they are.

It isn't most people but it's still aimed at all of us, and it's gotten really fucking old.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
14. Re: Morning Consolidation Sep 8, 2014, 13:59 PropheT
I'm excited as hell for Destiny (although maybe not enough to play at 2am here later), and I'd never even really be considering it if it wasn't for the beta event they did.

For people who don't understand the draw of it, it has PvP multiplayer akin to Halo while having a co-op/single player story experience you can play. My favorite part is the open-world, throw you into the zone and let you explore portion of the game; it's very Fallout-esque to me, with a side of Metro thrown in. You really don't know if there's going to be a treasure box in that dark room around the corner or something gigantic that'll eat you since it's not necessarily just safe for all levels everywhere.

It's polished, atmospheric, and plays really well. I just hope the servers can handle the influx of people as it comes up :p
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
9. Re: Out of the Blue Sep 6, 2014, 22:25 PropheT
Quboid wrote on Sep 6, 2014, 21:32:
Oh good, this stuff in OotB too. And someone self-important shouting at a camera belittling their opponents, that always settles debates.

Well, there's 8 other links there that you could just read instead.

I kind of thought the point was that there never was a debate to resolve in the first place. After a lot of righteous indignation in article after article belittling something and anyone who disagrees, nobody else that I've seen with more of a voice than an average forum poster has really bothered to point out that the professionally offended aren't really paying attention to facts.

All that aside, I thought it was just nice for someone to do something that said we aren't all shitty people for liking games or comics or whatever for a change.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
1. Re: Out of the Blue Sep 6, 2014, 13:37 PropheT
I think that Spider-Woman Maddox video might be the best thing I've ever seen.  
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News Comments > Op Ed
11. Re: Morning Crowdfunding Roundup Sep 5, 2014, 12:00 PropheT
nin wrote on Sep 5, 2014, 09:52:
It is rather telling they all trotted out the same line, all around the same time, in an attempt to circle the wagons...

They did the same thing when people got in an uproar about Mass Effect 3's ending. There was the usual internet hyperbole involved with people exaggerating and waving end of the world signs, but there was a lot of people who were genuinely upset with something at least topically important.

Instead of actually talking about it or acknowledging that maybe there was a real issue there, though, most of the major game sites decided to attack the players instead, so it's not really any wonder that a few years later we're all misogynistic low-rent bastards to them now.
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News Comments > Memorial Consolidation
3. Re: Memorial Consolidation Sep 1, 2014, 20:55 PropheT
Hearing Persona 5 is coming to PS4 and that a new Hot Shots Golf game is coming as well kind of made my day.  
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News Comments > Evening Metaverse
2. Re: Evening Metaverse Aug 30, 2014, 00:41 PropheT
btallas wrote on Aug 30, 2014, 00:16:
Regarding the map that shows every connected device on the internet, I wanna know what's connected in the middle of Greenland.

It's this, according to (this).
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News Comments > Op Ed
23. Re: Op Ed Aug 29, 2014, 12:02 PropheT
Gamers are over.
You can't lead by targeting them.

Kajetan wrote on Aug 29, 2014, 10:30:
She isnt important. Its not about her. Its about the role of women in video games and the video game industry.

No it isn't.

I strongly prefer female characters in games, movies, and even books. I'm not sure I could say why, but I always have. The fact is that aside from the occasional imagery in video games (which I'd still argue is artistic design and not anti-female in the first place), women are treated better and more fairly in games right now than they are in popular fiction written by and for women.

As for the industry, I don't see what appealing to gamers about it is supposed to do other than stir up the shitstorm. Women have been an integral part of the industry pretty much since the beginning with people like Roberta Williams putting out games that people still look back on fondly. Are there a lot fewer women in the field? Yeah, of course; but that's true of ANY technical field.

Most of the evidence is people saying dumb shit on the internet, and if that's all it takes then anyone who posted a picture of themselves (male or female) on a public site like Tumblr or Reddit has experienced the same thing. Contrary to what these people want others to believe, Twitter or YouTube comments or Reddit posts probably aren't the best representation of people or the reality of interaction within a community outside of those particular places.

Anyway, didn't we just do this? I think we just did this.
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News Comments > Evening Interviews
61. Re: Evening Interviews Aug 28, 2014, 18:41 PropheT
Beamer wrote on Aug 28, 2014, 15:33:
How do you have a discussion on it, though? A woman says "as a woman, that makes me feel lesser." And men immediately say "you're wrong."

Most men don't look for a dialogue about sexism. Frankly, nearly every man fails to understand sexism. We have no frame of reference for it at all, like someone colorblind has no frame of reference for green.

You address actual existing issues instead of just throwing out a broad admonishment of an entire industry for being sexist by cherry picking anything you can possibly find, often with no context, to support it. If you don't, you get this:

New Statesman article on Sarkeesian where if you disagree with what she does, you're just stupid and don't understand what she's doing, hate women, or both (he alternates), and any criticism of it just enforces her point. THIS is the stuff people are mad about, because it's having an impact on gaming and the gaming community, and I'd challenge anyone to show me a positive impact that's come as a result.

Aseven's Brad Wardell link says it better than I can.

I'd also strongly disagree to the men not understanding sexism thing. You don't have to be a woman to understand sexism any more than you have to be black to understand racism. You don't have to be subject to the same prejudices to see them applied, or to experience a level of empathy with someone they're practiced on. I refuse to believe it because if only those people can ever truly understand those issues, then there's no hope for them ever being resolved.
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News Comments > Evening Interviews
38. Re: Evening Interviews Aug 28, 2014, 15:25 PropheT
Jensen wrote on Aug 28, 2014, 02:58:
Ar you talking about Internet Aristocrat and thunderf00t and the millions of views they've gotten from this uproar? (how much did they get from the ads I watched before their videos?)

I'm not even sure what or who that is, so no. All I know is that there seems to be a pretty steady cycle of this where she or someone she seems to be closely associated with routinely uses examples like this to drum up support for their movement while their hands are outstretched looking for the next dollar.

It definitely happens, everyone remembers that the shit with Jade Raymond a few years back was nauseating, but she was doing her job and still is and is an important part of behind the scenes gaming production. Sarkeesian's only contribution are projects explicitly designed to show inequality, and she takes any hate or vitriol that heads her way and uses it as marketing to push a product that relies on it.

She counts on it, the gaming press has gone out of their way to oblige it, and it keeps gaining steam because anyone who disagrees is a misogynist bastard who thinks there's nothing wrong. There's no discussion actually there, no way to improve from that, and guys like Whedon giving her kudos and more press just seems like otherwise smart people suddenly deciding that Ann Coulter is a leading voice on political discourse.
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