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News Comments > id on DOOM 4 Images
91. Re: id on DOOM 4 Images Mar 3, 2012, 19:45 Spektr
Ray Marden wrote on Mar 3, 2012, 00:37:
But, as others have noted, the game failed at reaching greatness for so many reasons other than the graphics. The bugs? The AI? The confined gameplay? The pointless world hubs? The good, but completely underutilized vehicle component? The weak gun play? The terrible story? The weak UI? Broken economy? Boring gameplay?
The game was weak, and graphically, the highs did not surpass the lows.
Thinking Quake is the last id game I really enjoyed playing,

Ah ok what recent game did you enjoy as having better gunplay?
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News Comments > id on DOOM 4 Images
41. Re: id on DOOM 4 Images Mar 2, 2012, 12:32 Spektr
theyarecomingforyou wrote on Mar 2, 2012, 12:12:
I hope the people that defended the screenshots in the previous thread - and even went as far as to say they looked good - are thoroughly embarrassed.

Personally I hope the end of war and poverty but I guess your hopes and ambitions in life are more reasonable. Whether there is point in sharing them on the internet instead of doing something useful is another story. Don't assume your running-nosed point of view interests grown-ups per se.

Anyway I don't know what people are expecting from Doom4. It's just going to be another first person shooter. It's not like we have been flooded with quality shooters lately. If it's got interesting level design and exciting gameplay, ( better than the current COD sheite we are treated with)that will be enough for me. I don't need it to be awesome. Good will do.

This comment was edited on Mar 2, 2012, 12:39.
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News Comments > DOOM 4 Screenshots? Cancellation Rumor Denied
63. Re: DOOM 4 Screenshots? Cancellation Rumor Denied Mar 1, 2012, 09:22 Spektr
Maybe those are screenshots from Half life 3? :p

Seriously, I read at the Rage engine is not competitive. How relevant is that comment? Why would an engine need to be competitive? Most developers make their own engines nowadays. Who licenses their technology nowadays, except epic and to a lesser extent crytech?
Is the skyrim engine even remotely competitive to the first crysis engine?
Personally I am tired of seeing the same engine over and over again. ( yes the Unreal 3 engine ) With its limitations the rage engine was a departure from the conformism that has pervaded in the video game business lately.

This comment was edited on Mar 1, 2012, 09:33.
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News Comments > DOOM 4 Screenshots? Cancellation Rumor Denied
16. Re: DOOM 4 Screenshots? Cancellation Rumor Denied Feb 29, 2012, 01:19 Spektr
theyarecomingforyou wrote on Feb 28, 2012, 23:17:
Wrecked cars? Cranes? Large outdoor areas? It doesn't look like it's set on Mars, that's for sure.

Wow.. Well observed my dear Sherlock... it's because, as somebody pointed out, the action is setting place on earth. How do I know that? Well from expecting a new take on DOOM 2 that was taking place on earth. ( I must admit I didn't recognize earth much at the time) Also from projections I made. Would ID make a new game taking place on Mars again? That would start to get a little repetitive for them and they also need a new environment to show off their new tech.

And no it doesn't look like Doom III at all. Like you pointed out so brilliantly, the action is not set on Mars. It's pretty obvious they are using the same engine as Rage. Especially in the library screenshots with the books. Look so similar that one may wonder what innovation this new game brings in terms of graphics. No new game need bring graphic innovation but it's always nice to have something new to "chew on". Especially when we are talking about Id software games! This said it's the first ID game that seems to be taking place on contemporean earth. Rage being their first game set on earth. So from a design point of view it's still a new challenge for their creative teams, used to chew out hard Sci-Fi environments. Kinda strange by the way, DOOM III is taking place in a science fiction environment, and this, supposedly a follow up, is taking place in an environment that really looks like the present day. The possibility that those are screenshots for a Rage expansion is not to be excluded at this point. A hint for that would be the name of the garage "collision" that would refer to the Mad-maxian gameplay of Rage and the collision of the comet. But I doubt it because the technology in Rage looked more advanced and the architecture less realistic.

I must add that in spite of its shortcomings I loved the gameplay in Rage and I am still thinking this was the best fps to come out in a long while. Playing it awoke some old reflexes from the old school days.

This comment was edited on Feb 29, 2012, 01:31.
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News Comments > Syndicate Solicits Pirates
47. Re: Syndicate Solicits Pirates Feb 25, 2012, 13:30 Spektr
yes I've heard this game sucks. Nobody's going to pirate it lol  
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News Comments > BioWare Explains Mass Effect 3 Day One DLC
82. Re: BioWare Explains Mass Effect 3 Day One DLC Feb 24, 2012, 22:24 Spektr
I suppose none of these teams are in charge of ironing out the bugs in TOR but a lot of silly bugs I would like squashed before all my characters reach 50 and I stop subscribing.Kinda off topic I know? but then..  
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News Comments > First PC Max Payne 3 Screenshots
13. Re: First PC Max Payne 3 Screenshots Feb 24, 2012, 09:55 Spektr
well who cares MP2 sucked anyway. Is Payne supposed to look like Michael Madsen this time around?  
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News Comments > PC Alan Wake Breaks Even
7. Re: PC Alan Wake Breaks Even Feb 20, 2012, 11:17 Spektr
Wow. Maybe some people are going to make Pc games again?  
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News Comments > U.K. Digital Charts Coming
2. Re: U.K. Digital Charts Coming Jan 25, 2012, 07:12 Spektr
More and more charts ... and less and less PC news Less and less PC games are being made.  
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News Comments > Half-Life: Dreamcast
2. Re: Half-Life: Dreamcast Jan 20, 2012, 11:48 Spektr
cutting edge graphics :p  
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News Comments > Max Payne 3 Trailer
2. Re: Max Payne 3 Trailer Jan 18, 2012, 21:15 Spektr
Oni? Seriously you didn't like Max Payne? Well Rockstar didn't make it anyway. It didn't even publish it at the time ( It was the now defunct 3drealms but they bought the rights.)
Well it's the first video of this new game thatI am watching and I am totally converted... The graphics the animations the action... I am looking forward to it!
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News Comments > Evening Screenshots
1. Re: Evening Screenshots Jan 14, 2012, 02:51 Spektr
Does Hawken use technology similar to the Rage engine?  
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News Comments > Evening Screenshots
2. Re: Evening Screenshots Jan 11, 2012, 00:39 Spektr
I have to concur: "Please don't suck"!  
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News Comments > Steam Top 10
12. Re: Steam Top 10 Jan 9, 2012, 00:06 Spektr
I am not a big fan of skyUI I find the letters too small and since I have lot of stuff it confuses me to see a lot of stuff at once.. any way to make fonts bigger?  
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News Comments > etc.
2. Re: etc. Jan 8, 2012, 14:29 Spektr
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News Comments > Steam Top 10
14. Re: Steam Top 10 Jan 2, 2012, 14:17 Spektr
Good to see elder scrolls selling more than COD. Well because I have been a find of elder scrolls since Daggerfall and every time I tried a COD game I found it really boring. Just personal taste but there is more that. It would be ok if this series only favoured marketing over gameplay quality. The big problem is the bad influence the success of this series had on other products. Suddenly games with no automatic healing and more than two weapons at once became "old school" shooters. Surprise, I have been playing some of those recently released "old school" games and they are much more fun. Wish Rage had sold better ( Ah deathmatch...) but I see COD MW getting old soon. Marketing can't turn turd into gold.  
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News Comments > Skyrim Arrives
141. Re: Skyrim Arrives Dec 24, 2011, 10:04 Spektr
I was a bit disappointed how the perks were handled insofar as some would give special bonuses and as you pointed out some feel like if you don't take the perks you are weaker in those skills. The good side of this system is that it makes the perks class-defining.. making you an expert in what you chose. But there is a bad side to it, it's a major change from the Bethesda paradigm that practising a skill is how you improve it.
It still works that way but one may wonder if it's doing any good. Now my picklocking skill is almost 100 but I didnt see the harder locks getting easier because I didnt have points to invest in them. So did my skill improved for nothing? In some other skills you can see the damage of your armor and your weapons improve as you progress in skill but wondering how much they would be with perks. It still breaks the paradigm because one character with 100 in one handed weapons is still not as efficient as another with 100.
So how to circumvent that? ( in next games for instance ) remove those efficiency perks? make those perks automatic when you reach the level caps like in oblivion? or using the skill leveling system and when skill is 100 it keeps improving when you get 101 etc the only bonus is a free perk in this skill. Another way would be giving extra perk point (once ) if you pick skills that have reached the caps of 25 / 50 / 75 / 100.
The problem is that skills already make you level and thus giving you perk points already but improving in one hand combat allows you to improve your conjuration through perks. Once again a big departure from the Elder scrolls system. It worked better in Fallout since it uses a classic experience system. Not a problem that they change their system but here two different systems coexist. A good thing in Fallout was that perks werent linked to skills too. Those perks can still be had in Skyrim as quest rewards or active powers. For instance you can get rewarded by a training that give you a point increase in a few related skills. Same as some fallout perks. Some other perks: extra damage to people of opposite sex are given from a blessing.. Don't know how this bonus has anything to do with a goddess of beauty though,shouldnt she give a bonus to speechcraft with opposite sex instead?
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News Comments > Skyrim Arrives
140. Re: Skyrim Arrives Dec 24, 2011, 09:18 Spektr
Oblivion was a while ago and WOW happened in between so my memory is blurry but it seems to be that Oblivion wasn't that polished when it came out. I don't know if Win7 or Skyrim is to be accounted for that but the game is loading very fast. All the other games take longer to load so I would think it's Bethesda's doing. When I think of how long the loadscreens were in Morrowind I can't help but think Beth did a great job. What's more the game was very fluid when I started playing but got more jittery as I kept playing. Too bad there are many bugs littered here and there and the performance drops as the game goes. Used to be very fluid although my rig is a few years old. This said nowadays games are made to play on years old consoles so I don't see the point in buying a new rig. No wonder Nvidia is doing telephones these days.  
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News Comments > EA Won't Appeal AU Syndicate Ruling
13. Re: EA Won't Appeal AU Syndicate Ruling Dec 24, 2011, 09:04 Spektr
yeah well I think some people are racist as hell all around the planet..
And yes, they can download it illegally... As of legal downloads, I am not sure they check if you are Australian or not. But I am sure there are workarounds.
It can only mean two things: a) Governments are completely unaware of what's going today in our societies b) They are but they are completely helpless. The Internet and globalized economics are more powerful than they are.
Kinda scary in some way but glad the internet is once again helping against governement censorship.
PS: And yes I would order it from Amazon or something..
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News Comments > On Skyrim DLC
45. Re: On Skyrim DLC Dec 16, 2011, 12:26 Spektr
Well, as much as I see what TES games share with shooters, I don't see what mentioning them adds in this discussion. Skyrim has action, does it make it an action rpg? I thought that category was for diablo like games. For me it's a FPRPG that follows in the footsteps of its predecessors. I agree with most of the criticism I have heard here though.

this said they managed to make the action good but at the same time they break the pace with poor IU design decisions. It's like their quests you can be an assassin and an agent of mara. ( I am ) they want to be a rpg and an action game. So you can fight an epic fight then pause it to look for this potion somewhere. There should have been efforts to make it coherent at last. It had never been in the previous games so they find no reason to change it. In the witcher you can only take a potion when preparing for combat not during combat in another game drinking a potion makes you vulnerable for a moment to the enemy's attacks. Here you can can just pause game and empty your stock of health potions. This doesnt mean the game isnt good or that I never die. But it's frustrating. easier access to stuff would help. Maybe they could add a cross shaped interface to the favourites key like the tab key. up for potions, down for shouts right for weapons &apparel, left for spells. That would sort stuff better for sure. Personally I havent added any potions to favourites so I dont have to go up and down.

I think the magic system needs more spells too. It's like they spent all their time on shouts, which comes out as a rival to the traditional magic system. Oh since anybody coming from any region can have shout powers I wonder why only Skyrim has them in its traditions?
Anyway I like the spells. They look better than they had in the past but I wish they were much more. I levelled up Illusion so my rogue could become invisible and because I had nightingale cowl that improved my illusion skill but the only spell I got in that category was muffle. Which was moot because I had nightingale boots that adds this effect permanently. ok illusion is good to play with crowds this time. It has become the mind control school. Light effects are now with alteration. it seems they didn't have much to add to that school. Well there are some effects from shouts I would have liked to see in spells. Storm call , slow time etc... But the shouts had two things for them that spells don't have... Any characters can use them, regardless of class so they can make puzzles requiring them in general quests. ( the way some spells are used in mage quests ) They can control how much characters can use them since there is a cooldown timer. So that they don't use slow time all the time for instance.

It's true that freedom is the main ideology of t he game and you can do what you want so if you follow daedras and become an assassin is up to you. Player feels encouraged because there is no social stigma about it. But what would you say if every guard in town knew you are an assassin. Actually sometimes there is one who says glory to Sithis or one recognizes your thieves guild armor ( wondering what sense there is to have 100 in sneak if anybody can recognize you ) Actually sometimes you are complimented for completing a daedric quest. Guards express their awe because you are carrying Azura's star ( X ray eyes ) And at the same children will ask to play with them even though you are wearing a grim-looking Dragon Priest mask. Well my assassin works for all sides, aedras & daedras. He spreads the good word of Mara after killing people. How is that possible? Well he's an hypocrite, hiding his dark side by doing good things for the community. The only thing is that gods aren't aware or they dont just care I am working for every and each of them and all give me their blessing....

This comment was edited on Dec 16, 2011, 13:16.
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