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News Comments > Steam Top 10 - XCOM 2 Edition
43. Re: Steam Top 10 - XCOM 2 Edition Feb 8, 2016, 03:55 Maniac
For me after I got got the magnetic weapons the game started to crash quite often. Before it (and I did a restart after ca 5-6h) there was not issues. I deleted my game profile (kept savegames), but still problems continue. Annoying as hell. Only thing I changed was initial squad size from 4 to 6 (so total of 8 in the end) and enabled the mods that came with launch.  
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News Comments > Steam Top 10
21. Re: Steam Top 10 Feb 1, 2016, 04:02 Maniac
Funnily enough enjoyed the Division more than I expected too. No DZ without friends though, when one of us was solo away from the others he got ganked pretty quickly. But it was fun, except when things got crowded and suddenly there were many accidental rogues.

Hate the inventory UI, combat will get really repetitive, aiming sucks (right click into aim mode, press tab and experience a momentary loss of vision when scope mode is enabled, reorient yourself).

Loved the weather effects. We had an almost accidental rogue incident where I needed to hide from other for ~ 10 sec and very low visibility snow storm helped a lot at that time.

After few days of playing it was felt by our small team that we may end up buying it, but not pre-order.

XCOM2 this week will be fun fun fun I hope people will mod the hell out of it with interesting ideas.
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News Comments > Star Wars Battlefront Roadmap
18. Re: Star Wars Battlefront Roadmap Jan 27, 2016, 07:49 Maniac
Armengar wrote on Jan 27, 2016, 07:39:
but by that time there will be no one to play with. Look at the stats, the game is dieing already.

For PC during workday means max 9k players and currently little under 4k. Yikes.

Peeked into bf4 (I know they are really not comparable, but still) and 33k and 17k respectively.

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News Comments > etc., etc.
8. Re: etc., etc. Jan 26, 2016, 08:23 Maniac
I have never really looked behind the WTF is this or that game and few podcasts so I really have enjoyed what he has to say.

So this makes me sad that he wont be around anymore in a couple of years.
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News Comments > Evening Interviews
14. Re: Evening Interviews SC spiral Jan 26, 2016, 08:13 Maniac
Didn't most of the locals whiner here protest initally against SM anyway? So now it's "omg it's not released, this is bullshit" time? So you just need a random reason to explode? gotcha :D. I just took a look at the summary on reddit and it said that SM will arrive at one point as a minigame. Cool with that. And that they are adding the features to the PU as the get ready.

For me the FPS has never been important. Though yes I get it that for boarding actions we will need it and it's it's in preliminary form it's working on baby PU. We can walk, EVA, board, shoot each other. Sure I presume there are lot of features still missing from the SM branch, but they will eventally find their way to PU.

Now before you all cry "mismanagement of funds" it's a part of development.I'm sure you all are perfect devs here in your mind, but in reality if you were given similar opportunities, you would probably just fail similarly. It's just part of the process.

For me more important would be easier way to get on server as a group, turret fixes, some dynamic content etc. Persistence.

InBlack wrote on Jan 26, 2016, 02:48:
Where are all the Blues cultists defending their vaporware? Did we luck out and get them all to quit visiting Blues out of resentment and disgust?

Just curious, whats there to defend? I mean the game is a complete fantasy full of JPG ships and people hallucinating that they have had a lot of fun flying around in a alpha gameplay environment. I mean I had this very vivid dream probably that I flew around with my friends and explored this cool dark space station that had no gravity. And I think I was enjoying myself immensly. Damn wish it was true though, because according to you it's a dream. It must have been right?

So when it's all make belief, no need to defend it. I just find myself laughing how badly some people need something to hate. You dont really need a reason. If the news is good from SC you just belittle it or just plain shut up and wait for a news like this to appear so you can have you gloaty 15 seconds. There you had it.

If the studio should just close shop tomorrow I would be sad probably. All the drama, BN here would totally explode with "I told you so etc", but I would not miss the money invested. Probably because I never invested it in the shiny ships rather than a dream.
I actually dont' really like what Connie has become or how pointless it is to fly the retaliator right now without gunners (and gunnery sucks as well in this iteration)

I'll repost this oldie but a very goodie video. If you understand what's its saying and you still feel the need to find a way to troll people, then it's just your way of venting I presume. I drink after work, you troll BN star citizen threads. I get it. Whatever floats your goat.

Star Citizen - A promise

For me the video sums up why I supported the game and still do.

Edit: words.

This comment was edited on Jan 26, 2016, 08:27.
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News Comments > New Star Citizen Alpha
32. Re: New Star Citizen Alpha Jan 16, 2016, 10:30 Maniac
Just game wise the 2.1 is quite a bit more stable than 2.0 I managed to fly with a friend for couple of hours and CTD happened around 3h mark.

Still random bugs like ship repairing sometimes killing you, occasional ejections.

No slowdowns anymore due to AI pirate spawning (or whatever the issue was before).

I did my share of hopping onto other player ships to copilot, turret them, but nothing much to do there atm.

Turrets are still pretty unusable. While pilot can see pirates easily on overview in turrets you just see green targets. on some ships you can cycle and see in status window who you are targeting. in some ships it does not work.

Super Hornet turret is still super slow to turn, so completely unusable.

Doing the Covalex "glowing pad hunt" mission together shows the other guy twitching around in EVA mode.

Arena Commander supposedly took a dive for the worst with people crashing quite often.

So in summary: PU is better, but nothing to get much invested in yet. probably will take another few hour look when 2.2 hits live.

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News Comments > HTC Vive Preorders Next Month
17. Re: HTC Vive Preorders Next Month Jan 12, 2016, 02:40 Maniac
Kxmode wrote on Jan 12, 2016, 00:07:
For the Rift I would need to upgrade my CPU, video card and mobo; basically a system upgrade. Total cost for me would be around $1,500+. I'm not willing to do that. Vive is kind of my last hope. If the min specs require a system upgrade I'm passing on VR all together.

If the both VR sets have similar resolutions then why should the hardware requirements on the CPU/GPU differ? Or did Vive have a lower fps requirement than rift?

I have a 3 year old rig with 970 from last year an still feel the need to upgrade even for Vive. All depending on Pascal performance when they release it, but the hard fact is that while you probably can play the simple graphics VR demos, getting a nice experience with via VorpX on actual games means your machine ought to pull a decent 75/90 fps at VR resolutions.

And yes the whole VR upgrade will easily be 1500+€ on the VR/GPU alone. no to mention mobo/cpu/ram (i7 seems to be viable these days and SC seems to be "optimized" for it these days. Cannonlake is rumored to have more that 4 cores).

Also would like to just mention that what really annoyed many was in reality the fact that we got sucker punched by the price at the pre-order page when you needed to make a quick decision or see your delivery date slip by months and then many like me just noped out.

Had they given the prices out couple of days in advance people might have gotten over the shock and may have still spammed F5 on pre-sale time.

Vive will probably cost same ballpark or even more. If a lot more and they announce the price before pre-sale, again people can get over the shock, look over their finances and decide if they want to be the early adopters or maybe wait for the next gen. If price for the set is similar to rift people will probably cancel rift order em masse. If lower then everyones happy.

And getting itdepends on the games as well what you going to play. If all you do is play sims where VR is very useful it's probably worth it, but if its just the demos and few simple arcades etc then it's just an expensive novelty item that you will soon put on ebay to get rid off.

Anyhuu, we'll find out 29th of february (had to actually check if we have that this year :D)

InBlack wrote on Jan 12, 2016, 02:24:
DangerDog wrote on Jan 12, 2016, 02:21:
I keep reading that HTC is teetering on financial ruin as their cell phone sales have dried up.

I currently own a HTC M8. Best phone Ive ever had.

HTC CEO Cher Wang: "We had to rethink phones as a company. VR is more important."

HTC is currently heavily betting on VR, seems even dropping phones is an option depending on how the near future plays out.

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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
11. Re: Morning Tech Bits Jan 8, 2016, 08:51 Maniac
eRe4s3r wrote on Jan 7, 2016, 11:04:
741€ ....
At that price in EU it's dead before it even launched. For reference, a bleeding edge 6GB 980TI costs 680€ to 709€ here...

Massively bummed on that price.. that is actually insanely expensive for a gadget you might not actually be able to physically use, and you won't know until you tried..

My main issue was that the price shock happened when you either booked fast or get your toy months later. If they had told the price few days before they would have gotten possibly more orders.

Right now it seems that Vive will be even more expensive, but paradoxically people might be more willing to buy it (unless they surprise with 1000+ euro price tag)

Also for me this was first time I wanted something after the euro price crashed from 1.2 to 1.09, it shows. it used to be that US price without taxes was EU price with taxes.

And they supposedly delivering the VR's from ireland and everyone got the same VAT. ideally it would have been a little cheaper for some.

Vive pre-order coming out next month so .. cya then?
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News Comments > EVE: Valkyrie Testing This Month
21. Re: EVE: Valkyrie Testing This Month Jan 8, 2016, 08:42 Maniac
Slashman wrote on Jan 7, 2016, 13:44:
I played EVE for a year and a half or so and never got podded. And this is even though I frequently went into low sec space on my own personal trade runs and frequently mined in low sec space with friends or alone.

That first sentence got my attention (no podding in a 18month career, impressive) but then I kept reading. Trading and mining in high/low sec and never tasted the real sweetness of zero zero where the real profits and adrenaline rushes were. For fun, care to share your ingame char name so we can see what were up to on the killboards and if there really is no pods losses?

And if not and you really did not get podded it was probably because it's harder to catch one in you are not specifically after it.

Not trying to troll you, just my EVE PTSD kicked in again played for a long time with both PVP and market to keep my pvp habit financed. Good times until the adrenaline rush was no longer there then it was time to quit (+ damn real life)

Regarding Valkyrie, it seems to be an arcadeish shooter. I read somewhere that CCP devs did the proof of concept really fast after the first Oculus dev kits were given out and CCP deemed it good enough for a separate project.

Loved the trailer they showed, but right now it already looks "optimized"

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News Comments > Oculus Rift $599
75. Re: Oculus Rift $599 Jan 6, 2016, 19:04 Maniac
Heh, this was kind of first time I noticed how bad EUR has gotten. I dont usually follow the US prices, dont need to. In the old days the prices were kind of 1:1 with US while including the VAT as well, just because EUR was a lot stronger then.

I think like some have said Oculus fucked up with withholding the price and getting most of us a really rude wakeup call.

Also if it had been a next day delivery, why not more people would have said "fuck it" and just bought it, but now many and me included are just skipping it and seeing what Vive has to offer.

Though now I am expecting a 800+ euros price point for the vive. even though I dont know what it will be, but if its 800-1000 I might go for it. Depeding on reviews. Have some more time to save up for it. Possibly might even skip this generation.

There was a nice chart on reddit (lost it somewhere) that showed the how many people would buy it at certain prices and at this price only high end enthusiast buy it.

Damn it, this like some of you have already said, could really put a blocker on getting VR into mainstream. That just makes me sad panda.
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News Comments > New Star Citizen Alpha
32. Re: New Star Citizen Alpha Dec 26, 2015, 19:22 Maniac
Yesterday I crashed 3-4 times on PTU inside an hour and today had zero CTD moments for my two hour session. There has not been any patches. Seems like either server restart fixed problems or backend got some fixes as client has not been updated.

Was fun, though I got ejected out of multicrew ships for random reasons, freelancer had gun model inside cargo hold that ejected you from ship when you hit it. EVA in the covalex was fun, two person team in EVA mode using suit lights created a nice ambiance.

Seeing a guy learning to fly, by crashing his cutlass many times around olisar loosing all but 1 main engine and 1 manouver thruster and after I EVA'd to it, we flew to astro for repairs.

It's nice to see the potential in the game. I agree right now it's nothing more than a 16 player multiplayer instance, but the experience is fun. I have no expectations from this build besides giving me a decent understanding how currently enable functionalities work. ship flying + first person movement in the same game is really something.

That said: gunnery role seems really difficult as for instance the traverse speed for Super Hornet turret is very slow compared to the other ships. I don't think I killed anything in my 10+ stints in the gunnery position on different ships.

P52 merlin has no quantum drive or at least did not work for me. So it currently seems to be meant for local combat only. Not in system escort etc.. basically just defending/assisting connie in combat where the enemy or connie it self can always quantum drive out leaving the escort ship behind.

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News Comments > Star Citizen Procedurally Generated Planets
22. Re: Star Citizen Procedurally Generated Planets Dec 17, 2015, 12:10 Maniac
Wolfox wrote on Dec 17, 2015, 11:18:
Oh look, Star Citizen now has a feature that's been implemented years ago in Evochron, a game with a total budget probably around 0.1% of the Star Citizen budget?

Yeah, that's mighty impressive.

I first saw seamless planetary landings in Elite 2, their budget was even smaller. Your point is?

The Raven wrote on Dec 17, 2015, 11:24:
So it is a nice demo, and I love the atmosphere scattering they achieved, but I think ED has demonstrated superior planets thus far.

Elite devs have supposedly spent ~10 months on this feature with a small dev team. CIG has spent few days, when they learned that it's not that hard to put a tech demo like that together. Also i'm quite sure there is lot of hurdles ahead. They usually get really detailed about whatever functionality they are working on. I expect something like that here as well. Also not surprised that we wont see big improvements from this for a while, until they workout the backend.

descender wrote on Dec 17, 2015, 11:50:
Why on earth do people keep assuming these tech demos directly translate into end game visuals? The sheen and polish and over-detailed scenes are the absolute last thing they will work on.

Maybe because CIG does not create Ubisoft quality game where you first see something that was currently being developed on hi end PC's and then you get something that was optimized for previous gen consoles.

SC will probably require a high end next gen PC to play at maximum graphics when it comes out. Heres to hoping pascal and volta from Nvidia will actually bring the performance boost they hinting at.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Procedurally Generated Planets
9. Re: Star Citizen Procedurally Generated Planets Dec 17, 2015, 11:02 Maniac
eRe4s3r wrote on Dec 17, 2015, 10:47:
That's pretty damn impressive, but personally I don't care about planets with nothing interesting on them (See Elite Horizons or even KSP) to me that is super lazy game development. Procedural content is not real content, its just fluff that hides that there is nothing underneath the surface of a game in terms of content. But then some people love that in elite.. just hope SC is not going that route. And hey, as KSP shows us, handcrafted height-map based planets (so no caves or arching rock formations) with zero detail ain't better either...

I agree that procedural all the way ("Hey remember those 100+ systems you though we cant do? well now its 2000 and all are looking like Stanton") will be extremely bad and I do hope that they will create the main areas as planned by hand (every area has it's own uniqueness) and employ rules that "auto landing only due to traffic congestions etc" because griefing and lack of skill crashes would be abundant.

But this is a proof of concept regarding exploration. As in allow for people to find interesting locations on planets, moons, asteroids.

Also if they manage to add gravity imagine the dogfights near planets where one of the ships looses engines and gets dragged into atmosphere and fiery death. Opens a lot of different options in a sandbox game where the game has just given you the tools to make of them what you want.

The fact that they got it working in the engine will make space more interesting. Sure the procedural part might get repetitive, it all depends how they have thought this through.

Jamil20 wrote on Dec 17, 2015, 10:47:
Maniac wrote on Dec 17, 2015, 10:13:
Maybe it's time to concede you were wrong.

STFU about Derek Smart. It's getting obnoxiously childish. We've all known he's a troll since the 90's.

I know, it was a low blow. I am sorry, but it does feel good for some strange reason. Maybe because it will hopefully .. finally STFU mr Smart. Ah, who am I kidding right.

Still feels good to see Mr.Smart dream being fulfilled
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News Comments > Star Citizen Procedurally Generated Planets
2. Re: Star Citizen Procedurally Generated Planets Dec 17, 2015, 10:13 Maniac
I missed the livestream yesterday and today was a nice surprise. I first saw the actual gameplay here:

I'm absolutely positively surprised they managed to cobble this together in few days. Sure this feature is probably less that quarter done, but none the less impressive. It was a 41 mil milestone (procedural R&D) and I was not expecting this to come for years if at all.

And I would like to quote this one guy (you all probably know him), who said it was not possible.

The Holy Grail of immersion for me has always been for the player to be able to exist in first person mode throughout the entire game world. You’d be able to walk around inside your ship. You’d be able to dock that ship with a station, exit, walk around inside that station. You’d be able to fly your ship directly into a planet, land, exit that ship, enter a building, do stuff etc.
Now imagine a game, in a universe of that size, with populated space and planetary areas, complete with internal areas for stations, buildings, ships etc. And with high visual fidelity, great runtime performance… and multiplayer. Then ask yourself this: “How the heck are we going to build that, let alone get it to actually run?”
You can’t. And you’re not.

Maybe it's time to concede you were wrong.

This comment was edited on Dec 17, 2015, 10:22.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Alpha 2.0
41. Re: Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 Dec 12, 2015, 06:30 Maniac
CJ_Parker wrote on Dec 12, 2015, 06:18:
Oh yeah... the old white knight Christ Roberts cultist fanboi adage...

If you run out of all excuses, go for the white knight card, always helps. Whatever makes you sleep better at night. I myself am pretty surprised that 2.0 got out of PTU as fast as it did. gonna test drive it tonight with friends
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News Comments > Star Citizen Alpha 2.0
38. Re: Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 Dec 12, 2015, 06:11 Maniac
CJ_Parker wrote on Dec 12, 2015, 05:38:
Let's get some perspective here. This crap release that is missing pretty much all of the "FIIIDDDELITEEEEEHHH" that Christ Roberts keeps spouting still only has a fraction of the promised features and they are struggling hard with only 16 players per instance.
You know, a number of players that is even LESS than what they promised would be able to man a SINGLE capital ship.

So let's not get ahead of ourselves here. They have a long, long shopping list of features to implement and need to reach their 50 to 100 players/ships per instance goal.
No one ever doubted that they could pull off this half-assed shit we got here with 2.0 with a dozen players in an instance and a reduced feature set. The doubts are and were always directed at the FULL implementation of ALL stretch goal features and the originally advertised number of ships/players per instance (the original promise was closer to 100 ships per instance by the way).

Bad troll is bad. Let's DO get some perspective here. It's alpha. We can probably agree that maybe even pre-alpha.

Learn your milestones and when to whine about missing all the fidelity.

But just in case you dont want to read:

First playable
The first playable is the game version containing representative gameplay and assets, this is the first version with functional major gameplay elements. It is often based on the prototype created in pre-production. Alpha and first playable are sometimes used to refer to a single milestone, however large projects require first playable before feature complete alpha.First playable occurs 12 to 18 months before code release. It is sometimes referred to as the "Pre-Alpha" stage.


Alpha is the stage when key gameplay functionality is implemented, and assets are partially finished.A game in alpha is feature complete, that is, game is playable and contains all the major features.These features may be further revised based on testing and feedback. Additional small, new features may be added, similarly planned, but unimplemented features may be dropped.Programmers focus mainly on finishing the codebase, rather than implementing additions.Alpha occurs eight to ten months before code release,but this can vary significantly based on the scope of content and assets any given game has.

So not sure why you find the need to complain about the game constantly. There is no reason. It's pre-alpha. Lets agree that you should wait till beta has been few months ongoing.. somewhere in the beginning/middle of 2017.
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News Comments > Chucklefish Forums Breached
1. Re: Chucklefish Forums Breached Dec 10, 2015, 10:06 Maniac
No backups at all makes me a sad panda. Wonder if this also means that passwords leaked (culprit took a dump before database drop).

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News Comments > Paragon is a MOBA
18. Re: Paragon is a MOBA Dec 7, 2015, 05:19 Maniac
I'm not a big MOBA fan, but it does seem they want to do it differently by giving the players more freedom with their heroes via 3rd person control. Maybe it will be enough to give them that different feeling and through that a player base.

Example alpha gameplay here:

edit: and I noticed it was already in the initial post as well. Oh well. Looks different from your usual top-down MOBAs

This comment was edited on Dec 7, 2015, 05:50.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Trailer; Arena Commander Free Demo
46. Re: Star Citizen Trailer; Arena Commander Free Demo Dec 5, 2015, 04:06 Maniac
Jamil20 wrote on Dec 4, 2015, 22:30:
I'm a software developer. Thanks.

I don't think I've ever written features that were so massively broken. Doors that are supposed to open when you stand in front of them someones stop working completely. Why can't that work every time? Or modal pop-ups that can't be closed. Why did no one write the logic for the 'close' button?

Cool, software dev here as well, not gaming though, but I do understand the scope of building something from scratch. So if you would need to build from all this form scratch in three years and even in alpha stage your every feature would be 100% complete in functionality when you giving the client a chance to test and give feedback to it? That would be impressive to say the least. And sadly something that's impossible.

Reality is that there will always be bugs. I dont know if they do automated testings (they should) that would help a lot in dev process.

I do actually remember door being an issue before, as in devs mentioning that the doors have been a complication. Not sure what the background to it is, but if at launch it still like that, i'll join you side in complaining about game breaking things that have been broken since introduction and through the games beta and release.

Also fun fact, I myself have mainly skipped all the flying around just to not burn out before beta. This PTU is the first milestone where I want to fly around with friends, because now we start to get an idea of how the game actually looks like (system wide flying).
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News Comments > Star Citizen Trailer; Arena Commander Free Demo
22. Re: Star Citizen Trailer; Arena Commander Free Demo Dec 4, 2015, 13:43 Maniac
Jamil20 wrote on Dec 4, 2015, 13:36:
I have to say though; Bugs! Oh man the bugs. Almost every feature is full of them. I don't know how a studio can create so much buggy code. I really hope they can clean it up, but I have no confidence. The code base just seems poorly designed or something.

If this had been a release, yes I would agree with you totally, but seeing this is a alpha (go look that up if you are unfamiliar with the term, I guess it's.. "early early access" release on a test server where they release basically features when they are in "give it a try" condition. Yeah, this is what I expect the test server to be. Sure I would love the game to work for me there (which it does not atm) but I like the current level of updates to it. I get it running soon enough and my friends are still ca 200k behind me on access.

Probably when 2.0 reaches maturity and is pushed to live, I expect the test server to probably revert back to totally buggy next feature set condition.
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